2011 NBA Mock Draft - NBA Finals Edition

There are already changes I would make by the way. But I typed it up, so posting it.

1. Cleveland Cavaliers (from Los Angeles Clippers) - PG Kyrie Irving, Fr, Duke. I personally think the Cavs should take Derrick Williams here and Brandon Knight or Kemba Walker at #4 to maximize their two selections. But if they have their heart on Irving, they take him here and go whatever direction they want with pick #4. Right now that looks like the path they will take.

2. Minnesota Timberwolves - C Enes Kanter, Turkey. Read my previous mocks for the reason I think the Wolves will go with Kanter here. I won't be changing my pick until given a reason to. I do think Derrick Williams will go in this slot, to someone other then the Timberwolves. But I am mocking teams, not players.

3. Utah Jazz (from New Jersey Nets) - SF/PF Derrick Williams, So, Arizona. The Jazz would be the big winners here. They will be able to add a trio of power forwards to their starting lineup that will each provide a different offensive game, not to mention Derrick Favors coming off the bench.. The Jazz are doing a good job of collecting a lot of young talent.

4. Cleveland Cavaliers - PF/C Jonas Valanciunas, Lithuania.
Valanciunas is young and might not be ready to play in the NBA right away. But I think he has the most potential out of anyone in this draft. He can play down low and should top out as a legit 7 foot. He could wind up being a great pick and roll partner with Irving. His buyout situation is complicated and I have read conflicting reports, so I am not really taking that into account right now.

5. Toronto Raptors - PG Brandon Knight, Fr, Kentucky. Jose Calderon has been a mediocre option who puts up good fantasy stats for a few years now. The Raptors could really use an upgrade here. Knight is still a bit raw, but offers so much more upside then Kemba Walker, I think he is the easy pick between the two.

6. Washington Wizards - SF Kawhi Leonard, So, San Diego St. Leonard is one of the best athletes in the draft and would be a great fit for the Wizards. They could use a big, strong slasher to go with John Wall and their spot up shooters.

7. Sacramento Kings - SF/PF Jan Vesely, Czech Republic.
Basically all year I have thought the Kings should take a point guard. If Knight manages to slip this far I think they should swoop him up. But how much will Kemba Walker really help the Kings? Is he that much better then Beno Udrih? Vesely offers intriguing potential, and more importantly for the city of Sacramento, can put fans in seats, as he is described as the European Blake Griffin with the way he throws down dunks. Plus he can play some defense, something the Kings softer big men really can't do. He would be a good fit next to DeMarcus Cousins in the front court.

8. Detroit Pistons - PG Kemba Walker, Jr, Connecticut. The Pistons are probably the only team in the top 10 that I just have no idea what direction they are going to go in. They really need to get rid of the poison that has riddled this roster and get some young energetic guys with positive attitudes in there. Greg Monroe was a good pick, and so would Walker here. He is a winner with a great attitude. The Pistons will have to hope his work ethic rubs off on the other players and not the other way around.

9. Charlotte Bobcats - PF Marcus Morris, Jr, Kansas. Like I have been saying, the Bobcats have always gone with polish over potential. It has been a failure more times then not, but until I see otherwise, I will continue to go that direction for Charlotte. Morris does not have a huge ceiling, but is a versitale forward who can create mismatches on offense.

10. Milwaukee Bucks - SF Jordan Hamilton, So, Texas. Hamilton might be a reach here but I think he is one of the only players in this draft who has a chance to score 20 points per game at the next level. The Bucks were the lowest scoring team in the NBA last season. The question is if he will ever get a chance in Milwaukee as long as Scott Skiles is around, as his defensive effort is pretty pathetic.

11. Golden St. Warriors - SF Chris Singleton, Jr, Florida St. One of these days the Warriors might pretend to be interested in playing defense, right? Singleton has had great workouts and might be the best on the ball defender in the league. He would be a good fit with a team that is abused by pretty much every wing player that goes up against them.

12. Utah Jazz - PG/SG Jimmer Fredette, Sr, BYU. I am sorry, but there is just no way this does not happen. Especially if the Jazz go big with their first pick. Fredette stole the show for the state of Utah last year, and would provide instant offense off the bench for the Jazz next year. I think he tops out as an Eddie House type, but he would make a good backup for this current Jazz team.

13. Phoenix Suns - PF/C Bismack Biyombo, Congo. Popular picks for the Suns in mock drafts seem to be a backup point guard for Steve Nash. If the Suns want to return to the playoffs in what could be Nash's final season in orange and purple, they would be wise to add some defense. Biyombo is the ultimate work in progress, but should be good for some blocks and rebounds right away.

14. Houston Rockets - SG Alec Burks, So, Colorado. The Rockets are a pretty deep team that needs some star power to replace the failed duo of Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming. Unfortunately, there is nothing like that available here, so they go best player available. Burks is undersized and not a good shooter, but can score and is a solid all around talent. He could be a steal here and would fit right in with the lunch pail mentality of the rest of the Rockets roster.

