2012-2013 NBA Preview: Predictions and Awards

Just your basic predictions here and there.


Eastern Conference Playoffs

First Round

1. Miami Heat over 8. Milwaukee Bucks 4-0.

The Bucks have some good players, but it is still a young team and the Heat should just blow right past them. Who on earth is going to guard LeBron James or Dwyane Wade? Next

5. Boston Celtics over 4. New York Knicks 4-1.

Due to my process the Knicks ended up with the fourth seed but they are NOT the fourth best team. I can't see a team that is pretty much all Carmelo Anthony beating a veteran athletic Celtics squad.

2. Indiana Pacers over 7. Chicago Bulls 4-3.

Who knows if Derrick Rose will play at all this year. That makes it so hard to predict this series, so I will go safe and pick the Pacers in 7 tough games.

6. Brooklyn Nets over 3. Philadelphia 76ers 4-3.

The Sixers have the shooting to win games in the regular season, but it is tough to rely on that come playoff time. We do not know how the Nets are going to look this season, but I think they would beat the Sixers in a 7 game series.


1. Miami Heat over 5. Boston Celtics 4-3.

The Celtics always play the Heat so tough in the playoffs, but I just can't bet against the Heat.

6. Brooklyn Nets over 2. Indiana Pacers 4-3.

Deron Williams will be the best player on the floor in this series, so I go with the Nets.

Eastern Conference Finals

1. Miami Heat over 6. Brooklyn Nets 4-1.

I just cannot see anyone on the Nets stopping James or Wade.

Western Conference Playoffs

First Round

1. San Antonio Spurs over 8. Sacramento Kings 4-0.

This will be a nice learning experience for the Kings, but that is about it. They would stand zero chance.

4. Los Angeles Lakers over 5. Memphis Grizzlies 4-1.

Like I said in the Western Conference preview, the Grizzlies are good but unfortunately will keep running into teams better.

7. Utah Jazz over 2. Denver Nuggets 4-3.

I am a Nuggets fan but I just worry about them in the playoffs so much. If they end up facing Utah, the Jazz size and length could be too much for Denver to overcome. The run and gun game just does not work as well in the playoffs.

6. Los Angeles Clippers over 3. Oklahoma City Thunder 4-3.

This would be the best first round series in the entire playoffs. The Clippers are so experienced and Chris Paul is the best point guard in the NBA, so I have the Clippers edging out OKC.


4. Los Angeles Lakers over 1. San Antonio Spurs 4-2.

The Lakers could be rolling by the time the playoffs start. Tony Parker should abuse Steve Nash, but I can't see any other Spurs coming up big enough to defeat the Lakers.

6. Los Angeles Clippers over 7. Utah Jazz 4-1.

Chris Paul is just too good, and the Jazz big men aren't good enough on defense to stop Blake Griffin.

Western Conference Finals

4. Los Angeles Lakers over 6. Los Angeles Clippers 4-1.

Come on, David Stern is retiring in 2014. Of course he is going to "make sure" this is a Lakers vs. Heat NBA Finals

2013 NBA Finals

Miami Heat over Los Angeles Lakers 4-2

I want to go out on a limb but there are only a few legit contenders in the NBA this year and I would be very surprised if this wasn't the NBA Finals matchup. Dwight Howard is a loser and should never be able to enjoy an NBA Championship, so the Heat repeat.



NBA MVP: F LeBron James, Heat
NBA Rookie Of The Year: F Anthony Davis, Hornets
Sixth Man Of The Year: G Marcus Thornton, Kings

Eastern Conference All Stars


C - Andrew Bynum, 76ers
F - LeBron James, Heat
F - Carmelo Anthony, Knicks
G - Dwyane Wade, Heat
G - Deron Williams, Nets


C - Al Horford, Hawks
F - Danny Granger, Pacers
F - Josh Smith, Hawks
F - Chris Bosh, Heat
F - Paul Pierce, Celtics
G - Kyrie Irving, Cavaliers
G - Rajon Rondo, Celtics

Western Conference All Stars


C - Dwight Howard, Lakers
F - Blake Griffin, Clippers
F - Kevin Durant, Thunder
G - Kobe Bryant, Lakers
G - Chris Paul, Clippers


C - DeMarcus Cousins, Kings

F - Kevin Love, Timberwolves
F - LaMarcus Aldridge, Trail Blazers
G - Tony Parker, Spurs
G - Ty Lawson, Nuggets
G - James Harden, Rockets
G - Russell Westbrook, Thunder

Jonathan Carrano

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