2012 NFL Power Rankings: Week 6

For this week I will talk about some team stats. Most notably points per game scored and given up, yards gained and allowed and turnovers. Just to mix up the normal blah blah blah talk.


1. (1) Houston Texans (5-0)
Week 5: Defeated New York Jets 23-17
Week 6: vs. Green Bay Packers (2-3)

The Texans are a machine right now. On offense, their 29.8 points per game is third best. Their 143 rushing yards are good for sixth best in the league. The offense does not turn the ball over. Only 3 turnovers on the year. On defense, Houston is stingy as well, giving up 14.6 points per game, fourth best in the league. Teams do not run or pass on Houston. The Texans are top ten in both rushing and passing yards allowed.


2. (2) Atlanta Falcons (5-0)
Week 5: Defeated Washington Redskins 24-17
Week 6: vs. Oakland Raiders (1-3)

The Falcons have played two close games, but for the year they have still outscored their opponents by an average of 29.6 to 18.6. They are in the top seven in both of those categories. Atlanta passes the ball with great efficiency. Their third down conversion percentage is the second best in the league at 48.5%. The Falcons turnover differential is +10, best in the NFL.

3. (3) San Francisco 49ers (3-1)
Week 5: Defeated Buffalo Bills 45-3
Week 6: vs. New York Giants (3-2)

The 49ers are first in the NFL allowing only 13.6 points per game. They have won their last two games by a combined total of 79-3. The Niners are in the middle of the pack with most defensive statistics other then passing yards allowed. They sit at second in the NFL with only 181.2 passing yards allowed per game. On offense they have ran for nearly 200 yards per game, putting them in first place in that statistic. They have ran for 15 yards per game more then the second best team.


4. (4) Chicago Bears (4-1)
Week 5: Defeated Jacksonville Jaguars 41-3
Week 6: Bye

If you were lucky enough to draft the Chicago Bears defense in your fantasy league, you know how much of a big play defense they have. Chicago has an amazing five interceptions returned for touchdowns through five games. The Bears have 13 total interceptions. The Bears are also very stingy as a run defense, second in the league allowing only 65.8 rushing yards per game. As a team they are third in the league with 29.8 points per game.


5. (5) Baltimore Ravens (3-1)
Week 5: Defeated Kansas City Chiefs 9-6
Week 6: vs. Dallas Cowboys (2-2)

The Ravens can pass the ball. Their 281.2 passing yards per game is 8th best in the league. Baltimore is in the top ten with scoring points per game, and has allowed only 17.8, good for 7th best in the league. The Ravens really miss reigning Defensive Player of the Year Terrell Suggs. They have only 9 quarterback sacks on the year.


6. (7) New England Patriots (3-2)
Week 5: Defeated Denver Broncos 31-21
Week 6: @ Seattle Seahawks (3-2)

Once again the Patriots are winning with offense. They are scoring 33 points per game, good for the top spot in the NFL. New England has delivered 439.4 yards per game, also good for first in the NFL. Surprisingly, the running game is leading the way with 165.4 yards per game, third best in the league. The Patriots defensive stats are in the middle of the pack, but no team in the NFL has forced as many fumbles. New England has forced 9 fumbles. As a team they have generated 14 takeaways compared to only 4 giveaways.


7. (12) New York Giants (3-2)
Week 5: Defeated Cleveland Browns 41-27
Week 6: @ San Francisco 49ers (4-1)

Not surprisingly, the Giants are winning because of their offense. They are second in the NFL with 30.8 points per game. New York is flinging it all over the field, second in the NFL with 322 passing yards per game. New York is also running the ball well, which means they are second in the NFL in yards per game.


8. (15) Minnesota Vikings (4-1)
Week 5: Defeated Tennessee Titans 30-7
Week 6: @ Washington Redskins (2-3)

The Vikings are top ten in rushing yards, but other then that they are pretty much middle of the pack in every category, both on offense and defense. I really hate to be a downer because they are playing well, but they have defeated the Jaguars, Colts, Titans and Lions.


9. (14) Dallas Cowboys (2-2)
Week 5: Bye
Week 6: @ Baltimore Ravens (4-1)

The Cowboys have won due to defense. They have allowed only 277 yards per game, fourth best in the NFL. The secondary in particular is the stingiest in the NFL, giving up only 169.5 passing yards per game. Dallas has only generated five turnovers and gotten to the quarterback for 9 sacks. On offense Dallas is third worst in the league with 16.3 points per game.


10. (6) Arizona Cardinals (4-1)
Week 5: Lost to St. Louis Rams 17-3
Week 6: vs. Buffalo Bills (2-3)

The Cardinals are winning because of defense. Arizona has only given up 15.6 points per game, fifth best in the league. They are in the top half of the league in yards per game and sacks. On the other hand, the offensive line has allowed 23 sacks, and that is probably the reason the Cardinals will fall off soon. That and the Cardinals cannot run the football. Only the Raiders are worse in yards per game.


