2011 NFL Power Rankings - Week 14

1. (1) Green Bay Packers (12-0). The question to ask now is: will the Packers go undefeated? If you glance at the schedule it surely looks that way. They have four winnable games. They play the Raiders, Chiefs, Bears and Lions.

2. (6) Baltimore Ravens (9-3). Sure, the Ravens have a couple of ugly losses on their schedule this year, but I think when they are clicking they are the best team in the AFC. No other team offers the offensive and defensive fire power that Baltimore does. Staying focused seems to be their biggest problem.

3. (4) New Orleans Saints (9-3).
4. (5) San Francisco 49ers (10-2). 

5. (2) New England Patriots (9-3). Garbage time or not, no defense should give up 250 yards and 30 completions to Dan Orlovsky. Luckily for the Patriots they play in the AFC. They would be in trouble if they had to get into a shootout with the Packers or Saints in the playoffs.

6. (7) Pittsburgh Steelers (9-3).

7. (3) Houston Texans (9-3). I had to move the Texans down even though I didn't want to. What a shame, it seems the team has finally put it all together but their biggest stars just cannot stay healthy. I think they will still be alright with TJ Yates since they have the best running game and offensive line in football, but once they have to go against great teams in the playoffs, their deficiencies will really shine through.

8. (8) Dallas Cowboys (7-5). The Cowboys loss to the Cardinals was very ugly, but in the end it might not matter at all if they can take care of business against the Giants twice. The winner of this division is probably locked into the #4 spot in the NFC.

9. (13) New York Jets (7-5).
10. (12) New York Giants (6-6).

11. (16) Tennessee Titans (7-5). Chris Johnson back? He has been on fire lately, and the line has done a much better job of opening up holes for him. The team plays good defense and has a pretty easy schedule remaining. If they can somehow get past the Saints they could be in the drivers seat for a Wild Card spot.

12. (9) Oakland Raiders (7-5).

13. (14) Cincinnati Bengals (7-5). Every year a team has a winning record even though they are just not very good. The Bengals are clearly that team this year. They won't beat the Steelers or Ravens, and might not make the playoffs. Still, they are a good up and coming young team and fans should be very excited about the future.

14. (15) Detroit Lions (7-5).
15. (18) Denver Broncos (7-5).
16. (11) Atlanta Falcons (7-5).

17. (17) Miami Dolphins (4-8). The Dolphins are 4-8 even though they have outscored their opponents by over 20 points this season. Check out the scores of their last four games. 31-3, 20-9, 35-8, 34-14.

18. (21) Seattle Seahawks (5-7).
19. (26) San Diego Chargers (5-7).
20. (22) Buffalo Bills (5-7).
21. (23) Carolina Panthers (4-8). Sure it is against the Colts and Buccaneers, but the Panthers offense has looked very good and balanced. Amazingly, if they run the football well and often, they will win games.

22. (10) Chicago Bears (7-5). I hate to rank the Bears this low, but with the loss of Jay Cutler and now Matt Forte, this offense looks hopeless. I don't know how they win now.

23. (25) Arizona Cardinals (5-7).
24. (20) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-8).
25. (30) Kansas City Chiefs (5-7).

26. (19) Philadelphia Eagles (4-8). The Eagles have clearly packed it in. I would be surprised if they won another game all year.

27. (24) Washington Redskins (4-8).
28. (28) Minnesota Vikings (2-10).
29. (29) Cleveland Browns (4-8).

30. (27) Jacksonville Jaguars (3-9). I am sorry but Blaine Gabbert is just terrible. Usually struggling quarterbacks show something, but you can't say one good thing about Gabbert right now. I said it months ago and still feel the same way: he is this year's Jimmy Clausen. The Jaguars really should draft Matt Barkley, but they won't.
31. (31) St. Louis Rams (2-10).
32. (32) Indianapolis Colts (0-12).

Jonathan Carrano

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