2011 NFL Power Rankings: Week 12

I feel pathetic for posting my power rankings after the games have already started, but whatever. Here you go.

1. (1) Green Bay Packers (10-0). Out of the Packers 10 wins, only 5 have been by 10 or less points, and none have been by less then a touchdown. They have won 16 straight games. Some schmuck on ESPN said Aaron Rodgers is a combination of Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Michael Vick. I agree, he is pretty much the best human being in the history of civilization.

2. (2) San Francisco 49ers (9-1).  The Niners just keep on winning. They have allowed the fewest points in the NFL by a pretty wide margin. They face perhaps their biggest test yet by traveling across the country (again) to play the Ravens on Thanksgiving night in the Harbaugh bowl. I have been saying all season that I can't see an Alex Smith led team winning the Super Bowl, but the guy is playing pretty well. I still feel that way, though.

3. (3) Houston Texans (7-3). The Matt Schaub injury is obviously a pretty big blow, but I think the Texans won't be all that worse then they were before. This is now a power running team that plays good defense. Sort of the 49ers of the AFC. Matt Leinart simply has to not make too many mistakes and this team should win the division easily, and battle for a bye in the wide wide wide open AFC. I still don't think they win a playoff game.

4. (4) New Orleans Saints (7-3). Everyone is talking about the Packers in the NFC. Then the 49ers, Bears and Giants. But I don't see anyone talking about the Saints. The offense is playing pretty well and the defense is hanging in there. Losses to the Rams and Bucs don't make much sense, but the Saints have always had baffling losses. I think if anyone beats the Packers in the playoffs it could be New Orleans.
5. (6) Pittsburgh Steelers (7-3). Looking at schedules, the Steelers look like they can possibly finish 12-4. Unfortunately for them, the Ravens have a soft remaining schedule as well. I have a feeling we will see round three in the playoffs.

6. (8) New England Patriots (7-3).
7. (9) Chicago Bears (7-3).

8. (7) Baltimore Ravens (7-3). Another week, another inconsistent Joe Flacco performance. This offense needs to lean on Ray Rice more, but they insist on being a passing team. Fortunately Torrey Smith is really starting to come alive. He is that deep threat this team has needed for years.

9. (10) Dallas Cowboys (6-4).

10. (5) New York Giants (6-4). Same old poorly coached, undisciplined Giants. They had a chance to take control of the division, but they came out flat and disinterested as the freefalling Eagles took it to them. It doesn't help that they can't run the ball at all, and haven't been able to all season.

11. (11) Detroit Lions (7-3).
12. (14) Oakland Raiders (6-4).
13. (15) Atlanta Falcons (6-4).
14. (13) Cincinnati Bengals (6-4).
15. (12) New York Jets (5-5).
16. (18) Philadelphia Eagles (4-6).
17. (17) Tennessee Titans (5-5).
18. (23) Miami Dolphins (3-7)
19. (20) Denver Broncos (5-5).
20. (21) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-6).
21. (22) Seattle Seahawks (4-6).
22. (16) Buffalo Bills (5-5).
23/ (19) San Diego Chargers (4-6).
24. (24) Arizona Cardinals (3-7).
25. (26) Carolina Panthers (2-8).
26. (28) Minnesota Vikings (2-8).
27. (25) Jacksonville Jaguars (3-7).
28. (30) Washington Redskins (3-7).
29. (31) Cleveland Browns (4-6).
30. (29) St. Louis Rams (2-8).
31. (27) Kansas City Chiefs (4-6).
32. (32) Indianapolis Colts (0-10).

Jonathan Carrano

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