2012 NBA Mock Draft: "No Early Entrants" Edition

I did this a couple years ago. How would the 2012 draft look if there were no such thing as early entrants? This is a particularly terrible class, but it was fun to do anyways. For the first half of the draft at least, then it was a complete nightmare.

All guys were the class of 2012, so no foreigners in this mock.


1. New Orleans Hornets - PF/C Greg Monroe, Georgetown. The Hornets needed size in the worst way. Monroe is the only big man available who has All Star potential.

2. Charlotte Bobcats - SG/SF Paul George, Fresno State. The Bobcats need star potential. George would get all the minutes he could handle at small forward and would flourish like he is now with Indiana.

3. Washington Wizards - PG Jrue Holiday, UCLA. Holiday and John Wall both have the size to play shooting guard for the Wizards. It would be interesting to see how they would co-exist, Holiday should be an All Star this year.

4. Cleveland Cavaliers - SG Tyreke Evans, Memphis. Evans and Kyrie Irving are both score first type guards. It would be interesting to see how they play together, but Evans is by far the best talent available here.

5. Sacramento Kings - PG Brandon Jennings, No College. Jennings has "Sacramento King" written all over him. A score first point guard who rarely looks to get his teammates involved.

6. Portland Trail Blazers (from Brooklyn Nets) - PG Kemba Walker, Connecticut. The Blazers would not have Damian Lillard, so they take a guy who is similar, an electrifying, score first point guard.

7. Golden State Warriors - C Nikola Vucevic, USC. The Warriors have been looking for size for years. Vucevic is a double double machine who has broken out now that Doug Collins can't bury him on the bench.

8. Toronto Raptors - SG Klay Thompson, Washington State. I opt for Thompson over DeMar DeRozan here because the Raptors are in big need of shooters.

9. Detroit Pistons - PF Ed Davis, North Carolina. Davis has shown that he can produce given the minutes. Since the Pistons do not have Greg Monroe here, they need a guy who can provide rebounding.

10. New Orleans Hornets (from Minnesota Timberwolves) - SG/SF DeMar DeRozan, USC. DeRozan is not a good shooter and does not offer much more then scoring, but the Hornets are in need of scorers.

11. Portland Trail Blazers - C Tyler Zeller, North Carolina. Zeller looks like he could be a servicable starting center in the NBA. The Blazers have no such thing on the roster.

12. Houston Rockets (from Milwaukee Bucks) - SG/SF Gordon Hayward, Butler. Hayward would make a nice role player who can shoot for the deep Rockets.

13. Phoenix Suns - SG Jordan Crawford, Xavier. The Suns need athletic guys on this roster in the worst way. Crawford would provide a nice scoring punch off the bench.

14. Milwaukee Bucks (from Houston Rockets) - SG Iman Shumpert, Georgia Tech. Shumpert is a good scorer and ball handler who would provide nice minutes at both guard positions.

15. Philadelphia 76ers - PG Isaiah Thomas, Washington. Thomas is a backup caliber point guard, but the Sixers have no one since Jrue Holiday was taken away from them in this mock.

16. Houston Rockets (from New York Knicks) - PF/C Byron Mullens, Ohio State. Mullens would be a good fit next to Omir Asik as a sweet shooting, soft big man.

17. Dallas Mavericks - SF/PF Al-Farouq Aminu, Wake Forest. The Mavericks are aging at a rapid pace and could draft for potential here. Aminu has talent but is still so far away from realizing it.

18. Houston Rockets (from Minnesota Timberwolves) - PG Reggie Jackson, Boston College. Jackson is buried deep on the bench for the Thunder, but would be a clear upgrade over Toney Douglas as backup point guard in Houston.

19. Orlando Magic - PF Andrew Nicholson, St. Bonaventure. Nicholson should be getting more run for the Magic, he looks like he has nice potential.

20. Denver Nuggets - SF/PF Marcus Morris, Kansas. Morris is an athletic tweener who would be a good fit with the run and gun Nuggets.

21. Boston Celtics - PF Markieff Morris, Kansas. The Celtics took Fab Melo here for goodness sakes, showing how much they need size on the roster.

22. Boston Celtics (from Los Angeles Clippers) - SF Jae Crowder, Marquette. Crowder would provide toughness and grit off the bench.

23. Atlanta Hawks - SF Jeffery Taylor, Vanderbilt. Taylor would provide some defense and occasional scoring at the wing positions.

24. Cleveland Cavaliers (from Los Angeles Lakers) - C Festus Ezeli, Vanderbilt.
This draft is getting pretty horrible at this point. Ezeli is 7 foot, at least.

25. Memphis Grizzlies - SF Chris Singleton, Florida State. Singleton has been pretty terrible up to this point, but maybe he would provide that defense he was known for out of Florida State for the Grizzlies.

26. Indiana Pacers - SF Draymond Green, Michigan State. Probably one of the guys they should have drafted instead of Miles Plumlee.

27. Miami Heat - C Bernard James, Florida State. Ugh, this draft is a nightmare at this point. The Heat need a 27 year old rookie 7 footer.....I guess?

28. Oklahoma City Thunder - SF Devin Ebanks, West Virginia. I don't even want to do this anymore. This is a terrible class.

29. Chicago Bulls - C Kyle O'Quinn, Norfolk State. I'll put the big man here. Unless the Bulls want to select the mighty DeAndre Liggins or Malcolm Lee instead.

30. Golden State Warriors (from San Antonio Spurs) - SF Luke Babbitt, Nevada. Sadly, the bust Babbitt is the best player available here.

Jonathan Carrano

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