2010 NFL Draft Preview - Seattle Seahawks

2009 record: 5-11
Key additions: QB Charlie Whitehurst, RB Quinton Ganther, WR Ruvell Martin, TE Chris Baker
Key departures: WR Nate Burleson, DL Derek Walker, S Deon Grant
Unrestricted free agents: FB Justin Griffith, OT Damion McIntosh, DT Cory Redding, LB Jamie Sharper

The Seattle Seahawks have suffered a quick fall from grace after their dominance of the NFC West during most of this decade. Their key pieces got old and they failed to draft replacements. They acquired high profile names like Julian Peterson, TJ Houshmandzadeh, Patrick Kerney and Deoin Branch in recent years, mostly with weak results. What they suffer now is an aging core with no real young up and coming talent to replace them, or even add to the mix. They added Aaron Curry high in the first round last year. He wasn't the immediate impact the team hoped for, but he showed enough to be a vital part of the future. They added other starters in Max Unger and Deon Butler. Another draft like that is needed, especially with two first round draft picks and a ton of weak veterans in need of someone to push them and eventually replace them. The draft needs to be the way to go for Seattle to get back to where they were. New coach Pete Carroll has his work cut out for him.

Top five positional needs.

1. Offensive line. Even before Walter Jones retired, this was probably their biggest need. Sean Locklear is marginal at right tackle, and there is now a monster hole on the left side. If Matt Hasselbeck can last one more year, or Charlie Whitehurst can show anything at all, they will need help on the outside of the offensive line. On the inside, they need better players suited for the zone blocking scheme.

2. Secondary. Mainly safety and depth at cornerback. The top two corners, Marcus Trufant and Josh Wilson, are good enough, but there is no depth behind them. Even more worrisome are the safety positions. Deon Grant was released and will try to avoid the door on his way out. Jordan Babineaux was second on the team in tackles, but other projected starting safety Jamar Adams barely played last year. Seattle gave up the third most passing yards in the league. While that isn't entirely the secondaries fault, they are not very good.

3. Defensive line. Both ends and tackles. Seattle was mediocre every where last year, and one of those areas was getting to the quarterback. Patrick Kerney's best days are behind him and who knows if Lawrence Jackson has better days ahead of him. It seems like the Seahawks have been trying to get a stud tackle for years, maybe since Cortez Kennedy left town. They still need to find upgrades, as their unit lacks upside.

4. Running back. Seattle was towards the bottom half of the league in rushing. Julius Jones has shown time and time again he is not starter worthy, and probably not even backup worthy. Justin Forsett showed promise, averaging over 5 yards per carry with over 600 yards. But at his size, he can't be given the ball 20 times per game. Teams are going with two running backs, the Seahawks need to find that workhorse, so Forsett can come in and do his thing.

5. Wide receiver. TJ Houshmandzadeh brought the Seahawks what they thought he would. Tough catches over the middle and a weak yards per catch average. He's the possession guy. What the Seahawks lack is the stretch the field counterpart. Deion Branch has provided next to nothing since he came to town, and it's unknown whether 2009 third round draft pick Deon Butler will amount to anything. The Seahawks shouldn't use a high pick on the position, but it should be on their mind.

First round possibilities.

The Seahawks have two picks, #6 and #14

With the #6 pick

OT Russell Okung, Oklahoma. Okung is universally considered the best tackle in the draft. If he is still on the board the Seahawks really can't consider anyone else. This is assuming Eric Berry is already taken.

CB Joe Haden, Florida.
If the Seahawks decide they want to wait until their second first round pick to take a tackle, they could go with Haden. His numbers at the combine weren't that great, but he is the one good cornerback prospect in this draft, and we know how fast those guys fly off the board.

With the #14 pick

RB CJ Spiller, Clemson. Sure, I just got done saying the Seahawks need a bigger back to pair with Forsett. Well, now they need a bigger back to pair with Spiller. Spiller is dynamic, and their new head coach just came from coaching a guy called Reggie Bush. He'll see many similarities and might not be able to resist adding a weapon like Spiller. The Seahawks offense has been bland for too many years, even during the Shaun Alexander days.

OT Charles Brown, USC. If they decide not to take Okung with the #6 overall pick, I think they'll go with Charlie Brown here. Good grief. But Brown came from Carroll's zone blocking Trojans, and could step in right away, since he'll know the scheme.

S Earl Thomas, Texas. It is too easy to find safeties in the second or third round, but if somehow every guy they want is gone, he could be a good backup plan.

Second round possibilities.

The Seahawks have the #60 overall pick, from the Chargers. Their own pick was traded away.

S Reshad Jones, Georgia. Jones has the size to be a good run stopper, but is also decent in coverage. Passing defense is what the Seahawks will be looking for in a starting strong safety.

RB Toby Gerhart, Stanford. If the Seahawks go another direction with their first round picks, Gerhart could be a nice fit in the second round. His workouts were off the charts for a guy of his..uhh...whiteness. 

DE Jermaine Cunningham, Florida. A pass rusher, and not much of a run stopper. The Seahawks need to try to get to the quarterback, and could opt to go for a guy who can do only that.

Overall, the Seahawks have gotten a starter or two out of their last few drafts. Aaron Curry, Max Unger, John Carlson and Josh Wilson. But they typically have not drafted well at all, and now lack key depth thanks to poor drafting. With two high first round picks, it is imparative that Seattle gets better.

With the 6th overall pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, the Seattle Seahawks select....

OT Russell Okung, Oklahoma St.

With the 14th overall pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, the Seattle Seahawks select.... 


RB CJ Spiller, Clemson

Jonathan Carrano

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