2016 NFL Power Rankings: Week 2

1 (1). New England Patriots (1-0). The schedule makers were kind to the Patriots, giving them three home games in a row while Tom Brady serves his suspension. Those games? Against the Dolphins, Texans and Bills.

2 (7). Pittsburgh Steelers (1-0). So far so good for the Steelers offense, which picked up right where it left off in 2015.

3 (12). Denver Broncos (1-0). As long as the Broncos can run the football and play defense like they did Week 1, it will not really matter who is at quarterback.

4 (3). Carolina Panthers (0-1). Luckily the Panthers do not have to keep playing the Broncos. With some of the very best players in the NFL on both sides of the ball, they will take out their frustration on the lowly 49ers next weekend.

5 (4). Seattle Seahawks (1-0). The lack of a cohesive offensive line reared it's ugly head in Sunday's close win. This team is not as dominating as years past, but should still be a lock for the playoffs.

6 (9). Minnesota Vikings (1-0). I feel dirty having the Vikings this high, but here we are. If Sam Bradford can show something behind center, this team will be just fine. The defense stole the show, and Adrian Peterson will not be bottled up every game.

7 (5). Cincinnati Bengals (1-0). Andy Dalton may not be Tom Brady, but he is extremely important to the success of the Bengals. AJ Green singlehandedly sunk Revis Island.

8 (2). Arizona Cardinals (0-1). For all the love I give Bruce Arians, he was flat out outcoached by Bill Belichick. He isn't the first to suffer that fate. The biggest worry is Carson Palmer, who has looked pretty terrible since midway through last season.

9 (10). Houston Texans (1-0). This is how the Texans want to play football. Get an early lead, feed Lamar Miller relentlessly, and let Brock Osweiler make a play or two.

10 (6). Green Bay Packers (1-0). The Packers probably deserve to be higher than this because Aaron Rodgers, but I am just not all that impressed with this team as a whole. Still, it's already a two horse race for the NFC North crown.

11 (8). Kansas City Chiefs (1-0). The Alex Smith/Andy Reid combo may never win a playoff game, but they are sure good at racking up regular season wins.

12 (15). Baltimore Ravens (1-0). The Ravens won in typical year 2000 Trent Dilfer Ravens fashion; defense. You do not see many 13-7 games in today's NFL.

13 (11). New York Jets (0-1). Well, it looks like my preseason prediction of Nick Folk winning NFL MVP was a little bit off. The encouraging news? A team that was supposed to struggle getting after the quarterback sacked Andy Dalton seven times.

14 (13). Oakland Raiders (1-0). What a pick Derek Carr has turned out to be. He has poise well beyond his years, and has commanded that offense quite well. What an amazing grab by Michael Crabtree on that two point conversion to secure a gutsy win on the road.

15 (18). Jacksonville Jaguars (0-1). Just like last year, the young Jaguars continue to play good teams tough, but still cannot come away with victories. There are brighter days ahead, perhaps as soon as this weekend against the Chargers.

16 (14). New York Giants (1-0). It was nice to see Victor Cruz back on the field. The Giants are average, but so is the rest of the division.

17 (19). Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-0). I picked the Buccaneers to do well in 2016 because I believe Jameis Winston will ascend to one of the better quarterbacks in the league as soon as this year. Sure, it was against the Falcons, but four touchdowns is four touchdowns.

18 (20). Dallas Cowboys (0-1). You mean to tell me a third round rookie did not set the world on fire during his first NFL game? All of the sudden, Dak Prescott is a bust. The media is a fickle, weird bunch. This team needs to run the ball and play defense while Prescott gets his feet wet.

19 (23). Miami Dolphins (0-1). The Dolphins should have won in Seattle last Sunday, but Kenny Stills did a Kenny Stills thing by completely botching a long touchdown grab, and Ryan Tannehill failed miserably the other time he tried to go deep. The dink and dunk approach will not work in today's NFL.

20 (25). Philadelphia Eagles (1-0). Playing the Browns is like a fifth Pre Season game, but it was a nice warmup for Carson Wentz, who looked like he belonged. One game though. And the Browns though.

21 (24). New Orleans Saints (0-1). Drew Brees is well on his way to another 5,000 yard passing season. Thanks in great part to a defense that cannot stop anyone. Some things never change.

22 (27). Buffalo Bills (0-1). Tyrod Taylor looked like a career backup against his former team. I seriously doubt the Bills break their million year long streak of losing records this year.

23 (22). Atlanta Falcons (0-1). At least Matt Ryan had a good game. Dan Quinn's defense is pathetic. If only he could bring Richard Sherman, Cliff Avril and others with him to Atlanta.

24 (30). Detroit Lions (1-0). Sure it was against the Colts barely there defense, but Matthew Stafford did a great job of spreading the ball around without Megatron, and Ameer Abdullah looked great.

25 (21). Chicago Bears (0-1). The Bears could not stop the Texans on third down (12 conversions) and Jay Cutler failed to move the ball whatsoever. Meh.

26 (16). Washington Redskins (0-1). Other than the Rams, no team got thorougly dominated Week 1 like the Redskins. They let a 33 year old tail back run wild on them and could not move the ball when it mattered.

27 (17). Indianapolis Colts (0-1). Two years ago Andrew Luck masked how bad of a job the front office has done post-Peyton Manning. This defense will struggle to stop any offense this year.

28 (29). San Diego Chargers (0-1). Ouch. Even for long suffering Chargers fans that loss was tough to swallow. Giving up a monster lead and losing your best receiver for the season. San Diego is well on it's way to drafting another top five player then lowballing him during contract time.

29 (32). San Francisco 49ers (1-0). Only three teams won by more than 10 points on Sunday. Raise your hand if you thought the 49ers would be one of them. You're a liar.

30 (26). Tennessee Titans (0-1). So much for that "Exotic Smashmouth" running game that took the Preseason by storm. Reason number 4080 (random A Tribe Called Quest reference, why not?) why the preseason means nothing.

31 (31). Cleveland Browns (0-1). The team "football IQ" means doing things like not trying to truck a defender when you have missed countless games with shoulder injuries. Not smart, Robert Griffin III.

32 (28). Los Angeles Rams (0-1). Well, it looks like the city of Los Angeles still does not have an NFL football team.

Jonathan Carrano

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