2014 NBA Draft: Instant Analysis

Bookmark this post. I will post my instant analysis as the picks happen during the draft. Forget ESPN, forget Draft Express, forget NBA.com, come to this obscure sports blog for all the information your brain can digest!

On the clock

1. Cleveland Cavaliers
Projected Pick: SG/SF Andrew Wiggins, Kansas
Actual Pick: SG/SF Andrew Wiggins, Kansas

Cleveland did the right thing. Wiggins might not be much better than Jabari Parker, but he is the superior choice for this roster. Cleveland desperately needs the defensive ability that Wiggins offers, and his offense should not be far behind.

2. Milwaukee Bucks
Projected Pick: SF/PF Jabari Parker, Duke
Actual Pick: SF/PF Jabari Parker, Duke

Like Wiggins and Cleveland, I think Parker is a better fit with this current group of Bucks. Parker can fill the roll the Bucks thought they were getting when they resigned Ersan Ilyasova. Parker should slot into power forward between solid defensive players Larry Sanders/John Henson and Giannis Antetokounmpo. Parker wanted to go to Milwaukee, and the Bucks wanted Parker. He should be a solid bet to average close to 20 points per game right away.

3. Philadelphia 76ers
Projected Pick: C Joel Embiid, Kansas
Actual Pick: C Joel Embiid, Kansas

I had Embiid mocked to the Sixers, as they are in the beginning of a very long rebuilding plan. Embiid will likely redshirt this year, but remember, Blake Griffin once did the same. The 76ers should have another top five pick next year. Philadelphia could be special in 3 years.

4. Orlando Magic
Projected Pick: G Dante Exum, Australia
Actual Pick: F Aaron Gordon, Arizona

The first pick I do not like. The Magic have tweeners like Mo Harkless and Tobias Harris on the roster already. Gordon is obviously more talented than both of them, but who on this roster is going to score? The Magic might be as bad as the Sixers in 2014-2015.

5. Utah Jazz
Projected Pick: G Dante Exum, Australia
Actual Pick: G Dante Exum, Australia

I am not sure how Exum and Trey Burke would coexist in the same back court, but Utah needed a potential star and Exum is just that. He is very talented, and once he adjusts to the NBA, he could make Trey Burke obsolete. A great gamble for a team in a city that will never attract a superstar free agent.

6. Boston Celtics
Projected Pick: G Marcus Smart, Oklahoma State
Actual Pick: G Marcus Smart, Oklahoma State

Smart is the best player available, and the Celtics might finally pull the trigger on a Rajon Rondo trade. With the Kings heavily interested, could the Celtics be selecting again in two picks?

7. Los Angeles Lakers
Projected Pick: F Julius Randle, Kentucky
Actual Pick:F Julius Randle, Kentucky

My mock is very on point so far. I am sure you all care. Randle will be instant offense for the Lakers. No one is sure what type of roster Los Angeles will have next year. Randle could either be a big part of the rotation or bench fodder.

8. Sacramento Kings
Projected Pick: F Doug McDermott, Creighton
Actual Pick:G Nik Stauskas, Michigan

The Kings were thought to be interested in shooters, but I have a feeling this will be a trade with another team. Maybe Sacramento will trade Ben McLemore, maybe they will trade Stauskas. Stay tune.

9. Charlotte Hornets
Projected Pick: F Doug McDermott, Creighton
Actual Pick: F Noah Vonleh, Indiana

I assumed the Hornets would be obsessed with adding shooting, but Vonleh is a superior prospect and the best player available. He could eventually play center once Al Jefferson moves on, or could overtake Cody Zeller as the power forward of the future.

10. Philadelphia 76ers
Projected Pick: G Zach LaVine, UCLA
Actual Pick: G Elfrid Payton, Louisiana Lafayette

Philadelphia drafted a center and point guard in the top 12 last year. They drafted a center and point guard in the top 10 this year. Not sure what to think about this, but Philadelphia is simply going to go best player available for the next few years. Like Michael Carter-Williams, Payton is not a good shooter. I doubt the two of them will be able to play together much. The 76ers are going to remain horrible.

TRADE: This pick has been traded to the Magic. Makes more sense now. Orlando has been linked to Payton for a while, and had to come out of this draft with a young point guard. Orlando still does not fix their shooting woes, but a back court of Payton and Oladipo could be special defensively.

11. Denver Nuggets
Projected Pick: F Dario Saric, Croatia
Actual Pick:F Doug McDermott, Creighton

The Nuggets added Arron Afflalo today and draft more shooting with McDermott. Three point shooting was a major problem, and now Denver should be able to attack on offense in a great variety of ways.

TRADE: This pick has been traded to the Bulls. Chicago has needed wing shooting for several years, and McDermott will offer just that. He will go to a team with a strong defensive philosophy and will be able to concentrate on what he does best. Great situation for McDermott.

12. Orlando Magic
Projected Pick: C Jusuf Nurkic, Bosnia
Actual Pick: F Dario Saric, Croatia

This pick will be for the Philadelphia 76ers. Philadelphia now has three lottery picks in the last two years who will not play as rookies. That may be a tough pill to swallow for 76ers fans, but the front office is taking a very unique approach to rebuilding. Lose and lose HARD, gather assets and go from there.

Well I am going to end this year and enjoy the rest of the draft. I can't keep up. Possible analysis after the draft.

Jonathan Carrano

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