2011 NFL Power Rankings: Week 10

1. (1) Green Bay Packers (8-0). I hate ESPN's non stop "best ever" talk, but Aaron Rodgers is on pace for one of the greatest passing seasons in NFL history. Packers fans have it so good. I hate you all.
2. (4) Baltimore Ravens (6-2). The Ravens are firmly in the drivers seat for the top record in the AFC. They still get the Bengals twice, the Niners and go to San Diego, but other then that the remaining schedule is an absolute cake walk. Then again, their two losses are against bad teams.
3. (5) San Francisco 49ers (7-1). It's still so hard for me to give props to an Alex Smith led offense, but this team just keeps winning behind a great defense and running game. That is the recipe for success. Amazingly they are 4-0 on the East Coast.
4. (7) Detroit Lions (6-2). Huge matchup this weekend for the Lions against the Bears. If they win, they'll still be right behind the Packers. If they lose, they will be one of many teams fighting for the final Wild Card spot.
5. (8) New York Giants (6-2). Injuries all over the place on both sides of the ball this year for the Giants, but the one constant has been Eli Manning. He is having his best year and has become the leader of this team. Their nightmare stretch continues with a game at San Francisco.
6. (9) New Orleans Saints (6-3). The Saints roller coaster ride of a season marches on. They have a chance to shut down the hot Falcons in Atlanta this weekend.
7. (10) Houston Texans (6-3). Like I said before the season, Wade Phillips is a terrible head coach, but there was little doubt he would turn around the defense. They are now a top ten unit. This team is 6-3 despite their three best players (Mario Williams, Andre Johnson, Arian Foster) missing huge chunks of the season.
8. (13) New York Jets (5-3). The Jets have risen from the dead to claim one spot in a three way tie for first place in the AFC East. I think their dominating win over the Bills threw Buffalo from the contenders wagon. If they can knock off the Patriots the division will be theirs for the taking.
9. (6) Pittsburgh Steelers (5-3). A sweep at the hands of the Ravens pretty much ensures that the Steelers are going to be a Wild Card team. Both Pittsburgh and Baltimore has an easy schedule ahead.
10. (2) New England Patriots (5-3). The Patriots are in trouble. Bill Belichick has come under heat for his personnel moves recently, and for good reason. He had a plethora of high draft picks and decided to play the trading game instead of drafting young players to keep his defense going. And the acquisitions of Albert Haynesworth and Chad Ochocinco has been an epic failure.
11. (12) Cincinnati Bengals (6-2). I refuse to put the Bengals in the top ten. I love their potential for the future but they are not in the same stratosphere as the Ravens and Steelers. They still have yet to play either team.
12. (3) Buffalo Bills (5-3). The Bills had a chance to show the world that they were for real, but fell flat on their face. I can't take them seriously anymore. Ryan Fitzpatrick has shown once again that he is just a stopgap solution.
13. (17) Atlanta Falcons (5-3). Not sure what to make of the Falcons. They are winning games now but I am not that impressed with how they have played on either side of the ball. They have a chance to really make a statement this weekend with a huge game against the Saints.
14. (18) Chicago Bears (5-3). Amazingly, this was the first time in 30 games that Jay Cutler hasn't been sacked. Lovie Smith says he likes when his team is disrespected. Well, hopefully the players continue to read my important awesome blog, because I don't think they are a top ten team. Just don't trust Mike Martz and that offensive line.
15. (16) Dallas Cowboys (4-4). Like so many times before, the Cowboys tried their hardest to lose a game. But the Seahawks are too horrible to go along with it. On the bright side, it looks like Dallas may have finally found a running back.
(11) Philadelphia Eagles (3-5).
(15) San Diego Chargers (4-4).
(14) Oakland Raiders (4-4).
(19) Tennessee Titans (4-4).
(20) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-4).
(21) Kansas City Chiefs (4-4).
(24) Washington Redskins (3-5).
(22) Minnesota Vikings (2-6).
(23) Carolina Panthers (2-6).
(27) Denver Broncos (3-5).
(31) Miami Dolphins (1-7)
(26) Seattle Seahawks (2-6).
(28) Arizona Cardinals (2-6).
(29) Jacksonville Jaguars (2-6).
(25) Cleveland Browns (3-5).
(30) St. Louis Rams (1-7).

32. (32) Indianapolis Colts (0-9). The Colts really should be ashamed of themselves and should give away tickets for free. It's robbery that fans have to pay to watch a team not care if they win or lose.

Jonathan Carrano

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