Dwight Howard Trade Extravaganza - Pacific Division

Now that the NBA is back on, we can get back to talking about what is important. And that is Dwight Howard trade rumors non stop. I do my part to feed the machine by coming up with trades for all 29 NBA teams.

A couple of guidelines I went by. First, I did not trade the teams best player. Any team trading for Howard would want him to play with someone good. Second, if the Magic got a good young big man back in a trade, that is pretty much the best they will get. The Magic, as of right now, will be able to get more for Howard then the Nuggets got for Carmelo Anthony since Dwight has not named a specific team. However, they are still most likely going to be screwed. Teams are not going to give the world for Howard, no matter how good he is. So most of the trades will be lopsided in favor of the team getting Howard. Just the way it is going to be.


Golden St. Warriors

Magic trade C Dwight Howard, F Hedo Turkoglu, G Chris Duhon
Warriors trade G Monta Ellis, C Andris Biedrins, F Ekpe Udoh, F Louis Amundson, G Charlie Bell, 2014 First Round Pick

Magic Lineup

C - Andris Biedrins, Ekpe Udoh, Louis Amundson, Daniel Orton
PF - Brandon Bass, Ryan Anderson, Justin Harper
SF - Quentin Richardson
SG - Monta Ellis, JJ Redick, Charlie Bell
PG - Jameer Nelson, Gilbert Arenas

This is not that good of a trade for the Magic. Monta Ellis would get his stats on this team but they wouldn't really win any games. They will have to hope that Andris Biedrins can rediscover his game and Ekpe Udoh ends up being worth something. Biedrins contract runs for three more years so it's almost as bad as Hedo Turkoglu's. The Warriors already owe their pick to the Utah Jazz in the 2012 draft so 2014 is the first year they can trade a pick away. Unless the Magic want to take on David Lee's massive contract, the Warriors just don't have much to offer.

Warriors Lineup

C - Dwight Howard
PF - David Lee
SF - Hedo Turkoglu
SG - Dorrell Wright, Klay Thompson, Jeremy Lin
PG - Stephen Curry, Chris Duhon, Charles Jenkins

The Warriors would jump at this in a heartbeat. Sure, they lose a lot of depth but they already have the shooters to surround Howard. Wright, Thompson and Curry can all knock down the three. Not sure what David Lee's role would be on this team now but his defensive deficiencies would not be nearly as big of a problem. They would have to take on Turkoglu's salary but that would be a small price to pay to land Howard.


Los Angeles Clippers

Magic trade C Dwight Howard, F Hedo Turkoglu, G Chris Duhon
Clippers trade C Chris Kaman, F Al-Farouq Aminu, F Ryan Gomes, G Eric Bledsoe, 2013 First Round Draft Pick

Magic Lineup

C - Chris Kaman, Daniel Orton
PF - Brandon Bass, Ryan Anderson
SF - Al-Farouq Aminu, Quentin Richarsdon, Ryan Gomes
SG - JJ Redick, Gilbert Arenas
PG - Jameer Nelson, Eric Bledsoe

Chris Kaman would be a decent replacement for Howard. A change of scenery could be good for him. Al-Farouq Aminu and Eric Bledsoe are cheap, young talent that were first round picks just a year ago. Also, since the Clippers are under the cap, they can absorb Hedo Turkoglu's contract without giving anything back to Orlando.  If the Clippers were able to trade the first round pick they are going to get from the Minnesota Timberwolves (most likely top five) this would be a win for the Magic. As it stands though, a starting center and two young first round guys is a decent haul. Not great though.

Clippers Lineup

C - Dwight Howard
PF - Blake Griffin, Trey Thompkins
SF - Hedo Turkoglu
SG - Eric Gordon, Randy Foye, Willie Warren, Travis Leslie
PG - Mo Williams, Chris Duhon

 The Clippers would gladly give up their cap space for a chance to land Howard. Who would be able to defend the lane with Howard and Blake Griffin throwing down thunderous dunks? Plus Eric Gordon is still around to drop 20 points. This is a championship level team right here. And the sad part is Donald Sterling has the assets, location and money to make this trade happen. But he is too cheap, so they won't even be in the discussion.


