2010 NFL Draft Preview - Kansas City Chiefs

2009 record: 2-14
Key additions: RB Thomas Jones, WR Terrance Copper, OG Ryan Lilja, C Casey Wiegmann
Key departures: TE Sean Ryan, OG Wade Smith
Unrestricted free agents: WR Chris Chambers, WE Devard Darling, LB Corey Smith, WR Bobby Wade, RB Jackie Battle

The state of Missouri is not on the top of the NFL world, that is for sure. Like the team on the other side of the state, the Chiefs are picking in the top five for the second year in a row. The good? The Chiefs may have found a running game. The offensive line got much better and Jamaal Charles found his groove in the second half of the season. He ran for an average of 121 yards during the last eight games of the season. And they added Thomas Jones, who is not finished, to spell him. Adding veterans and changing to the 3-4 was not successful, however. The Chiefs gave up over 26 points per game and just could not get to the quarterback.

Top five positional needs.

 1. Defensive line. Tyson Jackson was drafted unbelievably high last year, and his first season, he was somewhat just there. He is not a playmaker and never will be. But he has the strength to be just fine as a 3-4 end. Glenn Dorsey is a horrible fit but is doing the best he can on the other side. Ron Edwards is another guy who's just there. He is not nearly strong or big enough to be a starting nose tackle. It's clear the line is way too small to help stop the run, and even though it's not their job to get to the quarterback, generating only one sack from the three starters are unacceptable. They need size on the front seven, and it starts here.

2. Offensive line. The Chiefs did do a good job considering the talent level, but much more is needed here. Probably at least one more starter at every position. Brandan Albert would probably be better suited at right tackle. Rudy Niswanger is just not talented enough to contain all these monster nose tackles that are dominating the league. Take your pick here.

3. Outside linebacker. The Chiefs did not have the personnel to run the 3-4 defense, but that did not stop the coaching staff from installing the defense, anyway. The result? Averaged 26.5 points per game, sacked the quarterback 22 times and averaged a very close to league worst 156 rushing yards per game. Former first round draft pick Tamba Hali led the team with 8.5 sacks, but is still a much better fit at end in a conventional defense. The Chiefs need to get one of those monsters who can get to the quarterback.

4. Inside linebacker. As for the inside, again, the Chiefs just do not have the size to run this scheme effectively. Two of their top three inside linebackers weigh under 240. You just aren't going to stop the run if your guys are that weak. They need to get a 250 pound monster in there if they have any hope.

5. Wide receiver. The Chiefs got a very unexpected boost when they brought Chris Chambers aboard. He was resigned and gives Kansas City a decent starting duo. The problem is there is absolutely zero depth behind those two guys. None at all. The Chiefs need at least two more guys who can play, and it would be especially pleasant if one of those guys could actually run fast.

First round possibilities.

S Eric Berry, Tennessee. If the draft unfolds the way I have it so far, the Chiefs will have an interesting dilemma. Do they go with a much needed offensive tackle, or do they go with the one remaining explosive talent on defense? Considering the defense clearly lacks an identity, and more importantly, talent, I think Berry will be the first choice. It's been stated to death that he has Ed Reed qualities. He would add to a very young secondary that has the potential to be very good and give the Chiefs a name to build around. He is going to be a stud.

OT Russell Okung, Oklahoma St. The only other option, and the safer choice. Okung is universally considered the best offensive tackle in a very deep group. He could step in at left tackle right away and do a decent job. But more realistically, he will struggle at first. Offensive tackles rarely come in and dominate right away.

Second round possibilities.

The Chiefs have two second round picks. #36 and #50.

DT Terrence Cody, Alabama. So many teams are moving towards the 3-4, I do not see how Cody falls out of the first round. But he, uh..eats very well, and that could scare some teams off. If he does fall to the early second round, the Chiefs need to climb over themselves to get the guy. 

OLB Jerry Hughes, TCU. Hughes is a pass rushing specialist at outside linebacker. He is not big enough to be a great run stopper, but as a situational player he will get to the quarterback.

TE Jermaine Gresham, Oklahoma. The Chiefs got absolutely nothing out of the tight end position. Matt Cassel needs more weapons to be successful. With Brad Cottam as a sixth offensive lineman, Gresham could be a guy to catch a few balls.

With their second second round pick.

DT Cam Thomas, North Carolina. If the Chiefs cannot get Cody first they could go after another nose tackle. Thomas has the size at 6'4, 330.

WR Damian Williams, USC. At this point in the draft you aren't going to get a burner. This draft just doesn't have those guys this year. But Williams was good in college and could be a decent third receiver.

OG/OT John Jerry, Ole' Miss. A versatile offensive lineman, he could back up or start on several positions on this team.

Overall, the Chiefs need to do a better job then they did in the 2009 draft. Tyson Jackson and Alex Magee were supposed to be a good bookend duo. Jackson did not do much and Magee did absolutely nothing. The Chiefs got even less out of the rest of their draft picks. It was very close to being a useless draft, and for a team this bad, that is unacceptable. One more draft like that and they may never recover. A team picking in the top five needs to get more then one starter out of their draft. Try again, Chiefs.

With the fifth overall pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, the Kansas City Chiefs select....

S Eric Berry, Tennessee

Jonathan Carrano

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