2011 NFL Power Rankings: Week 6

1. (1) Green Bay Packers (5-0). The Packers are the clear #1 team right now. Aaron Rodgers and that loaded offense is a machine right now, and will be nearly impossible to stop. The defense is not playing at the same level as last year though, and that could be a concern if they meet up with the Saints in the playoffs.

2. (2) Baltimore Ravens (3-1).
3. (3) New England Patriots (4-1).
4. (4) New Orleans Saints (4-1).

5. (5) Detroit Lions (5-0). You think Lions fans are excited to go to watch a winning team? They were the best player on defense Monday night. It's a shame they don't get to play the Packers for another month and a half.

6. (8) Buffalo Bills (4-1). I think the first five teams are set in stone, though you can debate in what order they should be placed, but after 5 it gets a little tough. I can't think of anyone else to put here but the Bills, who have beaten the Raiders, Patriots and Eagles. The defense continues to make big plays week after week.

7. (9) San Diego Chargers (4-1). The Chargers have avoided their typical slow starts, but no one on the planet seems to buy that they are a contender this year.

8. (6) Houston Texans (3-2). Typical Houston Texans. Matt Schaub is 5 yards away from the goal line with a chance to win the game, but instead of trying to fake out or run through a single defender, he throws a terrible pass to a covered receiver for an interception. Grow some, Schaub and the Texans.

9. (12) Pittsburgh Steelers (3-2).
10. (20) San Francisco 49ers (4-1).
11. (7) New York Giants (3-2).

12. (14) Oakland Raiders (3-2). I just want to say rest in peace to Al Davis. In his later years he kind of became a running joke amongst those of us who like to talk about the draft, but he was a visionary and one of the most important people responsible for the NFL we love today. Fitting that maligned first round picks Michael Huff and Darius Heyward-Bey came up big last Sunday. And we can't forget how shocked everyone was when he took Sebastian Janikowski in the first round years ago. He nailed 3 kicks longer then 50 yards, and is one of the best kickers of all time.

13. (15) Dallas Cowboys (2-2).
14. (17) Washington Redskins (3-1).

15. (10) New York Jets (2-3). I feel dirty for defending Mark Sanchez and the Jets last week. Screw them as a team, record label and motherf*cking crew. That said, they are going to take out all frustrations on my hapless Dolphins on Monday night. Why has Miami already had two Monday night games?

16. (11) Tennessee Titans (3-2).
17. (21) Cincinnati Bengals (3-2).

18. (16) Philadelphia Eagles (1-4). I haven't watched any Eagles game in it's entirety yet, but why are people calling for Nmandi Asomugha's head? He is the least of the Eagles problems. How about instead of adding big name but worthless backup quarterbacks and running backs, they get someone who can block or tackle the running back?

19. (13) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-2).
20. (18) Atlanta Falcons (2-3).
21. (22) Cleveland Browns (2-2).

22. (24) Minnesota Vikings (1-4). The Vikings are the only team in the NFL who can hold a 28-0 lead in the first quarter and everyone still thought they were going to lose.

23. (19) Chicago Bears (2-3). This Bears offense is absolutely terrible. Mike Martz is a hack that shouldn't be in the NFL anymore. People are finally realizing what I have said since Cutler joined the Bears, he is a very good quarterback who's toughness should never be questioned. This offensive line just does not care about even trying to block for him.

24. (23) Carolina Panthers (1-4). Congrats to Ron Rivera who won his fantasy football matchup last week, with Cam Newton again piling on the stats. DeAngelo Williams has run the ball 19 times for 197 yards these past two weeks, but hey, can't overwork him! He's only making 350 billion dollars.

25. (30) Seattle Seahawks (2-3). Surprise, surprise (not really), Charlie Whitehurst looks like the better quarterback. But Pete Carroll will continue to do his best to tank the season and bring in his buddy Matt Barkley. The stout run defense might have other plans though. They are playing great.

26. (25) Miami Dolphins (0-4).
27. (31) Kansas City Chiefs (2-3).

28. (26) Arizona Cardinals (1-4). Maybe the Cardinals are still looking for a replacement for Kurt Warner. Kevin Kolb looks awful, and that trade could cost coach Ken Whisenhunt his job.

29. (29) Denver Broncos (1-4). Pretty much the only thing my Miami Dolphins have done right is not trade for Kyle Orton. Josh McDaniels is not around to inflate his stats anymore, and Tim Tebow gives the team a much better chance to win. And people will tune in to watch Broncos games again.

30. (28) St. Louis Rams (0-4).

31. (27) Indianapolis Colts (0-5). The Colts gave up a 17 point lead to one of the worst teams in the NFL at home. Curtis Painter played great in the first half but then remembered he was Curtis Painter in the second half. The Colts vs. Jaguars Week 17 game might be the Suck for Luck Bowl.

32/ (32) Jacksonville Jaguars (1-4).

Jonathan Carrano

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