2009 NFL Playoff Predictions

Would this be considered the 2009 NFL playoffs, or the 2010 NFL playoffs? Ahh well, anyways, here goes.


The AFC is not the premier league this time around. I think only the Colts and Chargers stand a realistic chance of going to the Super Bowl. That should be a good AFC Championship. San Diego has had Indianapolis number in the playoffs before.

The Wild Card games could be okay, I just don't see any way any of those four teams can do anything the second weekend.

Wild Card

6. Baltimore @ 3. New England

New England - 24, Baltimore - 20

Patriots defense isn't good, and the offense is hurt, especially with Wes Welker gone. But they are good enough to squeak out a win at home.

5. New York @ 4. Cincinnati

Cincinnati - 17, New York - 9

One of three Wild Card matchups that are rematches of week 17 games. The Bengals gave the Jets a free ride to the playoffs, which was a smart move, since if they won they would have had to play the Texans instead. I kept telling myself I was going to pick the Bengals to lose their first round game no matter what, but they should handle the Jets in a low scoring game. Mark Sanchez will not get it done against a good pair of cornerbacks.


3. New England @ 2. San Diego

San Diego - 37, New England - 24

The Patriots just don't have the defense to contain the extremely hot Chargers passing attack. And they can't win a road game to save their life.

4. Cincinnati @ 1. Indianapolis

Indianapolis - 31, Cincinnati - 7

The Bengals stand no chance.

AFC Championship

2. San Diego @ 1. Indianapolis

San Diego - 31, Indianapolis - 27

This has nothing to do with the face that San Diego is red hot and the Colts came into the playoffs with 2 losses. That is what people will pin it on, but the fact is the Chargers match up very well with the Colts. Great passing attack and a pass rush that rattles Peyton Manning.



Ahhh, here's where things are going to be fun this year. I think any of these six teams could make the Super Bowl. You have six of the probably 10 best QB's in the NFL in the playoffs, should be a lot of high scoring fun. It will be a dog fight and, unlike the AFC, I really have no idea who is going to come out of it. I thought Philly a few weeks ago but now I just have no clue.

Wild Card

6. Philadelphia @ 3. Dallas

Dallas - 30, Philadelphia - 27

Dallas has always beat Philly twice. People say you can never beat a team three times in a season. That is incorrect, of course, since more then 50% of teams have won game 3 when they won games 1 and 2 in the regular season.

5. Green Bay @ 4. Arizona

Green Bay - 41, Arizona - 21

Yes, I think this is going to be ugly. The Cardinals are not very good and wouldn't have made the playoffs if they didn't play in the 1AA of NFL divisions. The Packers are absolutely rolling on offense and should dismantle an average secondary.


5. Green Bay @ 1. New Orleans

Green Bay - 38, New Orleans - 31

The Saints have really fallen off lately, I think it continues in the playoffs.

3. Dallas @ 2. Minnesota

Minnesota - 24, Dallas - 20

I just want to set up a Favre. vs. GB NFC Championship.

NFC Championship

5. Green Bay @ 2. Minnesota

Green Bay - 30, Minnesota - 17

Favre will implode in these playoffs. How great would it be if it was against the Packers?

Super Bowl XLIV

San Diego - 45, Green Bay - 21

I hate that they are calling the Super Bowl XL's now. Anyways, if this ends up being the big game I think the Chargers cruise.

Jonathan Carrano

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