2013 NFL Power Rankings: Week 2

Week 1 is a gift and a curse for football fans. Fans and analysits completely overreact, when the season is only 1/16th over. But, it is kind of hard not to because you only have one week to go on.

So here is my Week 2 power rankings, where, in true ESPN fashion, I overreact on everything Week 1.

1. Denver Broncos (1-0)
Previous Power Ranking: 4
Week 1 Result: Defeated Baltimore Ravens 49-27
Week 2 Matchup: @ New York Giants

Peyton Manning is on pace for 7232 yards and 112 touchdown passes. Both would be NFL records. The Broncos pass rush is a concern but Von Miller will be back soon. It is hard to find a team in the AFC that can seriously challenge the Broncos, because we all know the season is over after Week 1.


2. Seattle Seahawks (1-0)
Previous Power Ranking: 2
Week 1 Result: Defeated Carolina Panthers 12-7
Week 2 Matchup: vs. San Francisco 49ers

Any time the Seahawks can travel to the East Coast and win a game it is a big deal. Russell Wilson picked up right where he left off last season, finding a way to lead his team to victory, even if things look ugly. Seattle returns to the friendly confines of CenturyLink Field for a huge early season matchup against the 49ers.


3. San Francisco 49ers (1-0)
Previous Power Ranking: 3
Week 1 Result: Defeated Green Bay Packers 34-28
Week 2 Matchup: @ Seattle Seahawks

It is just unfair to have a quarterback as physically dominating as Colin Kaepernick. 6'4, 230 pounds with running back speed and a cannon of an arm. Kaepernick showed he is not just a read option gimmick, as he dropped back and shredded the overmatched Packers secondary all afternoon. He will get a big time test next week when my top two teams square off in Seattle.


4. New England Patriots (1-0)
Previous Power Ranking: 5
Week 1 Result: Defeated Buffalo Bills 23-21
Week 2 Matchup: vs. New York Jets

The young preseason breakout players like Kembrell Thompkins and Zach Sudfield wilted under pressure once the games started to mean something. Tom Brady will have to throw a ton if the Patriots are going to win games, but I think he will eventually gain chemistry with all of his new wideouts.


5. Chicago Bears (1-0)
Previous Power Ranking: 10
Week 1 Result: Defeated Cincinnati Bengals 24-21
Week 2 Matchup: vs. Minnesota Vikings

The Bears are one of the most balanced teams in the NFL and could be a sneaky Super Bowl contender if Jay Cutler can stay healthy. Brandon Marshall is a complete head case but he is impossible to guard at times.

6. Houston Texans (1-0)
Previous Power Ranking: 7
Week 1 Result: Defeated San Diego Chargers 31-28
Week 2 Matchup: vs. Tennessee Titans

Good teams find ways to win ugly games like this. The veteran Texans, led by Matt Schaub, proved too much for the overmatched Chargers late.


7. New Orleans Saints (1-0)
Previous Power Ranking: 12
Week 1 Result: Defeated Atlanta Falcons 23-17
Week 2 Matchup: @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

If the Saints defense can pretend they are not the worst defense in NFL history, the Saints could be back, win 12 games, and compete in some shootouts in the playoffs. The offense has a plethora of lethal pass catchers.


8. Atlanta Falcons (0-1)
Previous Power Ranking: 6
Week 1 Result: Lost to New Orleans Saints 23-17
Week 2 Matchup: vs. St. Louis Rams

The Falcons young secondary could not contain Drew Brees and will struggle to stop opposing offenses all season. The Falcons racked up a lot of yards, but they are not going to win unless they score over 20 points per game. Only scoring two touchdowns against the Saints defense is a bit disconcerting.


9. Baltimore Ravens (0-1)
Previous Power Ranking: 1
Week 1 Result: Lost to Denver Broncos 49-27
Week 2 Matchup: vs. Cleveland Browns (0-1)

The Ravens lost Dannelle Ellerbe, Ray Lewis, Cary Williams, Ed Reed and Paul Krueger from their defense. Then Peyton Manning went and toasted whoever remained on Baltimore's defense. Honestly though, Baltimore always puts up a couple stinkers a year then ends up in the playoffs anyway.


10. Cincinnati Bengals (0-1)
Previous Power Ranking: 8
Week 1 Result: Lost to Chicago Bears 24-21
Week 2 Matchup: vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

I still like the Bengals to win the AFC North. They simply played another good team in a very even contest, and one of those teams had to lose. I still think the Bengals are going to go as far as Andy Dalton will take them. He was smart to force feed the unstoppable AJ Green.


