NBA Trade Analysis: Stephen Jackson to the Bobcats.

Charlotte Bobcats get: SG Stephen Jackson, PG Acie Law
Golden St. Warriors get: SG Raja Bell, PF Vladimir Radmanovic

First off, I think this trade is good for both teams.

Let's start with the Warriors. That team is a mess. Jackson was probably their best player, but with so many young players on that team he had to go. He was poison in the locker room. So is Don Nelson, but that's another discussion for another day. They have plenty of wing players to step into his place. The Warriors were 3-6 with him, they won't be any worse without him. They get a couple role players. Radmanovic fits into how the Warriors like to play. Bell is a good veteran addition who can shoot the ball.

The Bobcats are probably the worst offensive team in the NBA, so they really need an injection of talent. It's a risk they have to take. They are probably the most insignificant team in the league. If S-Jax blows up in their face, no one will really notice. But, on paper, this trade really helps them. Like I said, they need offensive talent, and they need it bad. Will Larry Brown stifle him like he's stifled so many players in his career?

Jonathan Carrano

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