Los Angeles Lakers

Magic trade C Dwight Howard, G Gilbert Arenas
Lakers trade C Andrew Bynum, PF Lamar Odom, SF Metta World Peace, SF Luke Walton, SF Devin Ebanks

Magic Lineup

C - Andrew Bynum, Daniel Orton
PF - Lamar Odom, Brandon Bass, Ryan Anderson
SF - Hedo Turkoglu, Metta World Peace, Devin Ebanks, Luke Walton
SG - JJ Redick, Quentin Richardson, DeAndre Liggins
PG - Jameer Nelson, Chris Duhon

The Magic would remain somewhat competitive here. Bynum, when healthy, is a top ten center and Odom will put up his stats with a starting spot.  The crazy bastard formerly known as Ron Artest and Luke Walton would be huge drains on the salary cap however, which is why I had the Lakers having to take back Gilbert Arenas. Lakers fans seem to think that they will land Howard for simply Bynum, but if every team was an option, there is no way that package would get it done. This is a bad trade for the Magic.

Lakers Lineup

C - Dwight Howard
PF - Pau Gasol, Derrick Caracter
SF - Matt Barnes
SG - Kobe Bryant, Shannon Brown
PG - Gilbert Arenas, Steve Blake, Derek Fisher

The Lakers would lose the front court depth that they worked so hard to keep together, but the starting lineup will be amazing. There will be no better set of big men in the NBA then Howard and Gasol, and Kobe Bryant can still drop 20 per game from the back court. Arenas would have been a better fit in the triangle then the new offense but the Lakers might actually have to rely on him with no other scoring options in the back court.


Phoenix Suns

Magic trade C Dwight Howard, G Gilbert Arenas
Suns trade G Vince Carter, G Josh Childress, C Marcin Gortat, F Mickael Pietrus, 2012 First Round Draft Pick

Magic Lineup

C - Marcin Gortat, Daniel Orton
PF - Brandon Bass, Ryan Anderson, Justin Harper
SF - Hedo Turkoglu, Mickael Pietrus, Quentin Richardson, DeAndre Liggins
SG - JJ Redick, Josh Childress, Vince Carter
PG - Jameer Nelson, Chris Duhon

The Magic manage to rid themselves of Gilbert Arenas, but have to take back the bad contract of Josh Childress. Hilariously enough, they get three players back that they traded away for Jason Richardson last year. They get to waive Vince Carter's and gain some serious cap relief. The Magic gave Marcin Gortat a starters contract, and they now get to use their investment. Still, they don't get nearly enough, even with the 2012 first round pick thrown in. They basically rid themselves of a horrible contract and get a serviceable center.

Suns Lineup

C - Dwight Howard, Robin Lopez
PF - Channing Frye, Marcus Morris, Hakim Warrick, Gani Lawal
SF - Jared Dudley
SG - Gilbert Arenas
PG - Steve Nash

The Suns really have no one on the team other then Nash, so the only way they can maybe get Howard is to trade away all of their short contracts and talent, and some first round picks. Amazingly, the team might not be any better with Howard now. They will have to take Arenas back, killing their cap situation.


Sacramento Kings

Magic trade C Dwight Howard, F Hedo Turkoglu, G Chris Duhon
Kings trade C DeMarcus Cousins, F JJ Hickson, F Donte Greene, F Tyler Honeycutt

Magic Lineup

C - DeMarcus Cousins, Daniel Orton
PF - JJ Hickson, Brandon Bass, Ryan Anderson, Justin Harper
SF - Donte Greene, Tyler Honeycutt
SG - JJ Redick, Quentin Richardson, DeAndre Liggins
PG - Jameer Nelson, Gilbert Arenas

Although he is a knucklehead, the Magic get back their young big man. Cousins has some big time potential, and if he realizes it, this will be a good trade for the Magic. They also get a decent power forward and some young players who they can develop. They also rid themselves of a bad contract. This should be the kind of trade the Magic hope to pull off.

Kings Lineup

C - Dwight Howard
PF - Jason Thompson, Hassan Whiteside
SF - Hedo Turkoglu, Francisco Garcia
SG - John Salmons, Jimmer Fredette
PG - Tyreke Evans, Chris Duhon, Pooh Jeter

The Kings have the assets to land Howard without gutting their team. Howard would really give a team that has no defense some identity. Evans, Salmons and Fredette would have more freedom on offense with Howard holding down the post, and the team would be so much better on defense. 

Jonathan Carrano

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