11. (9) Denver Broncos (2-3)
Week 5: Lost to New England Patriots 31-21
Week 6: @ San Diego Chargers (3-2)

The Broncos are one of the better scoring teams in the league. Their 27 points per game has them ranked ninth in the league. Peyton Manning has been flinging it around for 287.2 yards per game, fifth best in the NFL. The Broncos defense has only picked off two passes.


12. (16) Seattle Seahawks (3-2)
Week 5: Defeated Carolina Panthers 16-12
Week 6: vs. New England Patriots (3-2)

The Seahawks have been the stingiest team in the NFL yardage wise, allowing only 258.6 yards per game. The defense has 16 sacks which is fifth best in the NFL. The team has also forced an impressive 7 fumbles. On offense, Seattle is a very good rushing team, running for 140 yards per game. That hasn't translated to many points however. The Seahawks have only scored 17.2 points per game. That is probably due to the fact that they have only thrown it for 147 yards per game, which is second worst in the league.


13. (18) St. Louis Rams (3-2)
Week 5: Defeated Arizona Cardinals 17-3
Week 6: @ Miami Dolphins (2-3)

Like the other teams in the NFC West, the Rams are winning because of their defense. St. Louis has only given up 18.8 points per game. They have 15 sacks and 8 interceptions on the year, both easily top ten ranks. The Rams have not been a good offensive team, ranking in the lower half of the league in most offensive categories.


14. (10) Cincinnati Bengals (3-2)
Week 5: Lost to Miami Dolphins 17-13
Week 6: @ Cleveland Browns (0-5)

The Bengals rank first in the NFL in sacks (18) but second to last in interceptions (only one). The offense has been good. Cincinnati ranks in the top half in most categories.


15. (8) Green Bay Packers (2-3)
Week 5: Lost to Indianapolis Colts 30-27
Week 6: @ Houston Texans

The Packers are struggling on defense, but as usual they are getting to the quarterback. Their 18 sacks is tied for first in the NFL. Green Bay is actually in the middle of the pack in most other categories. They have only given up 22 points per game, which is also middle of the pack. On offense, the Packers are scoring 22 points per game as well, which is an anomaly for one of the best offenses in the NFL. The offensive line has allowed a second worst 22 sacks through five games.


16. (19) Pittsburgh Steelers (2-2)
Week 5: Defeated Philadelphia Eagles 16-14
Week 6: @ Tennessee Titans (1-4)

Thanks in large part to injuries Pittsburgh has not been able to run the football at all. They only have 79 rushing yards per game, which is 7th worst in the NFL. On the other hand they are the tenth best passing team in the league. It is strange to see the Steelers ranked so low defensively, and they have only 9 sacks on the season.


17. (13) San Diego Chargers (3-2)
Week 5: Lost to New Orleans Saints 31-24
Week 6: vs. Denver Broncos (2-3)

The Chargers have played pretty well on defense, allowing 20.4 points per game. Their calling card has been the rush defense. Teams have only rushed for 74 yards per game against them. That is good for fifth best in the league.

18. (20) Miami Dolphins (2-3)
Week 5: Defeated Cincinnati Bengals 17-13
Week 6: vs. St. Louis Cardinals (3-2)

No team is stingier against the run then the Dolphins. Opponents have only averaged 61.4 rushing yards per game against Miami's stout defense. The secondary is not that lucky. They have allowed quite a bit of passing yards. 281.8 per game to be exact. The Dolphins have 7 interceptions and 15 sacks, both good totals. Scoring is way up this year so Miami's 20.6 points against average is pretty good.


19. (11) Philadelphia Eagles (3-2)
Week 5: Lost to Pittsburgh Steelers 16-14
Week 6: vs. Detroit Lions (1-3)

The Eagles offense was supposed to be full of big play, explosive talent. But the Eagles only have 16 points per game to show for their talent, good for second worst in the league. The Eagles have been so careless with the ball, turning it over 14 times per game, for a -7 turnover differential. Yet somehow the Eagles are still 3-2.


20. (17) Washington Redskins (2-3)
Week 5: Lost to Atlanta Falcons 24-17
Week 6: vs. Minnesota Vikings (4-1)

The Redskins have been a big play offense. They lead the league with 8.6 passing yards per attempt. Washington runs the football very well, with 162.6 yards per game, mainly thanks to their two rookie studs. On defense they cannot stop anyone through the air. Washington has given up 328.6 passing yards per game, second worst in the NFL.


21. (27) Indianapolis Colts (2-2)
Week 5: Defeated Green Bay Packers 30-27
Week 6: @ New York Jets (2-3)

Andrew Luck has been as good as advertised. Sixth in the league with 286.3 passing yards per game. The Colts are struggling to generate turnovers on defense, with only two interceptions and two forced fumbles.


