2010 NFL Power Rankings - Week 12

I was going to talk about the remaining schedules for my top 10, but the internet was down at work. Yes, I usually work on this during my lunch breaks at work, since I get an hour and it takes me about 10 minutes to eat. Fat people eat faster. So I got through a few teams.

1 (1). Atlanta Falcons (9-2). The Falcons have won five in a row, with four of those games coming at home. They do have a tough three game road trip coming up. Usually three straight road games in December spells doom, but the games will be at Tampa Bay, Carolina and Seattle, all very winnable games. The Falcons have a full three game lead on the rest of the NFC with one game left against the Buccaneers and Saints. They control their own destiny as far as the division and home field are concerned. And they are next to unbeatable at home.

2 (4). New England Patriots (9-2). The Patriots keep managing to win games thanks to their explosive offense. Not only are they 9-2, but they have beat pretty much all of the other heavyweights in the AFC. They have wins against the Ravens, Chargers, Steelers and Colts. With the Jets, Bears and Packers coming up in the next three weeks, the Patriots not only can secure home field throughout, but they can severely affect the NFC playoff seedings as well.

3 (3). Green Bay Packers (7-4). I won't drop the Packers despite them losing a very close game in Atlanta, a game they would have won if Aaron Rodgers didn't fumble at the goal line. They are the only team in the NFL to outscore their opponents by over 100 points this year. They lead the league in allowing only 15.1 points per game. Each of their four losses have come by a mere field goal. Unbelievable. The rest of the schedule isn't kind, with the Patriots, Giants and Bears the last three weeks of the season. I would love to see that Week 17 game being played for the division. That is what the NFL planned by having all division games the last week of the season.

4 (6). New Orleans Saints (8-3). Usually the defending Super Bowl champs aren't slept on the following season, but no one is talking about the Saints. They have won five games in a row and are sixth in the league in points allowed per game, though they do not get many takeaways or sacks. As far as the remaining schedule. After going to Cincinnati they play three teams that are challenging for NFC playoff spots. The Rams, Falcons and Buccaneers.

5 (9). San Diego Chargers (6-5). Yes, I have the Chargers at #5. Big whoop? Wanna fight about it? They have been in my top ten since before they were under .500. They are first in the NFL in yards allowed. They are first in the NFL in sacks. They are third in the NFL in points per game, and third in yards. Their record is an aberration, due to horrible special teams play earlier in the year. Their remaining games are all very winnable. They have the Raiders, Chiefs, 49ers, Bengals and Broncos. I would be very surprised if they lost any of those games. Remember, last year they ran off 12 in a row or something like that.

6 (2). Philadelphia Eagles (7-4)
7 (5). Pittsburgh Steelers (8-3)
8 (7). New York Jets (9-2)
9 (8). Baltimore Ravens (8-3)
10 (12). Chicago Bears (8-3)
11 (11). New York Giants (7-4)
12 (14). Kansas City Chiefs (7-4)
13 (10). Indianapolis Colts (6-5)
14 (13). Miami Dolphins (6-5)
15 (15). Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-4)
16 (19). Cleveland Browns (4-7)
17 (22). Houston Texans (5-6)
18 (17). Washington Redskins (5-6)
19 (18). Oakland Raiders (5-6)
20 (20). Jacksonville Jaguars (6-5)
21 (21). Dallas Cowboys (3-8)
22 (23). St. Louis Rams (5-6)
23 (25). Minnesota Vikings (4-7)
24 (27). San Francisco 49ers (4-7)
25 (16). Tennessee Titans (5-6)
26 (24). Seattle Seahawks (5-6)
27 (31). Buffalo Bills (2-9)
28 (28). Denver Broncos (3-8)
29 (29). Detroit Lions (2-9)
30 (30). Cincinnati Bengals (2-9)
31 (31). Arizona Cardinals (3-8)
32 (32). Carolina Panthers (1-10)

Jonathan Carrano

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