Madden NFL 17 Create a Player: Cam Robinson

I have been a long time maker of video game rosters and players. I figured I would post my creations on this blog.

Madden NFL 17 now allows you to edit any player inside of your Franchise mode. While we still cannot create draft classes like NBA 2K, this is a huge step in the right direction, as we can now play with actual rookies, and not fake players.

I will post my first round mock player by player, and perhaps go deeper than that. I hope to eventually have four years worth of draft classes available for you to create.

Player Info

First Name: Cam
Last Name: Robinson
Position: LT
Handedness: Right
College: Alabama
Birth Year: 1995
Birth Month: October
Birth Day: 9
Hometown: Monroe
State: Louisiana


Height: 6'6
Weight: 325
Skin Tone: 7
Face: 28
Chest Size: 7
Belly Size: 6
Arm Size: 8
Arm Definition: 2
Rear Size:7
Thigh Size: 9
Calf Size: 8


Helmet Type: Rawlings NRG Quantum
Face Mask: Full Cage 2
Visor: None
Face Marks: None
Neck Pad: None
Pad Height: 4
Pad Width: 5
Back Plate: None
Flak Jacket: None
Arm Sleeves: None
Left Elbow: None
Right Elbow: None
Left Wrist: Wristband White
Right Wrist: Wristband White
Left Hand: Nike Superbad 3 White
Right Hand: Nike Superbad 3 White
Hamd Warmer: None
Towel: None
Thigh Pads: Regular
Knee Pads: Regular
Left Ankle: None
Right Ankle: None
Sock Height: High
Shoes: Nike Alpha Pro 2 3/4 TD

Rating - 78 OVR

Strength: 96
Agility: 58
Speed: 60
Acceleration: 73
Awareness: 73
Pass Blocking: 77
Run Blocking: 89
Impact Blocking: 88
Injury: 85
Stamina: 78
Toughness: 95

Player Traits

High Motor: Yes
Penalty: Undisciplined

Jonathan Carrano

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