2010 NFL Power Rankings - Week 11

1 (1). Atlanta Falcons (8-2). Sure, the Falcons have not played that well outdoors this year. But who cares. That is the only bad thing people can say about this team right now. They have a 3 game "road trip" coming up, but those games are in Tampa Bay, Carolina and Seattle. If they win two of those three it looks like they can get homefield throughout; and play in a dome.

2 (3). Philadelphia Eagles (7-3).
The Eagles are almost like an SEC team with that "SEC speed" all over on offense. It's almost unfair. The offense has scored at least 26 points in all of their wins this year. Meanwhile, Donovan McNabb gets to play with Keiland Williams and Anthony Armstrong. LOL @ him.

3 (11). Green Bay Packers (7-3). Just when everyone seemed to write off the injury riddled Packers, they play well enough to force two straights teams to fire their coaches. The total score the last three Packers games? 85-10. Yep.

4 (3). New England Patriots (8-2). I feel dirty saying the Patriots are the best team in the AFC. They can't stop the pass, can't get to the quarterback and allow way too many completions. The key to their success may actually be The Law Firm, who has stepped up and given the Patriots their most consistent running attack in many years. Not to mention the Patriots have already defeated most of the other AFC contenders (Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Indianapolis, San Diego).

5 (5). Pittsburgh Steelers (7-3). The Steelers bounced back from an ugly loss to New England by humiliating the Raiders. I think the Steelers are better then the Pats, but I can't put them ahead of a team that dominated them just a week ago.

6 (9). New Orleans Saints (7-3).
Like the Packers, the Saints also have shown their early struggles are a thing of the past. They have demolished their past two opponents. I worry about the lack of a running game though when the playoffs come around. Drew Brees has thrown the ball an unheard of 41 times a game this year, completing 29 passes per game.

7 (6). New York Jets (8-2). The Jets have needed last second wins to defeat the Lions, Browns and Texans, but the important thing is they have won all of those games. Once the squeak by the Bengals the schedule ends pretty tough, with road games at the Patriots, Steelers and Bears. The defense isn't the monster it was last year, but they still have allowed under 18 points per game. It is much easier to right wrongs when you continue to win.

8 (8). Baltimore Ravens (7-3). It seems like a long time ago Joe Flacco threw four picks against the Bengals. Since then he has thrown 15 touchdowns with only 2 picks.

9 (10). San Diego Chargers (5-5). I know I called the Chargers winning the division when they were 2-5, but did anyone NOT think it would happen? It has happened so many times before. After the Chargers play the Colts, they have games against the Raiders, Chiefs, 49ers, Bengals and Broncos. I can really see 10-6, which even I thought was out of reach. It will be quite a turnaround for the Chargers, and of course Norval will lose his first playoff game.

10 (7). Indianapolis Colts (6-4). Will the Colts amazing streak of 12 win seasons end this year? They play the Chargers, Cowboys, Titans, Jaguars, Raiders and Titans. I think it will end. Mainly because the Titans season is over with Rusty Smith behind center, and no way the Jaguars continue to breath down the Colts neck. So they'll rest players.

11 (4). New York Giants (6-4)
12 (16). Chicago Bears (7-3)
13 (12). Miami Dolphins (5-5)
14 (17). Kansas City Chiefs (6-4)
15 (14). Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-3)
16 (13). Tennessee Titans (5-5)
17 (20). Washington Redskins (5-5)
18 (15). Oakland Raiders (5-5)
19 (19). Cleveland Browns (3-7)
20 (22). Jacksonville Jaguars (6-4)
21 (26). Dallas Cowboys (3-7)
22 (18). Houston Texans (4-6)
23 (22). St. Louis Rams (4-6)
24 (23). Seattle Seahawks (5-5)
25 (24). Minnesota Vikings (3-7)
26 (31). Buffalo Bills (2-8)
27 (25). San Francisco 49ers (3-7)
28 (27). Denver Broncos (3-7)
29 (28). Detroit Lions (2-8)
30 (29). Cincinnati Bengals (2-8)
31 (30). Arizona Cardinals (3-7)
32 (32). Carolina Panthers (1-9)

Jonathan Carrano

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