2011 NFL Mock Draft - v 1.0

Only 360+ days until the 2011 NFL Draft! Sure, it's way too early and so much can happen, but doing a mock draft familiarizes myself with the upcoming crop of talent, and it's just nice to look at.

The 2010 NFL Draft was all about defense and the offensive lines. A real lunch pail type draft. 2011 looks like it's about flash, explosiveness and skill players. I have never seen a class this loaded with receivers and quarterbacks. The wideouts especially. They are mostly all underclassmen, but we have as many as five beasts over 6'3 and with 40 times under 4.5. It's amazing that all of these guys are available at the same time. So fans of horrible teams who want to see some excitement on the field may have to wait only one more year.

The order is based on quick predictions I came up with really quick. My next mock draft won't be until after my official predictions. Just wanted to get something out there. Enjoy.

1. Buffalo Bills - QB Jake Locker, Washington. Jake Locker should be considered the top quarterback in this class. He was a first round pick last year, and he decided to come back. Of course, he could be the next Brian Brohm or to the lesser extent, Matt Leinart. Especially with a few other quarterbacks breathing down his neck. We shall see.

2. St. Louis Rams - WR AJ Green, Georgia. The Rams don't seem to be any better then they were a few years ago, and could be picking in the top two for the fourth year in a row. Good thing for Rams fans is they will finally get that stud receiver, as this could be the best WR class ever.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - WR Julio Jones, Alabama. The Bucs took Arrelious Benn, but won't be able to pass up on a 6'4 beast to bookend with him. Josh Freeman is smiling.

4. Jacksonville Jaguars - QB Andrew Luck, Stanford. Andrew Luck is a darkhorse to be the 2011 number one pick. He has great size and had a very good year as a starter in 2009. If the Jags pick this high, you can bet the coaching staff will be gone, and the new regime will want to bring in their own guy.

5. Detroit Lions - CB Patrick Peterson, LSU. For the second straight year the Lions will get the top defensive player in the draft. Cornerbacks often fall, so it takes a pretty special talent to be taken in the top five, and Peterson is just that.

6. Cleveland Browns - WR Michael Floyd, Notre Dame. The stud receivers keep coming off the board. There are just so many of them this year. Floyd is another monster, 6'3, 220 pounds and he caught 44 passes in just 7 games last year.

7. Kansas City Chiefs - DE/OLB Greg Romeus, Pittsburgh.
The Chiefs went for flash and style in the 2010 draft, but need to get back to basics next year. Greg Romeus could be good in either a 4-3 or 3-4 scheme. He had 8 sacks as a junior.

8. Carolina Panthers - WR Jonathan Baldwin, Pittsburgh. Do you see a theme here? The fourth receiver off the board in the first 8 picks, and another guy who stands over 6'3. Jonathan Baldwin isn't Larry Fitzgerald, but he's not far off. I really hope all of these receivers declare this year.

9. Denver Broncos - DE Cameron Heyward, Ohio St. I won't make any Tim Tebow/Josh McDaniels remarks here. I'll just say the Broncos need to add to their defensive front, and they get Heyward, who should continue to bulk up and by this point next year could be a 6'7, 300 pound monster at end.

10. Seattle Seahawks - QB Ryan Mallett, Arkansas. I can't imagine Charlie Whitehurst is the future. At best, he's just a short stopgap. Eventually the Seahawks need to find their QB of the future.

11. New England Patriots (from Oakland Raiders) - WR Terrence Tolliver, LSU. Make that five receivers in the first 11 picks. And make that ANOTHER guy over 6'3.

12. Cincinnati Bengals - DE Robert Quinn, North Carolina. We are going to start seeing how good a recruiter Butch Davis is starting with this draft, as Tar Heels are going to be all over the place.

13. Chicago Bears - OT Gabe Carimi, Wisconsin. Offensive tackles usually litter the first round. Carimi could be the best of the bunch, although his upside is limited.

