2013 NFL Power Rankings: Week 1

In usual Blayze fashion, I am late with my post, and these Power Rankings already look painfully out of date with the Ravens stomped on national television last night.

My schedule during the season is going to TRY TO BE power rankings on Tuesday and my weekly mock draft on Wednesday or Thursday. The mock draft will be my "college football" post, talking about that weeks action.

1. Baltimore Ravens (11-5 predicted record)
Week 1 Matchup: @ Denver Broncos

The champs always start at #1 in my Power Rankings. Baltimore will look vastly different this year, having to replace six starters on defense and a few more on offense.


2. Seattle Seahawks (13-3 predicted record)
Week 1 Matchup: @ Carolina Panthers

The Seahawks might have the best roster in the NFL. A plethora of punishing running backs. Quite a few pass rushers. Tall, physical cornerbacks. It will be interesting to see how Russell Wilson handles defenses knowing more and keying in on the read offense.


3. San Francisco 49ers (12-4 predicted record)
Week 1 Matchup: vs. Green Bay Packers

The 49ers are very similar to the Seahawks. A veteran, deep team who will lean on the run, but also has a dual threat weapon behind center. Albeit a young, inexperienced one.


4. Denver Broncos (13-3 predicted record)
Week 1 Matchup: vs. Baltimore Ravens

Already without Elvis Dumervil, the Broncos are really going to miss Von Miller early on. Thankfully, a fresh Peyton Manning with a plethora of offensive weapons should hold the fort down just fine in a weak division.


5. New England Patriots (12-4 predicted record)
Week 1 Matchup: @ Buffalo Bills

The Patriots offensive skill players will look much different, but Bill Belichick will adjust, most likely with more emphasis on the running game with emerging Stevan Ridley. The key will be if the numerous young players on the defense can develop.


6. Atlanta Falcons (11-5 predicted record)
Week 1 Matchup: @ New Orleans Saints

The Falcons will be relying on the pass more then ever, with perhaps the best set of skill position players in the league. The defense will be a work in progress, especially a young secondary.


7. Houston Texans (11-5 predicted record)
Week 1 Matchup: @ San Diego Chargers

The Texans are talented, no doubt, but I wonder if this current group of players have the testicular fortitude to win in the playoffs. They should have no problem winning one of the NFL's worst divisions.


8. Cincinnati Bengals (12-4 predicted record)
Week 1 Matchup: @ Chicago Bears

I am a believer in the Bengals. They have young talent at every level of the roster. The only thing I worry about is Andy Dalton come playoff time. It's very tough to win in the playoffs with a Chad Pennington arm.


9. Green Bay Packers (11-5 predicted record)
Week 1 Matchup: @ San Francisco 49ers

Even after losing Greg Jennings, the Packers are loaded with skill players. However, Aaron Rodgers will have to be on his toes because the Packers offensive line is in shambles. If Rodgers goes down for any period of time, Green Bay is toast.


10. Chicago Bears (8-8 predicted record)
Week 1 Matchup: vs. Cincinnati Bengals

Jay Cutler is the key, in more ways then one. The Bears have been unable to win without Cutler in previous seasons. He is an upcoming free agent, so the Bears could ride his contract year to the playoffs.


11. St. Louis Rams (8-8 predicted record)
Week 1 Matchup: vs. Arizona Cardinals

The Rams still might be too young on offense to make the playoffs in a very tough NFC, but St. Louis fans have to be giddy at the thought of the Rams in a few years. St. Louis is loaded with young talent on both sides of the ball, and will have two more first round picks next year.

12. New Orleans Saints (11-5 predicted record)
Week 1 Matchup: vs. Atlanta Falcons

Like the Falcons, the Saints will have to rely on their offense if they plan on returning to the playoffs. New Orleans has practically no talent on that side of the ball.


13. New York Giants (9-7 predicted record)
Week 1 Matchup: vs. Dallas Cowboys

David Wilson will add an explosive element to the Giants offense. Like many other NFC playoff contenders, the Giants will be more offense then defense in 2013.


14. Cleveland Browns (9-7 predicted record)
Week 1 Matchup: vs. Miami Dolphins

The Browns are one of my sleeper teams. Everything is set up for Brandon Weeden to succeed and there is talent all over the place on defense.


15. Washington Redskins (7-9 predicted record)
Week 1 Matchup: vs. Philadelphia Eagles

The NFC East has been extremely competitive in recent seasons and I see no reason that will change in 2013. If Robert Griffin III can return from injury my 7-9 prediction could look silly.


16. Kansas City Chiefs (9-7 predicted record)
Week 1 Matchup: @ Jacksonville Jaguars

Absolutely abysmal quarterback play ruined the Chiefs in 2012, but there was plenty of talent on the roster. With game manager Alex Smith behind center and Andy Reid at the controls, it would surprise no one if the Chiefs claim one of the Wild Card spots.


