2011 NBA Mock Draft v. 1.0

The talk of the NBA world is and will be LeBron James and the Miami Heat for quite a while. But for fans of the 20 or so NBA teams that have no shot at winning an NBA title, it is never too early to look towards the prospects for next year. The draft could be a lot different if a lockout happens, but for now it looks like it will be yet another draft full of one and done players, as college basketball has become nothing more then minor leagues for NBA teams.

Draft order based on quick standings of how I think the teams are right now. Next mock draft won't be until I do my official predictions some time in October.

1. Minnesota Timberwolves - SF Harrison Barnes, Fr., North Carolina. The clear number one prospect in the draft right now. Not a jaw dropping athlete, but he can do everything on the court well. Put the 74 average wing players on the Wolves together and you get Barnes.

2. Washington Wizards - SF/PF Perry Jones, Fr., Baylor. By far the biggest prospect Baylor has ever landed, Jones is closing in on 7 foot but can do the things a younger Lamar Odom used to do. He could step right in and play small or power forward for the Wizards.

3. Toronto Raptors - PF/C Enes Kanter, Fr., Kentucky. An absolutely perfect fit for the Raptors, who are looking to reshape their front court after losing Chris Bosh. Kanter can shoot like the Raptors want their big men to do, but can also bang down low. His presence will allow Bargnani to focus on power forward.

4. Sacramento Kings - PG Brandon Knight, Fr., Kentucky. Yet another John Calipari point guard who goes in the top five, following Derrick Rose, Tyreke Evans and John Wall. He will allow the Kings to have an exciting back court where both guards can bring up the rock or play off the ball, causing all sorts of mismatches.

5. New Jersey Nets - SF/PF Jan Vesely, Czech Republic. Vesely would have been a lottery pick in 2010, and another year to hone his game should help him shoot up the draft boards. Of course he can shoot, but at 6'11 he is talented enough to lead a fast break or drive to the hoop.

6. Cleveland Cavaliers - PF Jared Sullinger, Fr., Ohio St. The Cavs might not be picking this high because they plan on using their newfound cap space to bring in a marquee player. Maybe Al Jefferson. But right now I have them taking a player similar to Big Al. Sullinger is an Ohio product who is the best back to the basket big man in this draft. He has weight concerns but could be a beast.

7. Detroit Pistons - PG Kyrie Irving, Fr., Duke. If the Pistons draft this high again it could be because the Rodney Stuckey point guard experiment is a failure. Drafting the best true point guard in the draft would move Stuckey to a backup guard role he is better suited for.

8. Golden St. Warriors - PG/SG Josh Selby, Fr., Kansas. Josh Selby looks like he could be a perfect fit for the Warriors, who don't really have defined back court positions. Selby is an undersized, but extremely talented, shooting guard.

9. Charlotte Bobcats - PF Trey Thompkins, Jr., Georgia. Hey look, an upper classmen! The Bobcats like to take productive college players and then never play them. Thompkins is a talented big man who won't wow you. Sounds like a Bobcat to me.

10. Philadelphia 76ers - PF Donatas Motiejunas, Lithuania. The Sixers are starting to become somewhat deep, so they can afford to draft a talent like Motiejunas 10th overall. He could form a nice inside/outside tandem with banger Mareese Speights in the future.

11. New Orleans Hornets - SF Kyle Singler, Sr., Duke. If Gordan Hayward can go 9th overall then I see Singler as a lottery lock. Teams love those tall white guys who can shoot the three.

12. Los Angeles Clippers - SG William Buford, Jr., Ohio St. Buford could explode now that Evan Turner is out of the way. He could be the best shooting guard in the draft, and immediately ready to contribute.

13. Phoenix Suns - SF/PF John Henson, So., North Carolina. With more and more teams going to smaller lineups, guys like Henson could find roles in the NBA. He would be a great fit with the Suns.

14. Utah Jazz - PF Mason Plumlee, So., Duke. The third Dookie going off the board in the lottery, the Champs look like a good bet to repeat. Plumlee didn't play much as a freshman but has great hops and could explode with a bigger role.

15. Indiana Pacers - PG Kemba Walker, Jr., Connecticut. The Pacers continue their quest for a point guard. Walker is very talented and quick but still needs to learn how to play the position.

16. Houston Rockets (from New York Knicks) - SF Elias Harris, So., Gonzaga. Harris is mature for a sophomore and can do a lot of things pretty well, none great. Sounds like a good fit for a deep Rockets team full of role players.

17. Utah Jazz (from Memphis Grizzlies) - SG Alec Burks, So., Colorado.
Burks came out of nowhere to be the best Colorado prospect since Chauncey Billups. The Jazz could be losing Wesley Matthews, and could use some more talent at the wing positions.

18. Milwaukee Bucks - SF CJ Leslie, Fr., North Carolina St. The Bucks are suddenly a very deep and veteran squad. So they now can afford to take some young guys and develop them for the future.

19. Portland Trail Blazers - PF/C Jonas Valunciunas, Lithuania. The Blazers seem to love adding rookies even though they don't really need to. Maybe they'll take the overseas stash guy this year.

20. New York Knicks (from Houston Rockets) - PG/SG Cory Joseph, Fr., Texas. Joseph is similar to Avery Bradley last year and could have the same type of impact for the Longhorns. He doesn't have a true position but is talented enough to get some minutes for the Knicks.

21. Atlanta Hawks - PF Renardo Sidney, So., Mississippi St.
Sidney is a big, strong banger who has had a troubling Mississippi St. career. If he can actually stay on the court he should be a first round pick.

22. Chicago Bulls - SG LaceDarius Dunn, Sr., Baylor. More and more of these smaller college scorers are finding roles on NBA teams. Dunn has been very productive and the Bulls could use some back court depth.

23. Denver Nuggets - PF Derrick Williams, So., Arizona. The Nuggets need to find some way to add young talent to this team. Williams is a raw, athletic big man who could be a perfect fit.

24. Oklahoma City Thunder - SF Jeff Taylor, Jr., Vanderbilt. The Thunder are very deep now but add a productive college wing.

25. San Antonio Spurs - PF/C Aaric Murray, So., LaSalle. I guarantee you have not heard of this guy (me neither) but he has buzz as a big man who can step out and shoot the ball. Sounds like a Spur to me.

26. Boston Celtics - SF Wesley Witherspoon, Jr., Memphis. Boston just continues to take guys to fill out the end of their bench.

27. Dallas Mavericks - SF Jordan Hamilton, So., Texas. Dallas is another deep team that can just draft BPA to fill out their roster.

28. Orlando Magic - SG Travis Leslie, Jr., Georgia. The Magic are thin on the wing positions, Leslie can jump out of the gym but is still learning how to play basketball.

29. Los Angeles Lakers - PG/SG Jimmer Fredette, Sr., BYU. A great shooter who can't really play defense or run the point guard position. But he is talented and could find minutes as a triangle point guard.

30. Toronto Raptors (from Miami Heat) - PG Corey Fisher, Sr., Villanova. Fisher finally moves to the point guard position for Villanova, the Raptors could use a young guy to groom for the position.

Jonathan Carrano

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