11. St. Louis Rams (1-0)
Previous Power Ranking: 11
Week 1 Result: Defeated Arizona Cardinals 27-24
Week 2 Matchup: vs. Atlanta Falcons

This is definitely the most exciting Rams offensive performance since the Greatest Show on Turf was on display. There is a ton of speed on offense, and someone finally figured out how to use Jared Cook. He is a matchup nightmare.


12. Green Bay Packers (0-1)
Previous Power Ranking: 9
Week 1 Result: Lost to San Francisco 49ers 34-28
Week 2 Matchup: vs. Washington Redskins

The Packers were out classed and out coached by Jim Harbaugh and the 49ers for the second straight game. If Aaron Rodgers is forced to miss any time, the Packers are toast. The secondary is bad and the offensive line is even worse.


13. Kansas City Chiefs (1-0)
Previous Power Ranking: 16
Week 1 Result: Defeated Jacksonville Jaguars 28-2
Week 2 Matchup: vs. Dallas Cowboys

The Chiefs scored the most boring 28 points ever. Powerhouse receivers such as Donnie Avery, Anthony Sherman and Junior Hemmingway made plays for the Chiefs offense. Alex Smith is the ultimate game manager, and should keep the Chiefs in most game and contending for a Wild Card in the AFC.


14. Dallas Cowboys (1-0)
Previous Power Ranking: 17
Week 1 Result: Defeated New York Giants 36-31
Week 2 Matchup: @ Kansas City Chiefs

It really looks like all four NFC East teams could finish 8-8. I am not terribly impressed by any of them, and they should take turns beating up on each other all season.


15. Miami Dolphins (1-0)
Previous Power Ranking: 20
Week 1 Result: Defeated Cleveland Browns 23-10
Week 2 Matchup: vs. Indianapolis Colts

Miami has the most devastating front seven in the NFL. They constantly pressured the quarterback and shut down the run. The Dolphins will have to win low scoring games like this because the vanilla West Coast offense will struggle to convert touchdowns. Mike Wallace was a poor signing and is not a good fit at all in this offense.


16. Philadelphia Eagles (1-0)
Previous Power Ranking: 25
Week 1 Result: Defeated Washington Redskins 33-27
Week 2 Matchup: vs. San Diego Chargers

No one knows how Chip Kelly's offense will perform over the long haul, but it was sure fun to watch for this week, at least. LeSean McCoy looks like a natural in the spread, as he made defenders look silly all night. It will be interesting to see how this offense works when the Eagles go up against guys like Peyton Manning. Sometimes you want to slow the game down and keep guys like him off the field.

17. New York Giants (0-1)
Previous Power Ranking: 13
Week 1 Result: Lost to Dallas Cowboys 36-31
Week 2 Matchup: vs. Denver Broncos

David Wilson was embarrassed on national television, and now the sky is falling and the Giants will have to run out the corpse of Brandon Jacobs. The Giants need Wilson, and I think he will bounce back. New York could have the best wideout trio in the league and will need all of them because the defense has not gotten any better in 2013.


18. Detroit Lions (1-0)
Previous Power Ranking: 18
Week 1 Result: Defeated Minnesota Vikings 34-24
Week 2 Matchup: @ Arizona Cardinals

Like expected, the Lions are going to throw early and often. The speed on turf was evident Sunday, as Reggie Bush raced up and down the field, leaving defenders in the dust.


19. Arizona Cardinals (0-1)
Previous Power Ranking: 28
Week 1 Result: Lost to St. Louis Rams 27-24
Week 2 Matchup: vs. Detroit Lions

Carson Palmer is not a Pro Bowl level quarterback anymore, but the difference between him and all the bums Arizona has trotted out the last few years is night and day. The Cardinals played well enough to win, the Rams just played a bit better. Both teams executed very well on offense. I really hope Tyrann Mathieu can keep his head on straight, because he is simply a big time playmaker and very fun to watch play defense.


20. Washington Redskins (0-1)
Previous Power Ranking: 15
Week 1 Result: Lost to Philadelphia Eagles 33-27
Week 2 Matchup: @ Green Bay Packers

Things could not have started worse for the Redskins, with Robert Griffin III looking so tentative and Alfred Morris fumbling left and right. Eventually RG3 forgot about his troublesome knee and really made some plays. The Skins will be alright.


21. Indianapolis Colts (1-0)
Previous Power Ranking: 19
Week 1 Result: Defeated Oakland Raiders 21-17
Week 2 Matchup: vs. Miami Dolphins

The Colts defense was not impressive. They failed to adjust to what Terrell Pryor was doing and could not really get to the quarterback at all. The lack of talent on the defense and offensive line (allowed way too much pressure to a terrible Raiders D) is why I picked them to go 6-10.


