2010 NFL Mock Draft - v 4.4

Very busy holiday week for me, so no commentary.

1. St. Louis Rams - QB Jimmy Clausen, Notre Dame
2. Detroit Lions - DT Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska
3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - DT Gerald McCoy, Oklahoma
4. Cleveland Browns - S Eric Berry, Tennessee
5. Kansas City Chiefs - OT Russell Okung, Oklahoma St.
6. Washington Redskins - QB Sam Bradford, Oklahoma
7. Seattle Seahawks - DE Derrick Morgan, Georgia Tech
8. Denver Broncos (from Chicago Bears) - DE Carlos Dunlap, Florida
9. Buffalo Bills - WR Dez Bryant, Oklahoma St.
10. Oakland Raiders - S Taylor Mays, USC
11. San Francisco 49ers - OT Trent Williams, Oklahoma
12. San Francisco 49ers (from Carolina Panthers) - MLB Rolando McClain, Alabama
13. Pittsburgh Steelers - CB Joe Haden, Florida
14. Jacksonville Jaguars - DE Greg Hardy, Ole' Miss
15. Atlanta Falcons - OLB Greg Jones, Michigan St.
16. Houston Texans - CB Patrick Robinson, Florida St.
17. New York Jets - DT Terrence Cody, Alabama
18. Miami Dolphins - WR Arrelious Benn, Illinois
19. Tennessee Titans - DT Arthur Jones, Syracuse
20. Baltimore Ravens - CB Kareem Jackson, Alabama
21. Seattle Seahawks (from Denver Broncos) - QB Colt McCoy, Texas
22. New York Giants - MLB Brandon Spikes, Florida
23. Green Bay Packers - OT Anthony Davis, Rutgers
24. Arizona Cardinals - DE/OLB Jerry Hughes, TCU
25. Cincinnati Bengals - RB CJ Spiller, Clemson
26. Dallas Cowboys - OT Brian Baluga, Iowa
27. New England Patriots - DE/OLB Brandon Graham, Michigan
28. Philadelphia Eagles - OLB Bruce Carter, North Carolina
29. Minnesota Vikings - QB Ryan Mallett, Arkansas
30. San Diego Chargers - RB Jonathan Dwyer, Georgia Tech
31. New Orleans Saints - DT Marvin Austin, North Carolina
32. Indianapolis Colts - S Earl Thomas, Texas

Jonathan Carrano

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IvySmith said...

Do you want more interesting?
Joe DeCamillis has been around a few kickers that have played a long time in the NFL Draft (Jason Elam, Morten Andersen) and he believes Nick Folk will be one of them, too.
The Cowboys cut Folk Monday after missing 10 field goal attempts this year and signed Shaun Suisham.
"He works his craft the way you're supposed to work it, so it was a difficult decision obviously," DeCamillis said. "You don't want to see anybody struggle and he was struggling. I think he even knew it. I've got the utmost respect for him, wouldn't surprise me if he started kicking well again the league. He just kind of went into a little funk and unfortunately we couldn't get him out of it. It's disappointing on my part because you hppe to do something to revive it and get him going in the right direction and it just didn't happen."
Merry Christmas!And have a good time!

NFL draft said...

Although I'm sure recruiting rules are strict and I'll be the first to admit that my knowledge is weak on the subject ... I would think that the line in the sand is promising a recruit anything beyond a full-ride scholarship, a job, or play time on the field. Meaning, why is it a problem to bring along a member of the staff even if he was from the area where you are going to recruit. These players seem to be interested in very few things. One, full scholarship; Two, contender school w/ great visibility; Three, plenty of opportunity to have fun. Then again, I'm ignorant of many aspects of football~I just enjoy a good game!
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