NBA Trade Analysis - Antawn Jamison to the Cavaliers

Cavaliers get: PF Antawn Jamison, PG Sebastian Telfair

Wizards get: C Zydrunas Ilgauskas, SF Al Thornton, 2010 Cavaliers first round pick

Clippers get: PF Drew Gooden

Good trade for the Cavaliers. I like this deal better then the proposed deals for Amare Stoudemire and Troy Murphy. Jamison fits better with LeBron and Shaq. He can play down low but also hit some jump shots. Importantly, Cleveland did not have to give up JJ Hickson and may get Big Z back in 30 days. Now that is some excellent front court depth. Despite their past playoff failures, I think the Cavs have to be the favorites to win the NBA championship right now. As for the future, the Cavaliers don't need to worry about that. If LeBron leaves, then they are screwed anyways, so who cares about Jamison's contract. I really don't think James is leaving, however.

As far as the Wizards, they continue to purge their team, something that is needed. Now they get to see if their young big men Andray Blatche and JeVale McGee are the real deal. One game in, and they both looked great. I am not an Al Thornton fan. He is an average backup forward who can't really do much but score. And the Cavs first round pick will be either 29 or 30. Useless there. The Wizards needed to gut their team, but only getting Josh Howard and Al Thornton is just not enough for me. They better pray the lottery balls land them John Wall, because it will be a long rebuilding process in DC.

As for the Clippers, Thornton won't be missed. And Drew Gooden continues his United States tour with his 74th team in 8 years.

Jonathan Carrano

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