NFL Week 4 Thoughts

Week 4 was a great day for me. Miami finally got their first win, and in very impressive fashion. The Wildcat was in full effect and the Bills stood no chance. If Miami can squeak out a .500 season with this schedule, I'll be happy.

The Bengals are 3-1, but I still don't buy it. The defense is not this good. I don't buy the Broncos being 4-0 either. The defense is not really set up for the 3-4, but they are playing out of their mind. The win over Dallas was very impressive. My man Brandon Marshall is one of the 5 most talented receivers in the NFL. They need to get him the ball. It was a good day for UCF receivers with Mike Sims-Walker having a huge day as well.

The Saints are very impressive. My pre-season Super Bowl pick looks unstoppable offensively and defensively. They should have that division won by November.

How are Norv Turner and Wade Phillips still head coaches in the NFL? I just don't understand it. The talented Cowboys and Chargers are marching towards another .500 season.

The Chiefs, Raiders, Buccaneers, Rams, Browns. Wow, there are a whole lot of extremely awful teams in the NFL. I think right now the Rams stand alone though. If they would have simply downed the ball on every play on offense they would have only lost 14-0.

Jonathan Carrano

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