17. Dallas Cowboys (9-7 predicted record)
Week 1 Matchup: vs. New York Giants

Looks like more of the same for the Cowboys. Talented passing attack, good pass rushers and other good players sprinkled throughout, but not enough consistency to advance deep into the playoffs.


18. Detroit Lions (7-9 predicted record)
Week 1 Matchup: vs. Minnesota Vikings

Reggie Bush gives Matthew Stafford yet another pass receiving option. Unfortunately, the Lions were unable to add to a porous offensive line and a very weak secondary. Detroit will have to win shootouts to win games yet again this season.


19. Indianapolis Colts (6-10 predicted record)
Week 1 Matchup: vs. Oakland Raiders

I love Andrew Luck. There is no doubt that he is going to be one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL very quickly. But the reason I am down on Indianapolis this season is I do not like the defensive personnel, and was not a fan of their free agent signings.


20. Miami Dolphins (6-10 predicted record)
Week 1 Matchup: @ Cleveland Browns

The Dolphins spent big free agent money, and Mike Wallace and the linebackers will make a difference. Unfortunately, the offensive line and secondary are major concerns. Plus the Dolphins offense is still very young.

21. Pittsburgh Steelers (6-10 predicted record)
Week 1 Matchup: vs. Tennessee Titans

I am probably seriously underrating the Steelers. On paper, the roster looks old and shallow. But the Steelers have been in this situation before, and Ben Roethlisberger has carried his team to the playoffs and beyond. I would not be shocked one bit if the Steelers made the Super Bowl or ended up drafting in the top ten.


22. Minnesota Vikings (7-9 predicted record)
Week 1 Matchup: @ Detroit Lions

Adrian Peterson had a god like season and carried the Vikings into the playoffs, but Minnesota is still a rebuilding team with several holes. It will be difficult to duplicate that success again, as Christian Ponder and several rookies work their way into the lineup.


23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-9 predicted record)
Week 1 Matchup: @ New York Jets

Tampa Bay has solid talent all across the board, and could really surprise if Josh Freeman can get his head on straight. Yes, I have started copying these straight from my NFL Preview post. Has anyone noticed?


24. Tennessee Titans (9-7 predicted record)
Week 1 Matchup: @ Pittsburgh Steelers

I predicted the Titans to go 9-7 mainly because of an easy schedule, but I just do not have much faith in Jake Locker, and Chris Johnson for that matter.


25. Philadelphia Eagles (6-10 predicted record)
Week 1 Matchup: @ Washington Redskins

The Eagles have talent, especially at the offensive skill positions, but the defense is in transition and might not be able to keep up most weeks


26. Carolina Panthers (5-11 predicted record)
Week 1 Matchup: vs. Seattle Seahawks

Cam Newton had a nice sophomore campaign and the Panthers have some talent on defense, most notably Greg Hardy, Luke Kuechly and Charles Johnson. But the Panthers still need to fix the ex GM's mistakes, and fill numerous glaring holes everywhere.


27. San Diego Chargers (3-13 predicted record)
Week 1 Matchup: vs. Houston Texans

Philip Rivers looks cooked, and injuries and terrible draft choices have left this roster in shambles. It might be time to pull the plug and completely rebuild in San Diego.


28. Arizona Cardinals (6-10 predicted record)
Week 1 Matchup: @ St. Louis Rams

Carson Palmer will be an upgrade over the bums Arizona trotted out last year, but the Cardinals lack talent at too many key positions all over the football field to compete in one of the NFL's best divisions.


29. New York Jets (3-13 predicted record)
Week 1 Matchup: vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I don't think the Jets are quite as awful as everyone is predicting. There is talent on defense and the offensive line is still good. Unfortunately, with such a lack of talent at key offensive positions, it will be hard to keep up in today's NFL.


30. Jacksonville Jaguars (3-13 predicted record)
Week 1 Matchup: vs. Kansas City Chiefs

The Jaguars will most likely run free agent to be Maurice Jones-Drew into the ground. There is little talent on the defensive side of the ball, and not enough play makers on offense to make up for it.


31. Buffalo Bills (5-11 predicted record)
Week 1 Matchup: vs. New England Patriots

The Bills have talent, including CJ Spiller, Mario Williams and Jairus Byrd, but as usual, there are just too many holes for the Bills to compete for a playoff spot. Things will be especially tough early on with so many issues at quarterback.


32. Oakland Raiders (1-15 predicted record)
Week 1 Matchup: @ Indianapolis Colts

I could never pick a team to go 0-16, but I was awfully close here. Thanks to major salary cap issues, the Raiders will be forced to trot out a backup caliber lineup, and should struggle to win every Sunday. It will take several drafts to fix this mess.

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