2013 NBA Mock Draft: v 4.0

I have been neglecting this site in the worst way the past couple of months. Practically no free time. I hate it because I do get some traffic and I have updated regularly for the past few years. Hopefully life will calm down a bit and I can get back to regular updates.

I wanted to get a mock out before the tournament began. Here it is. Not exactly the best, but it's something. I apologize. Those of you who are regulars deserve better!

I did not include freshmen Steven Adams, Gary Harris,  Glenn Robinson III, Kyle Anderson, Rasheed Sulaimon. All of those players will probably be first round picks, but I can't see them leaving at this time. Also, Willie Cauley-Stein, Alex Poythress and Archie Goodwin stated they are all returning following their NIT loss. Once they realize how many studs are making their way to Lexington they may reconsider, but for now, I'll leave the three out of my mock.

This draft is not good!!!


1. Charlotte Bobcats - SG Victor Oladipo, Jr, Indiana. Seems like a Bobcat pick. Strong defender, good slasher and has that college pedigree Charlotte looks for.

2. Orlando Magic - PG Marcus Smart, Fr, Oklahoma State. Smart isn't a great shooter but comes up big against top opponents. Has the chance to be a difference maker at a premium position for Orlando.

3. New Orleans Hornets - SG/SF Shabazz Muhammad, Fr, UCLA. Muhammad hasn't had the impact most thought he would at UCLA, but I can't see him falling out of the top five like a lot of publications. He seems like a pretty safe bet to be a 20 ppg scorer in the NBA.

4. Cleveland Cavaliers - SF Otto Porter, So, Georgetown. Porter has had a tremendous season, showing a dangerous all around game. He is the type of do it all small forward every team would love to have.

5. Detroit Pistons - SG Ben McLemore, Fr, Kansas. McLemore is a strong scorer but I wonder if he will be able to do it on his own. He would be an upgrade over Brandon Knight and Rodney Stuckey at the 2.

6. Phoenix Suns - PF Nerlens Noel, Fr, Kentucky. Noel's injury was unfortunate but I do not think it will cause him to fall too much. The Suns need to add athleticism to their roster in the worst way. Noel will be a total game changer on the defensive end.

7. Washington Wizards - SF/PF Anthony Bennett, Fr, UNLV. I do worry about Bennett's tweener status, as the track record for guys like him are not good. He has a nice power game and would be a great fit with the Wizards.

8. Sacramento Kings - PF/C Cody Zeller, So, Indiana. Zeller should be a solid starter in the pros. The Kings select him as insurance in case DeMarcus Cousins falls apart.

9. Minnesota Timberwolves - C Alex Len, So, Maryland. Len is still a major work in progress but you cannot teach his height. Nikola Pekovic is a free agent and Len would be a suitable replacement.

10. Oklahoma City Thunder (from Toronto Raptors) - PG Trey Burke, So, Michigan. I love Burke and personally think he is going to be a very good starter in the NBA. He isn't the tallest, strongest or fastest, but knows how to lead a team. The Thunder go best player available here.

11. Philadelphia 76ers - SG Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, So, Georgia. The draft falls off quite a bit here. Caldwell-Pope was a chucker for most of the season, but he is a great shooter and athlete. Worth the gamble in the late lottery in a draft this poor.

12. Portland Trail Blazers - PF/C Mason Plumlee, Sr, Duke. I think Plumlee will max out as a solid back up big man, such as Chris Andersen of a few years ago. The Blazers have no bench to speak of, he would make a solid backup big man.

13. Dallas Mavericks - PG Michael Carter-Williams, So, Syracuse. If Carter-Williams wasn't such a poor shooter, he would be drafted much higher then this. He has good vision and great size. Dallas has gone with the likes of Mike James and Derek Fisher at the point this year. Nuff said.

14. Utah Jazz - PG/SG CJ McCollum, Sr, Lehigh. The Jazz have solid young players at every position but point guard. McCollum is more of a Monta Ellis then natural point guard, but at the worst, he should be a solid combo guard off the bench.

