2011 NFL Power Rankings: Week 4

1. (1) Green Bay Packers (3-0). It hasn't always been pretty for the Packers so far this season, but Green Bay is the only team that deserves the number one spot right now.

2. (4) Baltimore Ravens (2-1). It was clear the Ravens were mentally checked out of their game against the Titans, as they roared back and destroyed the hapless Rams. If this team can stay focused (always a big if with them) they could be Super Bowl bound.

3. (2) New England Patriots (2-1). It is officially time to be worried about the Patriots secondary. They can't keep being involved in shootouts like this every week. But if Tom Brady doesn't throw a very uncharasteric four interceptions, they win. I won't move them down for this loss.

4. (3) New Orleans Saints (2-1)
5. (7) Pittsburgh Steelers (2-1)
6. (10) Detroit Lions (3-0)

7. (5) Houston Texans (2-1). Same ole' Texans. Look great for three quarters against the Saints before predictably falling apart in the fourth. Matt Schaub just seems like a guy who wilts under any type of pressure. They should win their putrid division but I can't see them winning a playoff game.

8. (8) New York Jets (2-1)

9. (14) Buffalo Bills (3-0). I said last week that this had to be the first time I had the Lions in my top ten. A Detroit fan at a message board I posted at confirmed this. Well, I know this is the first time I have had the Bills AND Lions in my top ten. You can never count the Bills out, as they have made two huge comebacks to beat good teams.

10. (16) New York Giants (2-1)

11. (20) Oakland Raiders (2-1). I had to seriously alter the ranking for the Raiders. They are a miraculous comeback by the Bills away from being 3-0. The running game is fantastic and even Jason Campbell is playing well. I think they are the best team in their division right now.

12. (13) Dallas Cowboys (2-1)

13. (6) Philadelphia Eagles (1-2). The reason I picked the Eagles to lose their first playoff game is I don't think you can win it all with a quarterback like Michael Vick. It also is very difficult for a good offensive line to keep him upright for the whole season. And the Eagles offensive line is not good. Good to see these guys crying after a loss. Guess they want to be the NFL's Miami Heat.

14. (12) San Diego Chargers (2-1).
15. (15) Washington Redskins (2-1).
16. (17) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-1)

17. (9) Atlanta Falcons (1-2). I am sure the Falcons will finish the year as a playoff team, but right now they are just not a good football team. So much for the team throwing the ball all over the field preseason. Their play calling is as vanilla as can be.

18. (11) Chicago Bears (1-2). Everybody on offense except Jay Cutler and Matt Forte is complete trash. Seriously, why is Roy Williams still in the NFL, let alone a starter?

19. (21) Tennessee Titans (2-1)
20. (27) Cleveland Browns (2-1)

21. (25) Carolina Panthers (1-2).  Jon Beason and Thomas Davis are out for the year. DeAngelo Williams looks like he has nothing left. Way to spend all of that money, Panthers owner.

22. (24) San Francisco 49ers (2-1). I refuse to give the 49ers any credit. They barely beat two of the worst teams in the NFL. Man I hate the NFC West. They are worse then ever.

23. (18) St. Louis Rams (0-3). In my season preview I said I had the Rams starting 1-7 because they had to play all of their tough game before they even got a single division opponent. They are halfway there. I think they will be much better once they get to hang out on the West Coast.

24. (23) Minnesota Vikings (0-3). Are the Vikings better then an 0-3 team because they held double digit leads in all three of their games? Or are they really terrible because they choke away leads like clockwork? I feel sorry for Adrian Peterson, who is having a monster year on a bad team.

25. (22) Miami Dolphins (0-3). Ugh, I hate being a fan of this team. They predictably had to settle for field goals in the red zone and even more predictably gave up a game winning touchdown drive to noodle armed Colt McCoy by allowing him to complete 40 passes underneath. This team just doesn't have the firepower to compete with the other teams in their tough division.

26. (19) Arizona Cardinals (1-2). This secondary is awful. It is 2010 Houston Texans bad. In my fantasy leagues I am going to make sure to stream every opposing quarterback that I can who goes up against them.

27. (26) Cincinnati Bengals (1-2).
28. (28) Denver Broncos (1-2).

29. (29) Indianapolis Colts (0-3). At least the Colts decided to show up this week. Curtis Painter needs to be the starting quarterback, if for no other reason then Kerry Collins continues to completely embarrass himself like never before. And that's saying a lot for a drunk racist.

30. (30) Jacksonville Jaguars (1-2). I feel sorry for Jack Del Rio. He is a good coach and his team competes, even though ownership makes it tougher and tougher on him. David Garrard should not have been released, as Blaine Gabbert is absolutely nowhere near ready to be a starting NFL quarterback.

31. (32) Seattle Seahawks (1-2). The Seahawks did actually manage to win a game, so I guess they "deserve" to move out of the last spot. That's about all the credit I will give them. The NFC West looks to be even worse then last year.

32. (31) Kansas City Chiefs (0-3). Matt Cassel is so terrible even when he tries to put his hat on his own head he throws an incompletion.

Jonathan Carrano

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