22. Tennessee Titans (1-0)
Previous Power Ranking: 24
Week 1 Result: Defeated Pittsburgh Steelers 16-9
Week 2 Matchup: @ Houston Texans

The Titans offense sputtered all day long, as CK2.0YPC continued his mediocre ways. The Titans have an easy schedule and could snatch up more wins then expected, but they are just not that good.


23. Carolina Panthers (0-1)
Previous Power Ranking: 26
Week 1 Result: Lost to Seattle Seahawks 12-7
Week 2 Matchup: @ Buffalo Bills

The Panthers have talent and should have won this game, but Ron Rivera is just a bad coach who continues to make puzzling decisions. I have spent more then one post complaining about his game plan, and he cost his team yet another win.


24. New York Jets (1-0)
Previous Power Ranking: 29
Week 1 Result: Defeated Tampa Bay Buccaneers 18-17
Week 2 Matchup: @ New England Patriots

The Jets have the defense to remain in games against opponents who are not high scoring. There is a lot to like about the front seven, with all of those young first round picks. Geno Smith will go through some major growing pains on offense, and the Jets will really struggle until he gets more experience and they add some serious talent.


25. Minnesota Vikings (0-1)
Previous Power Ranking: 22
Week 1 Result: Lost to Detroit Lions 34-24
Week 2 Matchup: @ Chicago Bears

It looks like Adrian Peterson might have to run for another 2000 yards if the Vikings are going to return to the playoffs. Christian Ponder had a terrible day and may have plateaued as a mediocre quarterback.


26. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-1)
Previous Power Ranking: 23
Week 1 Result: Lost to New York Jets 18-17
Week 2 Matchup: vs. New Orleans Saints

Everyone will blame Lavonte David for the loss but....eh, Lavonte David IS to blame for the loss. What a bone headed play, inconceivable. The Buccaneers have talented pieces but it may not work as a whole.

27. San Diego Chargers (0-1)
Previous Power Ranking: 27
Week 1 Result: Lost to Houston Texans 31-28
Week 2 Matchup: @ Philadelphia Eagles

More of the same for the Chargers, who channeled their inner Norv Turner in finding spectacular ways to lose games. It was encouraging that Philip Rivers looked so good in the first half.


28. Buffalo Bills (0-1)
Previous Power Ranking: 31
Week 1 Result: Lost to New England Patriots 23-21
Week 2 Matchup: vs. Carolina Panthers

EJ Manuel made some nice plays and I think he will be a good quarterback eventually, but the Bills went up against a bad Patriots secondary and he still had a lot of tough moments. The Bills will struggle to win games unless CJ Spiller dominates.


29. Cleveland Browns (0-1)
Previous Power Ranking: 14
Week 1 Result: Lost to Miami Dolphins 23-10
Week 2 Matchup: @ Baltimore Ravens

The Browns offense had no answer for Miami's attacking front seven. Getting Josh Gordon back will really help Brandon Weeden, as Greg Little continued his stone hands ways and the other receivers just could not get open, and dropped passes and deflections led to a couple of interceptions. In other words, same ole' Cleveland Browns. Sleeper status revoked.


30. Pittsburgh Steelers (0-1)
Previous Power Ranking: 21
Week 1 Result: Lost to Tennessee Titans 16-9
Week 2 Matchup: @ Cincinnati Bengals

Injuries crippled the Steelers last season and it was more of the same week one. Pittsburgh lost their best offensive lineman, Mike Pouncey, and a veteran leader on defense, Larry Foote, for the year. With zero running game and a defense that is old and full of holes, it could be a long season for Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers.

31. Oakland Raiders (0-1)
Previous Power Ranking: 32
Week 1 Result: Lost to Indianapolis Colts 21-17
Week 2 Matchup: vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Raiders are so bad that everyone is celebrating the fact that they weren't blown out by the Colts. Terrell Pryor was decent and his legs will keep things interesting, but the Raiders are still very very bad and will struggle to win more then two games. Pryor is a sneaky fantasy play though.


32. Jacksonville Jaguars (0-1)
Previous Power Ranking: 30
Week 1 Result: Lost to Kansas City Chiefs 28-2
Week 2 Matchup: @ Oakland Raiders

No hyperbole with this post, the Jaguars have the worst helmets in NFL history. Looks like an Arena League uniform. This roster probably belongs in the Arena League. They put on an absolutely pathetic performance on both sides of the ball. The Jaguars really need to pull the plug on the Blaine Gabbert experiment. It has been a failure since the minute he was drafted.


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