15. Milwaukee Bucks - SF/PF James McAdoo, So, North Carolina. McAdoo has shown that he will probably be more of a complimentary player than a superstar in the pro's, but that is okay. The Bucks are deep in the front court, so they can bring McAdoo along slowly.

16. Cleveland Cavaliers (from Los Angeles Lakers) - PF Kelly Olynyk, Jr, Gonzaga. Olynyk has shot up the draft board as he has led Gonzaga to a #1 seed in the tournament. He has great size and is a good all around scorer. Would bring some scoring to the Cavs bench.

17. Atlanta Hawks (from Houston Rockets) - SG Jamaal Franklin, Jr, San Diego State. Franklin is not a good shooter at all, but is a nice slasher and very good defender. The Hawks need wing players.

18. Boston Celtics - C Gorgui Dieng, Jr, Louisville. Dieng is 23 years old and still a project, but someone who can rebound and block shots always has a spot on an NBA teams bench.

19. Chicago Bulls - C Jeff Withey, Sr, Kansas. Withey will never score, but is a great shot blocker and should have a long career as a backup center in the NBA.

20. Atlanta Hawks - PG Isaiah Canaan, Sr, Murray State. Like most small college point guards, Canaan has the ball in his hands pretty much all the time, and is shouldered with most of the scoring load. He should be a fine backup NBA point guard who can provide scoring off the bench.

21. Utah Jazz (from Golden State Warriors) - PG Myck Kabongo, So, Texas. Kabongo was a high recruit who has had a roller coaster college career. He was solid in his return to Texas late this year and should be a first round lock if he declares for a terrible draft.

22. Brooklyn Nets - SG/SF Sergey Karasev, Russia. The Nets do not really have a use for rookies on their deep, veteran bench, so they draft the Russian and stash him overseas.

23. New York Knicks - SF Dario Saric, Croatia. Rookies are not 38 years old, so the Knicks have no use for them. Saric has good size and could be a Toni Kukoc type in a few years.

24. Indiana Pacers - SG Allen Crabbe, Jr, California. Crabbe is a very good shooter and has nice size, and could work his way into a starting shooting guard role.

25. Minnesota Timberwolves (from Memphis Grizzlies) - PF Rudy Gobert, France. Gobert passes the eye ball test, but his results have been underwhelming. The Wolves have multiple first round picks and can afford the gamble at this point.

26. Los Angeles Clippers - SG Tim Hardaway Jr, Jr, Michigan. Hardaway is still very up and down as a player, but could work his way late into the first round in a weak draft. The Clippers need youth on the wing.

27. Denver Nuggets - PG Ray McCallum, Jr, Detroit. The Nuggets would love to find an uptempo backup for Ty Lawson.

28. Oklahoma City Thunder - SF Doug McDermott, Jr, Creighton. McDermott is not very athletic, but is a great shooter. Let the cliche Kyle Korver comparisons begin.

29. San Antonio Spurs - PF Isaiah Austin, Fr, Baylor. Austin has talent and put together a solid freshman season, but his game is very NBA unfriendly. He will be a big time project for whoever takes him.

30. Phoenix Suns (from Miami Heat) - PG/SG BJ Young, So, Arkansas. Young is a scoring combo guard with weak shooting percentages. Would provide scoring punch for a team in need of just that.

Jonathan Carrano

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u r corrupt said...

the wolves don't have multiple first round picks, they have 2 first round picks. as they're weak throughout they cannot afford to gamble. though gobert has lottery pick talent, perhaps as good as motiejunas, the player they gave up to acquire the pick. shabazz is ridiculously slow, even at the college level. the mock doesn't have a few of the better euros high enough.

u r corrupt said...

the wolves don't have multiple first round picks, they have 2 first round picks. as they're weak throughout they cannot afford to gamble. though gobert has lottery pick talent, perhaps as good as motiejunas, the player they gave up to acquire the pick. shabazz is ridiculously slow, even at the college level. the mock doesn't have a few of the better euros high enough.