15. Indiana Pacers - PF Tristan Thompson, Fr, Texas.
I am not as high on Thompson as some others. I think he is undersized and very much a work in progress. But he has the potential to be a pretty good rebounder and scorer, and would form a nice duo with Psycho T in the near future.

16. Philadelphia 76ers - PF Markieff Morris, Jr, Kansas. The Sixers hope to come out of this draft with a big man with some toughness. Morris would be the best available. He would provide some offensive rebounding and put backs.

17. New York Knicks - PG/SG Josh Selby, Fr, Kansas. The Knicks are going to look to add some star power. Selby is the closest thing to that at this point in the draft. He could flourish in D'Antoni's system, however long he remains the head coach.

18. Washington Wizards (from Atlanta Hawks) - SG Klay Thompson, Jr, Washington St. The Wizards will probably lose Nick Young and add a similar player with Thompson, who is not all that athletically pleasing but can stroke it.

19. Charlotte Bobcats (from New Orleans Hornets) - SG Marshon Brooks, Sr, Providence. Read what I said about Charlotte's previous pick. Brooks would fit a huge need here, as the Bobcats really don't have much in the way of offense on the roster. And with Gerald Henderson possibly out for half the season, Brooks offense would be much needed.

20. Minnesota Timberwolves (from Memphis Grizzlies) - PF Donatas Motiejunas, Lithuania. The Wolves seem to be just collecting talent these last few years. They might not be able to pass up on Motiejunas, even though they already have several young big men on the roster. Motiejunas is the typical European stretch four, and I have him falling because teams are questioning his heart. So many Euro's have failed for that very reason, including one guy already on this roster.

21. Portland Trail Blazers - C Nikola Vucevic, Jr, USC. I don't think Vucevic offers a ton in terms of NBA ability, but he the only player in this draft who is listed at 7 foot (besides a couple of random Euro's), and that will be the reason he goes in the first round. He could be the replacement for Joel Przybilla for a Portland team that seems to lose every 7 footer on the roster yearly.

22. Denver Nuggets - SF Tobias Harris, Fr, Tennessee. If there were more contending teams picking in the 15-20 range, Harris would be gone. He is not your typical freshman in the draft. He is a polished all around player who doesn't really have that potential other freshmen have. But he can carve out a spot in the rotation of a playoff contender right away.

23. Houston Rockets (from Orlando Magic) - PF Kenneth Faried, Sr, Morehead St.
The Rockets have several big men projects, so they bring in a guy who can provide some production for them right away. No player in the first round will have as many shortcomings as Faried (lack of size, no offensive game) but he is relentless on the boards, one of the fiercest rebounders to come into the draft in a while. He could be a younger Reggie Evans.

24. Oklahoma City Thunder - SF Davis Bertans, Latvia. The Thunder have some young players who's contracts they will be looking to extend the next couple of years. So they could draft a guy to stash overseas for the next few years and save a few bucks.

25. Boston Celtics - PF Justin Harper, Sr, Richmond.
The Celtics are lookign to add a stretch four in this draft. This pick could come down to Harper and Jon Leuer. Harper has more talent and upside, thus he is the pick.

26. Dallas Mavericks - PF Jeremy Tyler, USA. Tyler is not near ready to play in the NBA, but the Mavericks are a deep, experienced team that won't need much help from a rookie picked this low. They could afford to go with the project here. He could pay big dividends in a few years.

27. New Jersey Nets (from Los Angeles Lakers) - SF Tyler Honeycutt, So, UCLA. Do the Nets want to draft a player to help them this year or save the extra million dollars or so? They will be well under the cap next year. It might be a good idea to try to get some young talent in there to win a few games next year. UCLA players have had much more success in the pros then college recently, and the lanky Honeycutt could follow suit.

28. Chicago Bulls (from Miami Heat) - PF Jon Leuer, Sr, Wisconsin. The Bulls steal Leuer from the Spurs, who I have been mocking him to for a while now. Teams love to have the stretch four on the roster. Leuer may be nothing more then another Matt Bonner, but Chicago will really be looking to add shooting this off season.

29. San Antonio Spurs - C Lucas Nogueira, Brazil.
No team has had more success with drafting foreign players then the Spurs. While they could use some help right now, I just don't see any players offering them production at this point in the draft.

30. Chicago Bulls - PG Darius Morris, So, Michigan. The Bulls would like to aim higher then CJ Watson at backup point guard. They will have their selection of guys here. Morris, Reggie Jackson, Norris Cole, Charles Jenkins are all in play here.

Jonathan Carrano

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Max said...

Looks like Shawn Marion and Mark Cuban are using 'alchemical water' in order to beat Miami on their home court. Is this considered an illegal substance? Here is a webpage describing what they might be using. They are mentioned at the very end of this page


Anonymous said...

If it's illegal Miami Heat need to look into this.

If it's not illegal then Miami Heat need to get with the program!!

Like Now!

Anonymous said...

Interesting about these special waters.. I would really love to know what this is all about. If it works and is legal I wonder if other teams will start using it...