2010 NFL Power Rankings - Week 9

1 (1). Pittsburgh Steelers (6-2). The Steelers bounced back from a tough loss at New Orleans with a win against the Bengals. Cincinnati does what they always did, threw some late touchdown passes to make the score closer then it really should be.

2 (5). New York Giants (6-2). Since New York's ugly loss to the Titans in week 3, they have ran through their competition, completely obliterating everyone except the Lions, who they still beat by 8 points. Every time this group seems to give up on head coach Tom Coughlin, they seemingly turn on a light switch and start playing great football. They look like the class of the NFC right now on both sides of the ball. The defense has really bounced back in a huge way from last year's struggles.

3 (3). Baltimore Ravens (6-2). The Ravens are playing well on both sides of the football but they continue to struggle in the Red Zone, which is puzzling since they have big, tough receivers and a couple running backs capable of pounding it in short yardage.

4 (2). Indianapolis Colts (5-3). Could the Colts streak of 12 win seasons come to an end? Possibly, with games against the Patriots, Chargers and Titans twice still on the schedule. As long as they have #18 they should win this division though. Even if every other player around him ends up on IR, which looks like a possibility.

5 (4). New York Jets (6-2). If Matthew Stafford does not get hurt, the Jets are a 5-3 team heading into Cleveland next week. Or maybe not. Detroit will always be Loser NFL City, and the Lions will always find ways to lose games.

6 (8). Atlanta Falcons (6-2). When Michael Turner goes, so go the Falcons. They are starting to lean more heavily on him, and they have the best record in the NFC as a result, defeating the self proclaimed best team in the NFC.

7 (13). San Diego Chargers (4-5). Yes, I think the Chargers are the 7th best team in the NFL. Actually, I think they are a top five team but I can't completely ignore records. We all know they are in the top five in most offensive and defensive statistics. Abysmal special teams play has cost them at least two victories. I have been saying no player is challenging Peyton Manning for MVP, but if the Chargers win 9 or 10 games and get into the playoffs, as I think they will, Philip Rivers has to be considered. I fully believe the Chargers are going to end up winning 9 or 10 games and the division. They have done it before. Of course, they will lose their first playoff game.

8 (12). New Orleans Saints (6-3). The Saints still aren't playing great football and continue to struggle with a ton of key injuries, but they couldn't ask for more as they stand at 6-3 going into their bye week. Drew Brees already has more interceptions this year then he threw all of last year.

9 (6). New England Patriots (6-2). It was hilarious that ESPN had the Patriots at the top of their power rankings last week. Pretty much just because they had a 6-1 record. Look at them this week, all of the 6-2 teams are at the top of the rankings. Even a 4 year old can put teams in order based on their records. No way was a team that gives up over 380 yards per game with 13 sacks on defense and an offense that has struggled to move the ball on offense since Randy Moss left town the best at anything. And I thought that before Peyton Hillis ran all over them.

10 (7). Tennessee Titans (5-3). Bye.

11 (9). Green Bay Packers (6-3)
12 (15). Philadelphia Eagles (5-3)
13 (10). Miami Dolphins (4-4)
14 (11). Kansas City Chiefs (5-3)
15 (16). Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-3)
16 (17). Minnesota Vikings (3-5)
17 (18). Oakland Raiders (5-4)
18 (14). Houston Texans (4-4)
19 (27). Cleveland Browns (3-5)
20 (20). Chicago Bears (5-3)
21 (19). Washington Redskins (4-4)
22 (21). St. Louis Rams (4-4)
23 (23). Detroit Lions (2-6)
24 (24). Jacksonville Jaguars (4-4)
25 (25). Cincinnati Bengals (2-6)
26 (22). Seattle Seahawks (4-4)
27 (28). San Francisco 49ers (2-6)
28 (26). Dallas Cowboys (1-7)
29 (29). Denver Broncos (2-6)
30 (30). Arizona Cardinals (3-5)
31 (31). Buffalo Bills (0-8)
32 (32). Carolina Panthers (1-7)

Jonathan Carrano

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