So Blayze, Why No Baseball? It's the World Series After All!

Yes, I am a baseball fan. I love baseball. Before I knew what the NFL and NBA was, I watched baseball. I played baseball. As a 5 year old kid, I loved Rickey Henderson and Ryne Sandberg. I had WGN where I lived (Orlando), and watched the Cubs almost daily. They became my team, and the team of fans across the country who didn't have a real home team to root for.

And that's where the problem began.....

You see, I was always conditioned to tune out baseball by the time August rolled around. The NFL was just ready to get going, and the Cubs were usually a good 10-20 games out by that point. So naturally my attention would drift away from America's past time. I am a huge sports fan. I can't really "root" for any teams other then my own. When I was younger I took losing 50 times harder then I do today. I couldn't watch baseball knowing my team was trash.

So I guess that's why I haven't watched one game of the playoffs this year. There was 8 teams in the thing this year. Yet I knew it would be the Phillies vs. the Yankees or Red Sox. I am glad there wasn't a NYY vs. BOS ALCS. Sure, the rivalry is great. Babe Ruth. Yadda yadda yadda. There are four letters that discribe why I can't stand that goddamn rivalry. E, S, P and N. The true Evil Empire. They would shove the thing down our throats until no end. So when the Sox lost I was giddy. But I also knew the Yanks were a shoe in for the World Series, cause the Angels annually run for the hills with their tails between their legs.

That's why I don't have any posts on the World Series. I just don't care. The Yankees or Phillies. Neither team has one ounce of care from me.

But best believe, I will post a lot about baseball in March through July. Because, that's when us Cubs fans give a crap about our losers!

Jonathan Carrano

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