2010 NBA Mock Draft - v 5.0

It is tourney time. I am sitting here on a lazy rainy Sunday afternoon watching games, and I thought now would be a good time to do a mock draft.

1. Indiana Pacers (5) - PG John Wall, Kentucky.  Perhaps no team needs to luck into the first overall pick more then the Indiana Pacers. Ever since the Malace at the Palace, this team has been on a steady decline and has finally hit rock bottom. They do have a key piece in All Star Danny Granger, but really nothing else to speak of. Only Roy Hibbert is showing that he's a future starter. The Pacers are full of bad contracts, average young players and weak veterans. Bringing in a future superstar like John Wall would be huge for a city that desperately wants to see a winner again. Wall is the complete package, and I think is a better Derrick Rose. He's the unanimous first overall pick, even if a team with a young point guard like the Timberwolves or Warriors end up picking first overall.

2. Minnesota Timberwolves (2) - SG Evan Turner, Ohio St. If you were playing fantasy college basketball (is there such a thing?), Turner would be the first overall pick. The national player of the year candidate gives you points, rebounds and assists. He is the Buckeyes point guard right now. The Timberwolves need some star power, especially on the wing position. Have they ever had a stud wing player? I can't remember. As a Nuggets fan I really hope the Wolves pass on him somehow, as I do not want him to face off against the Nuggets for the next 10 years.

3. Philadelphia 76ers (8) - C DeMarcus Cousins, Kentucky. Cousins has steadily climbed up the draft board all year. There are plenty of question marks, mostly centered around immaturity. But really, he's only 19 years old. Though any time you are compared to the infamous Derrick Coleman, you should be a little worried. But Cousins will fly off the board quickly, as the only elite back to the basket big man in this draft. The guy is a load at a legit 6'11, 270 pounds. He has put up 15 points and 10 rebounds per game despite playing just over 23 minutes per game on a loaded Wildcat team. As far as the Sixers, they are past sick of Samuel Dalembert and their young big men are slow to develop. They could really use a post presence like Cousins.

4. New Jersey Nets - PF Derrick Favors, Georgia Tech.
As bad as the Nets are, and oh are they bad, they at least have the two most important positions on the court filled. Brook Lopez is an emerging star at center and Devin Harris has really bounced back since starting the season so awful. The rest of the team is a crap shoot though, meaning the Nets could go for best player available at any of the other three positions. I'll go with Favors here. He's been a non factor in the tournament and has really had an up and down season, but that is expected for a freshman. He was expected to come out the gate going crazy, and that just hasn't happened. But after the top three, he's as good a bet as anyone. Favors is extremely talented, and with a little patience should come on and have a great career. Yi Jianlian isn't exactly going to stand in his way.

5. Golden St. Warriors - SF/PF Al-Farouq Aminu, Wake Forest. Once again, Golden St. finds themselves in the top half of the lottery. The team has been a mess this year, with D-Leaguers playing big roles all year. Not all is lost though. They have an electrifying and scary back court with Stephan Curry and Monta Ellis. Geez, imagine if they get the top pick and add Wall to that back court. But, other then the guard positions, this team is a mess. Andris Biedrins has been a non factor this year, and there really are no options at either forward position, if you don't count Anthony Randolph, which that hack Don Nelson doesn't seem to. I went with Aminu here over Wesley Johnson because he seems to fit the Warriors better. He's athletic enough to be the power forward for the Warriors with the way they play. If they can just get Nelson out of there, get a competent coach, they do have some talent to work with.

6. Washington Wizards - SF Wesley Johnson, Syracuse. The Wizards have finally went with the idea of rebuilding. They traded away their three best players, not getting much back in return. The plan is to build around young big men JaVale McGee and Andray Blatche. In Blatche's case, it looks like a great move. The guy is the core of this team. They also apparently will keep Gilbert Arenas around for now. I have them taking Wesley Johnson because of his great all around skills. Even though the Wizards added Josh Howard, he has probably played his last game as a Wizard. At 23 years old, Johnson can step in right away and add scoring, rebounding and toughness, similar to what Caron Butler gave the team for years.

