2010 NFL Mock Draft - v 5.1

Been a while, I apologize. With the combines come and gone and the draft about a month away, it's a good time. I just don't have the time for full commentary. Trying to keep this blog alive, but struggling right now.

1. St. Louis Rams - QB Sam Bradford, Oklahoma.  This seems to be the popular choice, and I agree. If you have been reading my mock drafts throughout the year, I have always said one thing. If you are the worst team in the league and you need a QB (which is usually the case) and one presents himself you have to take him. You just have to. You don't win in this league without a QB. You don't sell tickets, get on television, sell jerseys and win fans without a QB either. There is no doubt in my mind that Ndamukong Suh will be a very good player, but he's just a defensive tackle. You have to take a QB. And hope he turns out good.

2. Detroit Lions - DT Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska. The Lions will now have an interesting choice to make. Do they go with who many feel is the top talent in this draft? Or do they fill their biggest need with a franchise left tackle? I think the Lions are still bad enough that they have to take best player available. And that is Suh. The Lions did sign Corey Williams and Sammie Lee Hill looks like a productive starter, but neither of those guys will keep Suh off the field. Suh finished the year with 20.5 TFL and 12 sacks and should be one of the top play making defensive tackles in the NFL in a year or two.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - DT Gerald McCoy, Oklahoma. This is an easy choice. The Bucs have lacked muscle inside since Warren Sapp left town. They are trotting Chris Hovan and Ryan Sims out there. Did you know either of those guys were still in the league? Me neither. McCoy is the prototypical three gap defensive tackle; strong enough to stop the run but also able to get to the passer. He'll be a difference maker right away for a team that is in need of an identity on that side of the ball. It seems like it's been a long time since Sapp, Brooks, Rice and others were there.

4. Washington Redskins - QB Jimmy Clausen, Notre Dame. Read what I said about the Rams and apply here. I still think Clausen will end up being the better pro quarterback. He was a top recruit, has good size, prototypical arm strength and throwing motion and good intangibles. Played in a pro offense in college as well. I think he will be a good one. The Redskins couldn't go wrong with Russell Okung, but Clausen is one of two first round prospects at the position, and the Skins really need to move on from Jason Campbell.

5. Kansas City Chiefs - OT Russell Okung, Oklahoma St. It would be very hard for the Chiefs to pass up on the sexy pick of Eric Berry. He will bring a name, swagger and toughness to a defense that really needs it. But Okung is the top prospect in a very deep offensive tackle group. The Chiefs, even after taking Brandan Albert, need help at offensive line more then any other team. Okung would move right into the left spot, pushing Albert to the right and giving the Chiefs potentially good bookends. They can't go wrong with either player, but offensive tackle is the more important position. Especially these days.

6. Seattle Seahawks - S Eric Berry, Tennessee
7. Cleveland Browns - CB Joe Haden, Florida
8. Oakland Raiders - OT Bruce Campbell, Maryland
9. Buffalo Bills - DE/OLB Jason Pierre-Paul, South Florida
10. Jacksonville Jaguars - DE Derrick Morgan, Georgia Tech
11. Denver Broncos (from Chicago Bears) - MLB Rolando McClain, Alabama
12. Miami Dolphins - WR Dez Bryant, Oklahoma St.
13. San Francisco 49ers - OT Brian Baluga, Iowa
14. Seattle Seahawks (from Denver Broncos) - RB CJ Spiller, Clemson
15. New York Giants - DT Brian Price, UCLA
16. Tennessee Titans - DE Carlos Dunlap, Florida
17. San Francisco 49ers (from Carolina Panthers) - S Earl Thomas, Texas
18. Pittsburgh Steelers - OT Trent Williams, Oklahoma
19. Atlanta Falcons - DE Everson Griffin, USC
20. Houston Texans - RB Ryan Mathews, Fresno St.
21. Cincinnati Bengals - S Taylor Mays, USC
22. New England Patriots - OLB Sergio Kindle, Texas
23. Green Bay Packers - OT Anthony Davis, Rutgers
24. Philadelphia Eagles - OLB Sean Weatherspoon, Missouri
25. Baltimore Ravens - DE/OLB Brandon Graham, Michigan
26. Arizona Cardinals - DE/OLB Jerry Hughes, TCU
27. Dallas Cowboys - OG Mike Iupati, Idaho
28. San Diego Chargers - DT Dan Williams, Tennessee
29. New York Jets - DT Terrence Cody, Alabama
30. Minnesota Vikings - CB Kyle Wilson, Boise St.
31. Indianapolis Colts - CB Devin McCourty, Rutgers
32. New Orleans Saints - DT Jared Odrick, Penn St.

Jonathan Carrano

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