2012 NFL Mock Draft: Week 2

1. Seattle Seahawks - QB Andrew Luck, Stanford. The Seahawks passing game is dreadful. Unless the team wants to waste tons of money by paying Sidney Rice and Zach Miller to run around the field and not catch footballs, they need to draft a quarterback in the opening round this year. Luck hasn't been tested yet for Stanford but has done nothing to cause him to not be the first overall pick.

2. Kansas City Chiefs - QB Matt Barkley, USC. Matt Cassel completed 22 passes for less then 120 yards. In contrast, Jamaal Charles ran for a better yardage average then Cassel threw last week. Cassell is a bum and has always been, Charlie Weis and Josh McDaniels were able to mask some deficiencies. The Chiefs haven't had a quarterback worth getting excited about since I have been alive. Barkley is a no brainer here.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars - DE Quinton Coples, North Carolina. Yeah, the Jaguars won, but I don't give them any props. Mike Munchack had a fantastic debut strategy by giving the best player on his team the ball nine times. Jacksonville can't rush the passer at all and hasn't been able to for years. Coples is a monster and shouldn't be a bust like so many other ends the Jaguars have drafted.

4. Denver Broncos - OT Ryan Kalil, USC. John Fox won in Carolina by having a fantastic pair of bookends and a dominant running game. Ryan Clady and Ryan Kalil would give the Broncos one of the best offensive tackle duos in the NFL.

5. Cleveland Browns - WR Alshon Jeffery, South Carolina. Justin Blackmon is coming on strong, but I think Jeffery is still the better player. He would be a good fit in the West Coast offense for Cleveland, able to get those tough yards over the middle. His stats aren't as eye popping, because Steve Spurrier is actually smart for once and wants to feed his workhorse running back Marcus Lattimore.

6. Tennessee Titans - MLB Vontaze Burfict, Arizona St. I think Burfict is the best defensive player in the country and the best middle linebacker prospect to come along in a while. The only thing that could keep him out of the top ten is some off the field incidents. Justin Blackmon is also an option. As I have said many many many times before, teams who draft a quarterback in the first round should look to give him weapons as soon as possible.
7. Cincinnati Bengals - RB Trent Richardson, Alabama. Somehow Cedric Benson still has a starting job. He rushed for 121 yards on Sunday but a lot of that yardage came because Cleveland gave up and didn't feel like tackling him. Richardson is the rare every down back and thus is worthy of a top ten pick, and would give the Bengals even more young talent on offense.

8. Carolina Panthers - WR Justin Blackmon, Oklahoma St. Steve Smith tried hard for the first time in a couple year and had a monster game. Even if he isn't on his last legs, the Panthers need to continue to surround Cam Newton with weapons. Blackmon is a monster who continues to put up monster stats. He is not simply a product of the system.

9. Indianapolis Colts - OT Jonathan Martin, Stanford. I never thought I would mock a pick to the Colts in the top ten, but here we are. It will be very interesting to see what the Colts do if they land the first overall pick. Taking Andrew Luck and letting him learn from the best QB coach on the field in NFL history would probably be a dream scenario for Luck, even if he has to sit for a couple years. But here I have them taking Martin. Bill Polian spends high picks on offensive players and defensive ends. Just because they are picking high in the first round I don't think his philosophy changes. He has a chance to get his second young tackle to protect Manning when he does come back.

10. Oakland Raiders - CB Dre Kirkpatrick, Alabama. The Raiders draft a cornerback with a body similar to the stud who just left town. Or, at least, that is what I would do. Al Davis will probably take Stephon Gilmore instead because he runs a 4.4 fourty.

11. San Francisco 49ers - QB Landry Jones, Oklahoma. The Niners just took a quarterback in the second round last year, right? My philosophy. If a quarterback is taken in the second round, that means he was not good enough to go in the first round. That is some Trent Dilfer like analysis, but it's true. Check out the track record for second round quarterbacks. Not great. If you want a stud signal caller, the odds are much better if you take a first round guy. Jones does not have the eye popping physical skills of Luck or Barkley, but he is a very productive and smart quarterback.

12. Minnesota Vikings - DT Jerel Worthy, Michigan St. Worthy is the top defensive tackle in this class, even if he doesn't have the stats to show for it. He is swallowing up double and triple teams all day long. The Vikings were at their best when they had the Williams Wall at defensive tackle. Now they are forced to start Remi Ayodeli, who was probably the worst starting defensive tackle in the league last year.

13. Miami Dolphins - MLB Manti Te'o, Notre Dame. The Dolphins barely miss out on Landry Jones, so they have to go another direction with this pick. Te'o is a tank who would be a great fit in the 3-4 playing next to Karlos Dansby.

14. New York Giants - LB Luke Kuechly, Boston College. Greg Jones played well replacing the injured Jonathan Goff, but I think the Giants would like to add some top line talent to their linebacking group. Kuechly is a tackling machine that gets reunited with his college linebacking mate Mark Herzlich.

