Dwight Howard Trade Extravaganza - Southeast Division

Part two of my Dwight Howard madness rolls on. I forgot to mention I made these trades in ESPN's Trade Machine. I don't know if they are 100 percent accurate but I didn't feel like doing research to make sure everything was.


Atlanta Hawks

Magic trade C Dwight Howard, G Quentin Richardson
Hawks trade FC Al Horford, G Kirk Hinrich, C Zaza Pachulia

Magic Lineup

C - Zaza Pachulia, Daniel Orton
PF - Al Horford, Brandon Bass, Ryan Anderson, Justin Harper
SF - Hedo Turkoglu, DeAndre Liggins
SG - JJ Redick, Gilbert Arenas
PG - Jameer Nelson, Kirk Hinrich, Chris Duhon

This is pretty much a straight up trade of Dwight Howard and Al Horford with some contracts thrown in to even things out. The Magic get a young big man who has already been an All Star. That is pretty much all they can hope for. Hinrich's big contract comes off the books at the end of the year, and Pachulia the following season.

Hawks Lineup

C - Dwight Howard, Keith Benson
PF - Josh Smith, Magnum Rolle
SF - Marvin Williams, Pape Sy
SG - Joe Johnson, Quentin Richardson
PG - Jeff Teague

This would definitely make the Hawks better on the defensive side of the ball. Josh Smith and Dwight Howard would swat anything that came into the lane. But the team would still lack scoring, as I think Joe Johnson is pretty close to falling off. His contract is an albatross, as is Marvin Williams, and the Hawks really would not be able to add any more talent to this team.


Charlotte Bobcats

Orlando trades C Dwight Howard, G Gilbert Arenas, F Hedo Turkoglu, G Quentin Richardson, C Daniel Orton
Charlotte trades F Corey Maggette, F Boris Diaw, F Tyrus Thomas, F Bismack Biyombo, C DeSagana Diop, G DJ Augustin, G Matt Carroll, 2012 First Round Draft Pick

Magic Lineup

C - Tyrus Thomas, Bismack Biyombo, DeSagana Diop
PF - Boris Diaw, Brandon Bass, Ryan Anderson, Justin Harper
SF - Corey Maggette, Eduardo Najera, DeAndre Liggins
SG - JJ Redick, Matt Carroll
PG - Jameer Nelson, DJ Augustin, Chris Duhon

The only positive of this trade is that the Magic would be completely free from salary cap hell by the end of the 2012-2013 season. Only Tyrus Thomas and Chris Duhon would be under contract. But as far as adding talent to the team, they really don't get any help. Goes to show you how bad of a job Michael Jordan has done with the Bobcats, as they are full of mediocre, extremely overpaid veterans. Bismack Biyombo and a first round pick in 2012, which will probably still be a lottery pick, are potential pieces.

Bobcats Lineup

C - Dwight Howard, Daniel Orton
PF - Hedo Turkoglu, DJ White
SF - Quentin Richardson
SG - Gerald Henderson, Gilbert Arenas
PG - Kemba Walker

The only, ONLY, way a team as strapped for talent as the Bobcats would get Dwight Howard is to take on the two horrible contracts of Turkoglu and Arenas. This team would still be a complete mess and one of the worst in the NBA. The Bobcats are the worst situation in the league. Over the salary cap while somehow managing to have next to no players anyone would want. Zero percent chance this happens. Moving on.


Miami Heat

Magic trade C Dwight Howard, F Hedo Turkoglu
Heat trade PF Chris Bosh, G Mike Miller, C Zydrunas Ilgauskas, C Joel Anthony, F James Jones, G Eddie House, 2015 First Round Draft Pick, 2017 First Round Draft Pick

Magic Lineup

C - Joel Anthony, Daniel Orton
PF - Chris Bosh, Brandon Bass, Ryan Anderson, Justin Harper
SF - Mike Miller, James Jones, Quentin Richardson
SG - JJ Redick, Eddie House, DeAndre Liggins
PG - Jameer Nelson, Gilbert Arenas, Chris Duhon

Chris Bosh would put up nice stats now that he is out of the limelight, but this team would be pretty bad. They would have the same problem as the Heat have now, without James and Wade. No inside presence, and no players that can create scoring for themselves. This team would wallow in mediocrity while Bosh visits Disney World dressed like a 12 year old boy.

Heat Lineup

C - Dwight Howard, Dexter Pittman
PF - Udonis Haslem
SF - LeBron James, Hedo Turkoglu
SG - Dwyane Wade
PG - Norris Cole

First of all, there is no chance the Magic would trade Howard to the Heat unless they got James or Wade in return. And I don't see the Heat trading either of those guys. Orlando would also not want to give Howard to their in state rival. There is zero percent chance this happens, but on paper, the Heat would look like obvious favorites. They would just be a machine.


Washington Wizards

Magic trade C Dwight Howard, G Gilbert Arenas, G Chris Duhon, GF Quentin Richardson
Wizards trade C JaVale McGee, F Andray Blatche, F Rashard Lewis, 2012 First Round Draft Pick

Magic Lineup

C - JaVale McGee, Daniel Orton
PF - Andray Blatche, Brandon Bass, Ryan Anderson, Justin Harper
SF - Hedo Turkoglu, Rashard Lewis
SG - JJ Redick, DeAndre Liggins
PG - Jameer Nelson

Even though the Wizards are so far under the cap, Lewis would have to be included since Washington has next to no players under contract for anything more then the rookie scale wages. Of course, if Lewis is going back to the Magic, Arenas has to go back to the Wizards. They at least get to shave one year off of a monster contract that both guys have. The Magic get Washington's two talented young big men. But are either long time starters in this league? McGee is still very much a project and Blatche could bonehead his way out of the league. The first round pick would probably be the best asset.

Wizards Lineup

C - Dwight Howard
PF - Trevor Booker, Kevin Seraphin
SF - Chris Singleton, Jan Vesely
SG - Jordan Crawford, Gilbert Arenas
PG - John Wall, Shelvin Mack

The Wizards would have to undo the Rashard Lewis for Gilbert Arenas trade to have any hope of pulling this off. This team would still be pretty stacked, although Crawford, Vesely, Singleton and Booker are so young. But Howard and Wall would be a monster duo.

Jonathan Carrano

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