22. (21) New York Jets (2-3)
Week 5: Lost to Houston Texans 23-17
Week 6: vs. Indianapolis Colts (2-2)

The Jets have had a lot of trouble moving the ball this year. They have averaged only 284.4 total yards per game. That is fifth worst in the league. The Jets only have five sacks on the year, which is troubling for a defense with so many former first round picks.


23. (23) Detroit Lions (1-3)
Week 5: Bye
Week 6: @ Philadelphia Eagles (3-2)

It is funny that the two best passing offenses (Lions and Saints) are a combined 2-7. You pass a lot when you are down a lot. The Lions stats look pretty decent, things just haven't worked out for Detroit yet. Detroit does not have an interception this year.


24. (26) New Orleans Saints (1-4)
Week 5: Defeated San Diego Chargers 31-24
Week 6: Bye

It is easy to see why the Saints are struggling so much this season. New Orleans has given up 172.6 rushing yards per game and 456 total yards per game, both worst in the NFL. The Saints are also not generating turnovers, with only four so far. The Saints have given up 30.8 points per game. They have also scored 28.2 points per game, meaning pretty much every New Orleans game is a shootout. No team has passed for more yards then New England.


25. (24) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-3)
Week 5: Bye
Week 6: vs. Kansas City Chiefs (1-4)

I thought the Buccaneers made a mistake by passing up on Morris Claiborne to trade down and draft a safety. Tampa Bay has given up a league worst 345.3 passing yards per game. The run defense is much better, with 73.8 yards allowed per game. Maybe that is because it is so easy to pass against them.


26.  (22) Buffalo Bills (2-3)
Week 5: Lost to San Francisco 49ers 45-3
Week 6: Bye

The Buffalo Bills were at their best when CJ Spiller was healthy and running all over people. Buffalo fifth best in the NFL with 144.2 rushing yards per game. Unfortunately for the Bills, they have allowed over 35 points per game, second worst to only the Titans. Buffalo has games where they have allowed 48, 52 and 45 points this season.


27. (25) Carolina Panthers (1-4)
Week 5: Lost to Seattle Seahawks 16-12
Week 6: Bye

The Panthers have really struggled to move the ball and put points on the board this year. Carolina is 21st in the NFL with 223 passing yards per game.


28. (30) Oakland Raiders (1-3)
Week 5: Bye
Week 6: @ Atlanta Falcons (5-0)

The Raiders cannot run the ball, which is troubling because they have one of the most talented backs in the league. Oakland is last in the NFL with 60.8 yards per game. That could be due to another coaching change and the new guys wanting to install new offenses all the time. Oakland has really struggled to score points, with only 16.8 per game. On defense, they haven't done much there either. Oakland has only 5 sacks and has not registered an interception. Teams are passing all over the Raiders. Oakland has given up 283 passing yards per game.


29. (28) Cleveland Browns (0-5)
Week 5: Lost to New York Giants 41-27
Week 6: vs. Cincinnati Bengals (3-2)

The Browns are in the bottom third in almost every category except passing yards per game, and that is only high due to the fact that they are down big and have to throw every game.


30. (32) Kansas City Chiefs (1-4)
Week 5: Lost to Baltimore Ravens 9-6
Week 6: @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-3)

If the Chiefs are doing anything right, they are a good running team. Kansas City is second in the NFL with 180 rushing yards per game. The Chiefs have moved the ball. They are fourth in the league with 402 yards per game. Though perhaps that can be due to the fact that they are usually down big and forced to throw often. The Chiefs give up a lot of points, almost 30 per game.


31. (31) Tennessee Titans (1-4)
Week 5: Lost to Minnesota Vikings 30-7
Week 6: vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (2-2)

The Titans have been awful all over the board this year. The team is scoring an average of 17.6 points per game and giving up 36.2 points per game That offensive average is with a 44 point game sprinkled in. That is a point differential of almost 20 points. The Titans do not stop the run (5th worst in the league), the pass (8th worse). They do not force turnovers (only four). On offense, they are the third worst running team in the league, probably because they are down so early they have to abandon the run. There is no other team playing worse then the Titans.


32. (29) Jacksonville Jaguars (1-4)
Week 5: Lost to Chicago Bears 41-3
Week 6: Bye

The Jaguars are pathetic on offense. They cannot move the ball at all. Jacksonville has only 14.6 first downs, worst in the league. The Jaguars have only averaged 241 yards per game, which is by far the worst in the league. Jacksonville has an unheard of 142 passing yards per game, also the worst in the league. As you would imagine, the Jags are also dead last in the NFL with only 13 points per game. The Jaguars are my last ranked team because, unlike the Titans, I do not think they have the talent to win more then 2 or 3 games this year.

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