2010 NFL Power Rankings - Week 7

My top ten remains virtually unchanged, so for this week I am going to comment on teams 11-20, to give them some shine and analysis.

1 (1). Pittsburgh Steelers (5-1)
2 (2). Baltimore Ravens (4-2)
3 (3). New York Jets (5-1)
4 (4). Indianapolis Colts (4-2)
5 (5). Tennessee Titans (5-2)
6 (7). New York Giants (5-2)
7 (6). New England Patriots (5-1)
8 (8). Atlanta Falcons (5-2)
9 (9). Houston Texans (4-2)
10 (10). Green Bay Packers (4-3)

11 (13). Miami Dolphins (3-3). I am a Dolphins fan. I really want to blame the refs for the loss (officiating has been at an all time low this year, but that's another discussion) but you can't kick five field goals and expect to beat a team as good as the Steelers. 3-3 isn't bad considering they lost to three teams in my top 7. But that's not going to get them into the playoffs in the AFC.

12 (14). Kansas City Chiefs (4-2). The Chiefs are not decent. They are not very good or great though. Their four wins have come against teams that are a combined 8-19, and when they played winning teams they lost, though still made it a game. The running game is really on point though, and the defense has played better then expected. They look like the class of the AFC West at this very moment. Though read a few teams below for my continued thought on that...

13 (12). Philadelphia Eagles (4-3). The Eagles are in pretty good shape. They were cruising to a 5-2 record before the Titans came out of nowhere and smacked them with 27 points in the fourth quarter. They get Michael Vick and hopefully DeSean Jackson back following the bye, but the schedule does not let up.

14 (11). New Orleans Saints (4-3). So the Saints have lost to teams led by Max Hall and Colt McCoy. Ouch. Things are clearly amiss in the Big Easy, but thanks to the mediocrity that is the NFC, they are only one game out of a bye right now. If they can right the ship they will be just fine.

15 (16). Minnesota Vikings (2-4). According to the "experts" at ESPN, the sky is falling for three teams. The Vikings, Cowboys and Chargers. I agree that the Cowboys season is over. But I think the other two teams still win their division. Let's start with the Vikings. They had very tough losses to the Saints, Dolphins, Jets and Packers. Not exactly pushovers. True, their victories over the Lions and Cowboys were not extremely impressive, but they have too much talent to finish with a losing record. The schedule gets much easier after the New England game next week, and if they continue to let Adrian Peterson be the focal point of the offense, I think they finish 9-7 or 10-6 and win the division. One other common theme for those three teams I mentioned is that they are all led by chimpanzees at head coach. Brad Childress should be unemployed. That guy is terrible, and I thought this before he threw Brett Favre under the bus.

16 (17). San Diego Chargers (2-5). To continue my thought from the Cheifs analysis. The Chargers will win that division at 8-8. Under Norv Turner's watch they have always started slow. Remember when they stormed back to take the division from the Broncos a couple years ago? The Chargers have allowed the fewest yards in the league, lead the league in sacks and lead the league in offensive yards. Sure, the stats are somewhat skewed because their two wins were 38-13 and 41-10. But they are much better then 2-5. All four of their road losses have come against inferior opponents, at least on paper. Norv Turner is another born loser, so this doesn't really surprise me. If they squeak into the playoffs they will be an easy out.

17 (18). Washington Redskins (4-3). What can I really say about the Redskins? All four of their wins have been by the low scoring, ugly variety. The most points they have scored in any of their wins is 17 points. But unlike last year, they are on the winning side of those games. But this team really is no good. I have nothing else to say about them.

18 (22). Seattle Seahawks (4-2). Ugh, this is where the teams start getting pretty bad and I won't have too much to say about them. The Seahawks could finish 8-8, which would easily be enough to win that division, but they will be one of the worst playoff teams in NFL history.

19 (25). Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-2). The Bucs are in the lower half in pretty much every important statistical catagory, but they are 4-2. They get destroyed every time they play a decent team, but they are 4-2. They needed last second miracle wins to beat the Bengals and Rams, but they are 4-2. Ugh. This team has one of the best records you have to offer, NFC? Get it together!

20 (30). Oakland Raiders (3-4). I had the Raiders ranked way too low, and it took a 59-14 (wasn't even that close) game for me to move them up. They are playing pretty well and have a great chance to win their division. And more importantly for me, give the Patriots a lower draft pick. Go Raiders!

21 (9). Chicago Bears (4-3). I had to comment on the Bears, one of the worst 4-3 teams I have ever seen. They suckered me into having them in my top 10 a couple weeks ago. The offense is pathetic. Against the Redskins, the offense scored 7 points. Against the Seahawks, they really scored 13 points. Against the Giants they scored 3, against the Packers they scored 13. They can thank a few pick sixes and Devin Hester for the inflated PPG average.

22 (19). Cincinnati Bengals (2-4)
23 (20). Dallas Cowboys (1-5)
25 (23). St. Louis Rams (3-4)
24 (21). Denver Broncos (2-5)
26 (24). Jacksonville Jaguars (3-4)
27 (27). Detroit Lions (1-5)
28 (29). Cleveland Browns (2-5)
29 (26). Arizona Cardinals (3-3)
30 (28). San Francisco 49ers (1-6)
31 (31). Carolina Panthers (1-5)
32 (32). Buffalo Bills (0-5)

Jonathan Carrano

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