NBA Trade Analysis - Tracy McGrady, Kevin Martin, Carl Landry and more.

This is a big one.

Houston Rockets get SG Kevin Martin, PF Jordan Hill, C Hilton Armstrong, PF Jared Jeffries, right to swap 2011 first round picks with the Knicks, 2012 first round pick from the Knicks.

Sacramento Kings get PF Carl Landry, PF Joey Dorsey, SG Larry Hughes

New York Knicks get SG Tracy McGrady, PG Sergio Rodriguez

Ahhh, where to start? I guess I'll start with the Knicks. This is the ultimate gamble. They basically traded two first round picks, and could be a third if they don't make the playoffs next year. But it got them well under the cap. There are so many great free agents available the next two years that they will get someone. The bad part is they now have no players left, and no first round picks to add to a core that has Danillo Galinari, Wilson Chandler and...........? We have seen teams try this method before (Chicago Bulls and Orlando Magic a decade ago) with bad results. Time will tell. This will either make the team or cripple them, making them the same old Knicks until about 2020.

The Houston Rockets just reformed their team, which will now continue to shoot shoot shoot with Kevin Martin. They have a young big man who could wind up helping down the line in Hill. And of course, they now have extra picks. I don't think it's a huge slam dunk like most other people think, though. Carl Landry will really be missed, and the Rockets are stuck with Jeffries horrible contract.

I think the Sacramento Kings are the real winner of this trade. Tyreke Evans is the face of this franchise, and trading the black hole Martin proves this point. Evans needs the ball in his hands. Just as important, they land a player who I think is the most underrated in the league. Landry is a better big man then Jason Thompson and Spencer Hawes. If the Kings can have Wesley Johnson or DeMarcus Cousins land in their lap in the draft, watch out. They are on their way.

Overall, I think the Kings are the winner of this trade. The Knicks, the jury is out. We won't know how this turned out for them for a couple years.

Jonathan Carrano

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