NBA Trade Analysis - Caron Butler to the Mavericks

Trade parameters.

Dallas Mavericks get SF Caron Butler, C Brendan Haywood, SG DeShawn Stevenson
Washington Wizards get SF Josh Howard, PF Drew Gooden, PF James Singleton, SF Quentin Ross

As you could imagine, a win for the Mavericks.

Dallas gets another scorer in Butler. They are a tall, strong team now after the additions of Butler, Haywood and Marion before that. Butler will move into the small forward position and could be a matchup problem for a smaller player trying to guard him. I think the real pickup here is Haywood. He has quietly become a very solid starting center, and is a huge upgrade from Erick Dampier. He'll be able to guard the plethora of big men in the West and allow Nowitzki to concentrate on offense. The Mavericks have gotten a lot tougher with this trade.

Washington, they really didn't get anything. Howard needed a change of scenery in the worst way, but it's unknown if he can step up now that he's on a horrible team. He seems to not really give a crap. Just smoke some weed and collect a paycheck. The Wizards should have at least got a young guy or draft pick out of it all. But they needed to give their young guys a chance to play. We'll see if Andray Blatche can be their big man of the future. They shouldn't stop here. They need to move Antawn Jamison as well.

Jonathan Carrano

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