2009-2010 NFL Draft: Quarterbacks Talk

The NFL has become a passing league, that's for sure. For those many horrible teams this year, it looks like there will be quite a few first round prospects in this draft, more then years past. Here's the list.

1. Jake Locker, Washington. His stats aren't amazing. 12 touchdown passes against 8 interceptions. But he has established himself as the #1 QB prospect in the upcoming draft. He has good size and talent. And most importantly, he has led the Huskies to 3 wins already. The talent around him is just horrible, so those stats are impressive.

2. Jimmy Clausen, Notre Dame. There hasn't really been a great Notre Dame pro QB since Joe Montana. Rick Mirer and Brady Quinn are first round busts. Clausen is having an amazing year though. 16 TD's, only 2 INT's, over 2000 yards and a 65% completion percentage. I like him better then Locker. If I was doing a mock today, I would have the Rams taking him first overall.

3. Sam Bradford, Oklahoma. Bradford has it all. The size, strength and athleticism. He should have been the first overall pick this year. But the knock against him was injuries, and of course the knock has ended up being a legit complaint. Bradford has to come out this year while he is still worth a first round pick. With some good workouts, he could wind up going #1 overall. With the injury concerns, I wouldn't take him. He could still sneak back into the top 10.

4. Ryan Mallett, Arkansas. Mallett hasn't had great college success, but his physical tools are too much to ignore. Look to the AFC North to see how big, tall QB's can help you win. Ben Roethlisberger and Joe Flacco are both over 6'5. Mallett will wind up in the first round due to that plus his talent.

5. Colt McCoy, Texas. McCoy is what he is. He's not that big, not that fast, not a huge arm. But he's a good QB who has led his team to college success. Hmmm...sounds like what people said about Drew Brees coming out of Purdue. I think McCoy could squeak into the first round, or be taken early in the second by those horrible teams who wanted to fill other needs first.

6. Tim Tebow, Florida. I have to put Tebow on this list. Is he a QB or a FB? Is he a Wildcat package weapon or can he play the position full time? It's definitely one of the biggest things to look out for this year. But I think he will wind up being picked in the first round. Somewhere. To play some position.

Jonathan Carrano

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