7. Detroit Pistons - PF/C Greg Monroe, Georgetown. My, how the mighty have fallen. I won't knock Joe Dumars here, I have done that enough to last a lifetime (thanks still for not taking Melo, by the way). The signings of Villanueva and Gordon have been disastrous. The front court is a mess now, with Ben Wallace somehow being the best big man they have. Picking in the top ten in such a big man heavy draft, they just have to come out with a future starter at either the four or five. Monroe said he is coming back to Georgetown, but no one believes him quite yet. He doesn't have the upside of a guy usually picked this high, but he continues to improve and has become a great all around college big man. He used to be simply a rebounder and shot blocker, but he has become a better offensive player and much better passer. He could be used similar to how Brad Miller and Vlade Divac were used back in the Kings hey day.

8. Sacramento Kings - PF Ed Davis, North Carolina.
The Kings had a fantastic 2009 draft, adding two future long time starters in Tyreke Evans and Omri Casspi. The previous drafts gave them big men Spencer Hawes and Jason Thompson. Both of those guys are looking more like a first big man off the bench on a good team though. Carl Landry is the same thing. So they take yet another big guy who has more talent and potential then all of them. Ed Davis did not have the year many expected for a injury ravished North Carolina team. He may never be the star of a team, but at this point in the draft, he provides great value.

9. Utah Jazz (from New York Knicks) - PF Donatas Motiejunas, Lithuania. Five years ago Motiejunas could have been the second overall pick. But with more foreign big men flaming out then becoming great players, the hype has died down quite a bit. The Jazz have the luxury of taking the guy and developing him the right way. They have had great success with foreign players in their history, and this would be the perfect landing spot for the guy.

10. Los Angeles Clippers - PF Patrick Patterson, Kentucky. The Clippers have improved somewhat this year, and hope to continue the improvement when Blake Griffin comes back next year. They have enough talent that they can start drafting for depth now. Patterson lacks the upside of other picks in the lottery, but you know what you are going to get from him. Maybe a DeJuan Blair like impact, he can be the first big man off the bench. He'll give the Clippers 20-25 minutes of quality production.

11. Milwaukee Bucks (from Chicago Bulls) - SG Xavier Henry, Kansas. I seem to be a bigger Xavier Henry fan then most. I think he has great size and strength for a freshman and could wind up in the top five before it's all said and done. That being said, he has had a very up and down freshman season, and Kansas' shocking loss to Northern Iowa in the second round won't help either. Henry is a good all around player who doesn't excel at any particular area. He won't hurt the Bucks on defense, and could improve his shot. With Michael Redd unable to stay healthy and contemplating retirement, his replacement could be needed. Although, with John Salmons on board, they may opt to go with another big man. By the way, the Bucks have the opportunity to trade picks with the Bulls if Chicago doesn't finish in the top 10. And it looks like they will just miss it. Win win for Milwaukee.

12. New Orleans Hornets - C Cole Aldrich, Kansas. The Hornets have a couple of good (albeit overpaid and overrated) big men, but absolutely no depth to speak of behind them. It has been a problem for the Hornets for years. Most people have Aldrich as a top ten player, but i just don't think he'll be a great NBA player. He is what he is, a good big man who can rebound and block a few shots. He could end up being another Brendan Haywood. Which still isn't bad and worth the 12th overall pick. By the way, for as disappointing as the Hornets have been this year, they really struck it rich in the draft last year with Collison and Thornton.

13. Houston Rockets - SF/PF Jan Vesely, Czech Republic. Although it looks like the Rockets won't make the playoffs, they have still hung around .500 and above with no Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady falling off the map. They are a very deep team, with nearly every player filling a specific role. Vesely projects as more of a terrific all-around role player than a star at the NBA level. Sounds like a Houston Rocket to me.

