2010 NFL Power Rankings - Week 4

1 (1). Pittsburgh Steelers (3-1). The Steelers lost a close one to a very good Ravens team, hardly enough to knock them off my top spot. They still lead the NFL in only allowing 12 points per game.

2 (2). Green Bay Packers (3-1). This is the second time the Packers have gotten off to a pretty good lead only to see the other team chip away and make things interesting. A big play defense isn't playing all that well right now.

3 (3). Baltimore Ravens (3-1). The Ravens added a ton of talent to the offense but are only 27th in the league in scoring offense. They have played some of the best defenses in the league in the Jets, Bengals and Steelers and have come away 3-1. The schedule really eases up on that side of the ball now, so we will see how good the Ravens offense really is.

4 (6). New York Jets (3-1). The Jets ran through their three AFC East counterparts, winning by an average of 32-17.

5 (8). Atlanta Falcons (3-1). The Falcons are an overtime loss to my top ranked team from being 4-0. They only gave up one offensive touchdown to the 49ers, and the defense is playing much better then expected.

6 (4). New Orleans Saints (3-1).
The Saints may be experiencing that so called "Super Bowl Hangover". They don't look that great at all, but they are plugging away with a 3-1 record as they look to get that offense back on track.

7 (9). Houston Texans (3-1). The Texans got back on track offensively but are giving up way too many points. The return of Brian Cushing will help, but they need someone to step up in a young secondary.

8 (10). New England Patriots (3-1). The Patriots were the first team in NFL history to score on a rush, pass, interception, kickoff and blocked kick in the same game during their tidle wave against the Dolphins Monday night.

9 (5). Indianapolis Colts (2-2). I still think the Colts are the best team in that division, but they might not win 12 games this year. Peyton Manning and the offense is as good as ever, but a leaky defense and fluky turnovers have already cost them two division games.

10 (7). Chicago Bears (3-1). They have a Sears tower sized revolving door on the offensive line, and they were lucky Jay Cutler was not literally killed Sunday night against the Giants. It didn't help Cutler refused to get rid of the football.

11 (11). Tennessee Titans (2-2)
12 (19). San Diego Chargers (2-2)
13 (14). Kansas City Chiefs (3-0)
14 (12). Cincinnati Bengals (2-2)
15 (15). Dallas Cowboys (1-2)
16 (16). Minnesota Vikings (1-2)
17 (13). Miami Dolphins (2-2)
18 (17). Philadelphia Eagles (2-2)
19 (21). Jacksonville Jaguars (2-2)
20 (22). Denver Broncos (2-2)
21 (23). Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-1)
22 (24). St. Louis Rams (2-2)
23 (25). New York Giants (2-2)
24 (26). Washington Redskins (2-2)
25 (18). Seattle Seahawks (2-2)
26 (28). Cleveland Browns (1-3)
27 (20). Arizona Cardinals (2-2)
28 (27). Detroit Lions (0-4)
29 (29). San Francisco 49ers (0-4)
30 (30). Oakland Raiders (1-3)
31 (32). Carolina Panthers (0-4)
32 (31). Buffalo Bills (0-4)

Jonathan Carrano

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