2011 NFL Mock Draft - Week 6

Sorry I haven't been updating this every week. Been without a computer for a while. Hopefully you are online in the middle of a Saturday night searching for NFL mock drafts!

1. Buffalo Bills - QB Andrew Luck, Stanford. No brainier, no explanation needed. Has to happen.

2. Carolina Panthers - DE Robert Quinn, North Carolina.
Last time the Panthers took a North Carolina defensive end second overall it worked out well. Panthers can go any direction here, they have holes all over the place.

3. New England Patriots (from Oakland Raiders) - DE Marcel Dareus, Alabama. Thank you Raiders. Now the Pats get to add a beast to the division. New England was at their best when they had first round picks causing havoc all over the defensive line.

4. Cleveland Browns - WR AJ Green, Georgia. This would be a dream scenario for the Browns. It was only one game but Colt McCoy looked pretty darn good. Give him a 6'4 stud to throw to and the Browns might finally be on to something.

5. San Francisco 49ers - CB Patrick Peterson, LSU. The Niners don't have the holes a team picking in the top five usually has. Nate Clements is nickleback caliber at this point in his career.

6. Detroit Lions - CB Prince Amukamara, Nebraska. The Lions have had good success with their Nebraska rookie, so they go again. The secondary seriously lacks talent and is being exposed on a weekly basis.

7. Arizona Cardinals - DE/OLB Da'Quan Bowers, Clemson.
Too high for Bowers? I don't think you will be saying that in 6 months. He is a very talented player who can play outside rusher in the NFL. He has 9 sacks already this year.

8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - DE Adrian Clayborn, Iowa. Tampa Bay has only generated four sacks this season. Clayborn isn't exactly a pass rushing monster, but he's the best of the group here. Several other ends are working their way up the draft.

9. Jacksonville Jaguars - QB Jake Locker, Washington. David Garrard has been up and down, mostly down, since he was named the starter a few years ago. He is 32 years old and is a very limited quarterback. If the Jaguars finish in teh top ten you can bet there will changes, and the new regime will want to bring in a new quarterback. Locker has rebounded nicely from his nightmare start against Nebraska.

10. St. Louis Rams - WR Julio Jones, Alabama. The Rams have some receivers who are producing. Danny Amendola is a nice slot weapon and Danario Alexander looks like he could be a future starter. But the Rams have to continue to surround Sam Bradford with talent. Jones is an elite talent who struggles with drops, consistancy and desire, but could wind up being a steal here.

11. Denver Broncos - DE Cameron Heyward, Ohio St. The Broncos are one of many teams who have switched to a 3-4 defense but lack the proper parts to make the engine run smoothly. Heyward is just one of many prototypical 3-4 ends available in round 1.

12. Dallas Cowboys - DE Allen Bailey, Miami. I really don't think the Cowboys will end up picking this high, but if they do Bailey would be a nice replacement for aging ends Marcus Spears and Igor Olshansky.

13. Cincinnati Bengals - OT Nate Solder, Colorado. Solder might not be ready to step in right away, but one of the things that is said about him is he has amazing strength and a great physique for an offensive tackle. That is music to Cincinnati's ears after wasting a top 10 pick on that fat blob Andre Smith.

14. Washington Redskins - OLB Akeem Ayers, UCLA. Read what I said about the Broncos. The Redskins tried to plug Andre Carter into the outside linebacker spot in their new scheme, and the results were disasterous. Ayers has much better size (6'4, 255) for the position, and is terrorizing Pac-10 quarterbacks.

15. San Diego Chargers - OT Anthony Castonzo, Boston College. The Chargers are really under achieving, but they don't have a ton of holes on their roster. Right tackle is a concern, though, especially with Philip Rivers passing more and more.

16. Minnesota Vikings - DE Ryan Kerrigan, Purdue. The Vikings are another team that has a worse then expected record, but a pretty solid roster. A team can never have enough pass rushers though. Kerrigan isn't physically dominating, but he is really getting it done on the field and could be like Brandon Graham last year. An average athlete with a motor that gets him drafted in the teens.

17. Chicago Bears - OT DeMarcus Love, Arkansas. Ask Jay Cutler who the Bears should draft. Chris Williams has been a first round bust and I can't even name who their RT is without looking it up.

18. Miami Dolphins - CB Aaron Williams, Texas. I am a Dolphins fan, so this is a pick I want them to make. I have been seeing Jason Allen on my television set for about 4 years too long. Sean Smith looks like he might not be a part of the future, so the Dolphins need to find someone to pair with Vontae Davis. I picked Williams because he has the strength and size that the regime likes in their cornerbacks.

19. Houston Texans - CB Brandon Harris, Miami. The Texans have given up an amazing 306 yards passing per game. Kareem Jackson could be a good one one day but they need a lot more help at the position. Take someone, anyone!

20. New England Patriots - RB Mark Ingram, Alabama. The Patriots have never had an elite talent at running back, and the one time they used a high pick on the position it was a bust. Sure, they can go with a defensive player here again, but adding a player who would be perfect for their scheme could be too much to pass up. Especially with two first round picks.

21. Seattle Seahawks - WR Jonathan Baldwin, Pittsburgh. Mike Williams has come out of nowhere to be a pretty good player for Seattle here. But Baldwin is a very talented potential game changer who would be a huge upgrade for this offense.

22. Kansas City Chiefs - QB Ryan Mallett, Arkansas. Mallett has not had a great season with the Razorbacks. He is a statue back there, and could plummet down the boards, especially with mobile quarterbacks being the in thing. But here the Chiefs should pull the trigger. Matt Cassel is just not the answer, unless the question is "who can throw some awesome 5 yard slants?"

23. Philadelphia Eagles - OLB Bruce Carter, North Carolina. The Eagles used recent drafts to really retool their offense, but now they should go back to defense.

24. Tennessee Titans - OLB Travis Lewis, Oklahoma. The Titans no name defense is really playing well right now. They have a couple overachieving castoffs at the linebacker positions.

25. New Orleans Saints - DE Jeremy Beal, Oklahoma. Beal would be a reach here but I think the Saints are dead set on adding a backup pass rushing end.

26. Green Bay Packers - OT Derek Sherrod, Mississippi St. Brian Bulaga could be okay one day, but I think he will have Cameron Wake in his dreams for the next 6 months. Even if he is good, the Packers still need more help on the line.

27. Indianapolis Colts - OT Matt Reynolds, BYU. Got to keep that offense chugging along. I think Reynolds would be a great fit for the Colts, and his age shouldn't turn them off.

28. New York Jets - DE/DT Nick Fairley, Auburn. Fairley is a huge play making lineman for Auburn, and would upgrade the Jets average line immensely.

29. Atlanta Falcons - CB Ras-I Dowling, Virginia. Keep building that secondary.

30. Baltimore Ravens - CB Janoris Jenkins, Florida. The secondary is actually playing pretty well right now, but the talent level at cornerback is still pretty low.

31. New York Giants - MLB Greg Jones, Michigan St. If Jones was 15 pounds bigger, he would be picked in the teens.

32. Pittsburgh Steelers - OLB Von Miller, Texas A&M. Miller has not had a sack this year, but he's been double and triple teamed all year. The Steelers are the kings of taking defensive players, grooming them for a couple years then plugging them into the lineup.

Jonathan Carrano

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