14. San Francisco 49ers - FS Will Hill, Florida. The Niners just drafted Taylor Mays, but I really don't think he will amount to much. If Hill declares he will be the top safety on the board. And safeties seem to go higher and higher these days.

15. Pittsburgh Steelers - CB Prince Amukamara, Nebraska.
The Steelers brought back Bryant McFadden but are still looking for cornerback help.

16. Green Bay Packers - RB Mark Ingram, Alabama. Mark Ingram is the reigning Heisman winner and is a complete back, with size and speed to match. He'll be a much more explosive threat then Ryan Grant.

17. Philadelphia Eagles - OLB Bruce Carter, North Carolina. Bruce Carter is undersized at 6'2, 225 but extremely talented and productive. He could sneak into the top 10 like Keith Rivers did a couple years ago.

18. Tennessee Titans - DT Allen Bailey, Miami.
Hey, look! A Hurricane in the first round! We haven't seen that in a while. Defensive tackles often slip unless they are truly elite, however.

19. Washington Redskins - RB Evan Royster, Penn St. The Redskins have a trio that would have been amazing in 2005. Now they are all past their primes. All three should be jettisoned for a fresh pair of legs.

20. Houston Texans - OLB Greg Jones, Michigan St. Jones is extremely productive in college and could be a nice counterpart for Brian Cushing.

21. Arizona Cardinals - OT Mark Reynolds, BYU. The top underclassmen offensive tackle in the nation.

22. New York Giants - OLB Von Miller, Texas A&M. Miller is a big linebacker who could be a pick for a 3-4 team.

23. New York Jets - DE Jared Crick, Nebraska. In the Adam Carriker/Jared Odrick mold, could be a nice fit as a 3-4 end.

24. Miami Dolphins - RB Jacquizz Rodgers, Oregon St. Sure he's only 5'7, but man can he fly. The NFL is all about speed these days, and someone will take this weapon in round 1.

25. Atlanta Falcons - DE Da'Quan Bowers, Clemson.
This underclassman was the former top recruit in the country. As the season goes on he could shoot up the draft boards.

26. New England Patriots - DE/DT Adrian Clayborn, Iowa. Very talented defensive lineman who can play in any scheme, he has had some off the field troubles.

27. New Orleans Saints - DT Marvin Austin, North Carolina. Top recruit has shown flashes. He could shoot up the boards or fall to round two or three depending on how this year goes.

28. Baltimore Ravens - CB Ras-I Dowling, Virginia. Could have been a first round pick in 2010. 20-30's are where a ton of cornerbacks seem to go every year.

29. Dallas Cowboys - OT Joseph Barksdale, LSU. Avon Barksdale returns to Baltimore to play wide receiver for the Ravens, but they pass on his cousin. I just watched all 60 something episodes of The Wire a couple months ago. Man that show is great.

30. Indianapolis Colts - OG/C Mike Pouncey, Florida. New Pittsburgh Steelers twin brother should go in round one as the top interior lineman available.

31. San Diego Chargers - CB Rashad Carmichael, Virginia Tech.
Read what I said about the Ravens.

32. Minnesota Vikings - QB Terrelle Pryor, Ohio St.
I just had to slip Pryor in here. If Tim freakin' Tebow can go in round one, Pryor should as well. Maybe Josh McDaniels will trade up and take him.

Jonathan Carrano

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rockythegoat said...

wait the packers pick 16? wtf? they will pick no lower than 32 next year, the vi-queens will suck tail this year behind the geriatric favre. rodgers will light up the league with jennings and jermichael finley and the defense will be even better with a better rotation on the d-line, another year under the olb's belt, the end of the year had 2 rookies starting the most important positions in a 3-4 defense. secondary is a bit old but a good scheme and a good pass rush can offset that. This is before the possibility that the packers may sign adalius thomas at olb or brian westbrook at rb. both additions would be great and provide great leadership for a young team. sorry this got a little long.

bet on sports said...

Gives our running backs space so that they don't have to avoid defenders in the backfield