2010 NFL Draft Preview - Cleveland Browns

2009 record: 5-11
Key additions: QB Jake Delhomme, CB Sheldon Brown, QB Seneca Wallace, OLB Chris Gocong, TE Ben Watson, OL Tony Pashos, ILB Scott Fujita
Key departures: S Brodney Pool, QB Brady Quinn, QB Derek Anderson, WR David Patten, OG Rex Hadnot
Unrestricted free agents: RB Jamal Lewis, WR Mike Furrey, TE Michael Gaines, TE Steve Heiden, OT Ryan Tucker, C Hank Fraley
This is the draft preview I have been dreading the most. I have no idea what direction they are going to go in. Let's talk about their history for a bit.

2009: Alex Mack. After trading way down, they landed Mack, who should start for them for a while. 

2007: Joe Thomas and Brady Quinn. Quinn was a failure, although I think that was because the team never gave him a chance. I think he will be decent with the Broncos, although it is difficult for a quarterback to find himself again after dealing with what he dealt with. Joe Thomas is a good starter.

2006: Kamerion Wimbley. Never quite developed as a 3-4 outside linebacker, was traded to the Raiders in the off-season.

2005: Braylon Edwards. Part of a 2005 draft where no players are with the team anymore. Edwards had some ups but mostly downs with Cleveland, and is gone.

2004: Kellen Winslow. Surprise? He was traded away a couple years ago.

2003: Jeff Faine. Long gone.

2002: William Green. Massive bust, has been out of the league for years.

2001: Gerard Warren. Didn't last too long with the Browns. Is still starting but he's been extremely average his whole career.

2000: Courtney Brown. One of the biggest busts in NFL history, he did not do anything with the Browns.

1999: Tim Couch. Taken over Donovan McNabb, he only lasted a few miserable seasons with the Browns before fading away.

That is it. Every first round pick the Cleveland Browns have had since they re-entered the league. And most of those picks were in the top ten. With (lack of) success like that you can see why they still have expansion level talent 12 years later. They have had a few finds later on including Eric Wright, D'Qwell Jackson and Jerome Harrison, but overall, their drafting has been a massive failure. Thus, enter Mike Holmgren, who has helped build two Super Bowl franchises.

Top five positional needs.

1. Safety. Brodney Pool left via free agency, leaving holes in both safety spots. Both Abram Elam and Mike Adams are backup caliber players. The Browns did take cornerback off the list after acquiring Sheldon Brown, giving them a great cornerback duo.

2. Defensive end. The two starting defensive ends, Kenyon Coleman and Robaire Smith, are very undersized for the defensive scheme, and are average players anyway. They need to either get a true nose tackle so Shaun Rogers can move out or find some beef to go alongside him.

3. Wide receiver. They drafted two guys in the second round last year. Mohamed Massoquoi showed potential, Brian Robiskie, not so much. They miss Braylon Edwards for no other reason then opposing defenses respected him. They need a guy to stretch the field.

4. Quarterback. Jake Delhomme and Seneca Wallace were both brought in to compete for the starting job, but it's obvious that they are both temporary solutions. The Browns will be gun shy about drafting another QB so high, but they should spend a mid round pick on a developmental type.

5. Defensive tackle. Rogers is not a true nose tackle, even though he has the size to be. They could use a real rock to stick in the middle, since Rogers could make some plays on the outside.

First round possibilities.

NT Dan Williams, Tennessee. As we saw with Tyson Jackson last year, teams will reach like crazy for a fit in the 3-4. Williams won't get past Miami at #12, so this might not be a huge reach. Williams has great size and is a true nose tackle. With all the teams moving to that defense, I don't think he'll get out of the top ten.

WR Dez Bryant, Oklahoma St. I would have had Bryant penciled in to this pick, with Eric Berry off the board and the Browns no longer needing Joe Haden, my former pick before the trade. But he had a bad pro day and has had some character issues. That is enough to scare the Browns away.

MLB Rolando McClain, Alabama. If they just want to go with best player available, they could go with McClain. Scott Fujita is just a temporary solution and D'Qwell Jackson could prove to be too expensive.

Second round possibilities.

QB Colt McCoy, Texas. Mike Holmgren is reportedly in love with McCoy, but then again, so are many other teams. It may take a trade back up into the first round to get him. McCoy had a great pro day, and teams that employ the West Coast short passing game are going to love him.

DT Terrence Cody, Alabama. If they choose to go a different direction in the first round, they could go after Mount Cody in round two. But like I said, there will be a lot of competition for this nose tackle.

S Nate Allen, South Florida. This may be a bit too high for Allen, but the Browns really need safety help. It is pretty easy to find that in the mid rounds though, so they may not reach.

The Browns are in a tough spot. Many mocks seem to have the Chiefs drafting Brian Baluga. I think that's way too high for him, but the Chiefs do have some serious offensive line issues. Even if they pass on Berry, I don't see the Seahawks doing the same. Berry would be absolutely perfect for the Browns, but they draft a pick or two too low. I think trading down, like last year, is the best way to go. They have ten picks in this draft. Maybe trade down and get Earl Thomas, then trade back up and get Colt McCoy would be the ideal draft. If not, they have an interesting choice at #7. And frankly, I'm going out on a limb and suggesting Dan Williams because I have no clue who they are going to take.

With the seventh pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns select....

NT Dan Williams, Tennessee

Jonathan Carrano

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