2011 NFL Power Rankings: Week 1

The hard part about power rankings are the first few weeks. One game does not make a season. Especially this year, where many offenses looked like they just ripped the plastic off their playbooks Sunday morning. But for these rankings I tried not to put too much stock into week 1, or my preseason rankings. But both were taken into consideration. I like to do my rankings like College Football rankings, teams usually don't leap frog unless they are pretty dominant. But I am more lenient the first few weeks. Things will get sorted out in a few weeks. Now, on to it!

1 (1). New Orleans Saints (1-0). It was a struggle on offense, but the Saints handled a good team.

2 (4). Baltimore Ravens (1-0). Many low scoring games in week one as offenses adjust, but there was no problem on defense. They absolutely shut down the Jets.

3 (3). Green Bay Packers (1-0). The Packers were rolling on the road until Mike Vick made things interesting. Part of that might have been because Green Bay didn't prepare for Vick.

4 (9). New England Patriots (1-0). The offense looked rejuvenated with Brandon Tate and the rookie tight ends.

5 (11). Houston Texans (1-0). I can't really ever say there is a statement game in Week 1, but the way the Colts have owned the Texans during their existence, this was a huge win for Houston.

6 (2). Indianapolis Colts (0-1). It's not like the Colts haven't had problems stopping the run in the past. They don't want Manning throwing over 50 passes often, though.

7 (14). Tennessee Titans (1-0). Pretty much how the Titans want to play. Get a lead, grind it out with Chris Johnson and let Vince Young pick his spots.

8 (5). Dallas Cowboys (0-1). The Cowboys played a very stupid game, both coaching and execution. Still, they had a chance to win at the end. They will be alright.

9 (17). New York Giants (1-0). The Giants have become a great passing team, as Eli Manning has elevated his game and has a lot of weapons. The running game needs to be turned over to Ahmad Bradshaw.

10 (6). New York Jets (0-1). The bandwagon is emptying at a historic rate. Mark Sanchez simply is not ready to lead this team to the Super Bowl yet.

11 (7). Minnesota Vikings (0-1)
12 (8). San Diego Chargers (0-1)
13 (15). Pittsburgh Steelers (1-0)
14 (16). Miami Dolphins (1-0)
15 (19). Washington Redskins (1-0)
16 (12). Atlanta Falcons (0-1)
17 (13). Cincinnati Bengals (0-1)
18 (18). Philadelphia Eagles (0-1)
19 (10). San Francisco 49ers (0-1)
20 (25). Kansas City Chiefs (1-0)
21 (22). Arizona Cardinals (1-0)
22 (24). Jacksonville Jaguars (1-0)
23 (21). Carolina Panthers (0-1)
24 (28). Seattle Seahawks (1-0)
25 (26). Chicago Bears (1-0)
26 (23). Denver Broncos (0-1)
27 (32). Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-0)
28 (27). Detroit Lions (0-1)
29 (20). Oakland Raiders (0-1)
30 (29). Cleveland Browns (0-1)
31 (31). St. Louis Rams (0-1)
32 (30). Buffalo Bills (0-1)

Jonathan Carrano

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