15. Washington Redskins - WR Michael Floyd, Notre Dame. Floyd is off to a fabulous start for the Fighting Irish. If he didn't have off the field problems I think he would be the third receiver taken in the top ten. But receiver is often the position where talented divas seem to drop like a rock. I think Daniel Snyder would take a chance on him, though.

16. Arizona Cardinals - DE/OLB Donte Paige-Moss, North Carolina. The no name O'Brien Schofield is probably the Cardinals best pass rusher. They have to replace the aging and useless combo of Clark Haggans and Joey Porter as soon as possible.

17. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - OT Riley Reiff, Iowa. Tampa Bay has talent across the board, but could use an upgrade at right tackle, where Jeremy Trueblood is simply average. The Bucs like to focus on one area with an entire draft, though. In 2010 it was defensive tackle. In 2011 it was defensive end. 2012 could be the year they spend their top two picks on cornerbacks. Ronde Barber can't play forever and Aqib Talib will probably be in jail.

18. Buffalo Bills - DE/OLB Devin Taylor, South Carolina. I still like my Taylor as the 2011 Pierre-Paul, Aldon Smith comparison, but he hasn't really done much this year. Stud defensive end Jadeveon Clowney is eating into his snaps. But I think once the combine rolls around and teams see his size/speed combo, they will fall in love with him.

19. Dallas Cowboys - CB Morris Claiborne, LSU. The Cowboys had two distinct needs during the 2011 draft. Offensive line and cornerback. They opted to go with the right tackle in round one, meaning cornerback is still a huge need. Thankfully, this draft is full of guys who will be taken at this point, so they should be able to grab someone solid if they choose.

20. Detroit Lions - DE Brandon Jenkins, Florida St. Another defensive lineman? With all these cornerbacks available? With the unnecessary Nick Fairley pick, I have realized the Lions are just going top player available, regardless of needs. It was a good strategy when they were coming off of an 0-16 season, but as they get better and better it would be a good idea to start drafting for need. Jenkins does fill a need, though. He will initially be a pass rushing specialist who will take over for Kyle Vanden Bosch in a year or two.

21. St. Louis Rams - CB Stephon Gilmore, South Carolina. The Rams would love to grab a weapon for Sam Bradford that can actually catch a ball, but Michael Floyd is gone by now. Cornerback is almost as big a need, as the team is actually asking the 84 year old Al Harris to play a role.

22. San Diego Chargers - DE/OLB Courtney Upshaw, Alabama. Former first round pick Larry English has been next to useless in his two years in the NFL. If he doesn't show something this year, the Chargers will have to find a replacement.

23. New York Jets - DE/OLB Vinny Curry, Marshall. Curry does not have great size and skills, but he just knows how to get to the quarterback. He may be a first round reach but the Jets could really use some pass rushing skills, and he will be very well coached here.

24. Cleveland Browns (from Atlanta Falcons) - DT Jared Crick, Nebraska. The Browns have a couple of good young run stuffing tackles, but neither guy will be able to get to the quarterback at all. Crick can play all along the line and will give Cleveland some much needed pass rushing ability.

25. Pittsburgh Steelers - CB Jayron Hosley, Virginia Tech. Bryant McFadden and Ike Taylor are a good cornerback duo, but both players are in their 30's. The Steelers love to draft for the future, and continue here.

26. Houston Texans - WR Ryan Broyles, Oklahoma. If Andre Johnson actually had a deep threat playing opposite him, this Texans offense may in fact become unstoppable.

27. Chicago Bears - CB Jarvis Jenkins, North Alabama. Jenkins would be the first or second player off the board if he didn't get kicked off the Florida program for drug related problems. If Jimmy Smith can still be taken in the first round, so will Jenkins.

28. New England Patriots (from New Orleans Saints) - C Mike Brewster, Ohio St. Like I said last week, the Patriots will probably trade these picks. But if they keep them, bet on it, they will take an offensive lineman and a defensive back. I am going to mock both to them the entire year.

29. Philadelphia Eagles - DT Brandon Thompson, Clemson. The Eagles could use an offensive tackle but there really is nobody available here. They often use first round picks on defensive lineman and they dip into that well once again.

30. Baltimore Ravens - MLB Dont'a Hightower, Alabama. Ray Lewis can't play forever, can he? Hightower is a monster who could lose some weight, but they found success with an overweight Alabama defender last year with Terrence Cody.

31. New England Patriots - CB Chase Minnifield, Virginia. Read above. Minniefield is reunited with his college cornermate Ras-I Dowling.

32. Green Bay Packers - OLB Ronnell Lewis, Oklahoma. Lewis is really coming on and is working his way into the first round. The Packers could use another pass rusher to take the pressure off of Clay Matthews.

Jonathan Carrano

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Drew said...

It's Matt Kalil and Janoris Jenkins

Jonathan Carrano said...

Well crap. I am sure everyone will take my mock drafts seriously now. That's what I get for doing these during my lunch break and not proof reading.