14. Memphis Grizzlies - SF Quincy Pondexter, Washington.
The Grizzlies have an excellent offensive starting five, but lack depth. The last draft helped, as Sam Young is a key member of the rotation and Thabeet and Carrol should be soon. Pondexter will add to that second unit. He is a good offensive player, but the reason I have him going to the Grizzlies is defense. He is a very good defensive wing man, and could develop a reputation as a guy who can guard all of these great scorers in the NBA.

15. Miami Heat (from Toronto Raptors) - PF Hassan Whiteside, Marshall. Whiteside is this draft's ultimate enigma. A 7 foot athletic freak who led the NCAA in blocked shots as a freshman. He also scored more then 13 points a game, showing he is more then just a project. The Heat may think they aren't that far from contending, but they really are. They lack young players to develop and could be a good team to take a chance on this intriguing project. If he shows more in camps, he could shoot up the board, however.

16. Minnesota Timberwolves (from Charlotte Bobcats) - C Solomon Alabi, Florida St. The Timberwolves have a nice set of starting big men, but absolutely no depth to speak of. They draft a shot blocking seven footer.

17. Miami Heat - PG/SG Avery Bradley, Texas. In no way am I comparing Bradley to Dwyane Wade, but players do have similar skill sets. Bradley could be a nice scorer off the bench.

18. Chicago Bulls (from Milwaukee Bucks) - SG James Anderson, Oklahoma St. The Bulls once had a plethora of guards. One thing they could never find though is a bigger, stronger scoring shooting guard. Anderson is a legit 6'6 and averaged over 20 points per game for the Cowboys last season.

19. Portland Trail Blazers - PF Ekpe Udoh, Baylor. The Blazers have learned this year that a team cannot have enough front court depth.

20. San Antonio Spurs - SF Stanley Robinson, Connecticut.
The Spurs seem very old. They need to find a young man to pair with Blair off the bench. Robinson has had enough college seasoning that he could step in right away and give them some minutes.

21. Oklahoma City Thunder (from Phoenix Suns) - PF Larry Sanders, VCU. As good as the Thunder have been, they don't have many quality big men. Sanders offers more potential then BJ Mullens and could help sooner rather then later. He is another project. Interesting that the Thunder will have the two guys from those great VCU teams with Sanders and Maynor.

22. Oklahoma City Thunder - SF Damion James, Texas. The Thunder add more toughness to the bench.

23. Minnesota Timberwolves (from Utah Jazz) - PF Jarvis Varnado, Mississippi St. The Wolves already drafted a shot blocker, but they outdo themselves with the best in college. Varnado has shown that he can also do things other then block shots.

24. Atlanta Hawks - PF Gani Lawal, Georgia Tech. The Hawks are one of the few good teams that still have their own late first round picks. And, like most of those teams, they will just draft best player available. Lawal is a local guy.

25. Boston Celtics - PG/SG Malcolm Lee, UCLA. Malcolm Lee has been severely misused by the Bruins, and could be a better pro then college player.

26. New Jersey Nets (from Dallas Mavericks) - PG Sherron Collins, Kansas. The Nets could use a backup to Devin Harris. Collins will provide better production then Chris Quinn.

27. Memphis Grizzlies (from Denver Nuggets) - PG/SG Greivis Vasquez, Maryland.
Vasquez is one of the most unique prospects in this draft. He is not that athletic but has had an amazing close to his career.

28. Orlando Magic - PG/SG Willie Warren, Oklahoma.
Warren's stock has really fallen. Even his head coach has basically said he is the reason the Sooners have underachieved so bad. Ouch. If he lands on a veteran team he could grow into a role. The Magic would be good for him.

29. Memphis Grizzlies (from Los Angeles Lakers) - SF Kyle Singler, Duke.
Grizz continue to fill out their bench with some shooting.

30. Washington Wizards (from Cleveland Cavaliers) - SF Devin Ebanks, West Virginia. Ebanks has not had that great of a season, but I think he's too talented to fall out of the first round.

Jonathan Carrano

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This is the highest I've seen Quincy in any mock draft.

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I taste a lot like the team was Greivis Vasquez shoulder in the Maryland game against Michigan St in 2nd round NBA they showed his bearing too think it should be chosen in a better position in the draft.