2010 NBA Mock Draft - Version 2.0

The NBA season is a month old and the NCAA season is just kicking off. So this is a good time to have my second mock draft of the season. Enjoy.

1. Philadelphia 76ers (7) - PG John Wall, Kentucky. John Wall is off to a great start for Kentucky and has shown no reason why he won't be the first overall pick. It would be an amazing fit for him in Philadelphia.

2. Charlotte Bobcats (5) - PF Derrick Favors, Georgia Tech. The Bobcats added Stephen Jackson but are just as bad as ever. A front court of Chandler, Diaw and Wallace is hard working, but really lacks explosiveness. Enter Favors, who looks to be an eventual double double machine for the Yellow Jackets.

3. Minnesota Timberwolves (2) - SG Evan Turner, Ohio St. I had Turner going third overall a month ago, and look at his stats so far. 20.6 ppg, 13.8 rpg and 7.0 apg. That is just disgusting. I really think the guy will be an All Star at the NBA level. He has used ihs time in college to really become a monster. The Wolves have a huge hole just waiting for him. But this is the Wolves, so who knows what they'll do.

4. New Jersey Nets - PF Ed Davis, North Carolina. The Nets should be able to end up with Favors or Davis, two players they really need, since they haven't been able to find a power forward yet. Davis is off to a very productive start, shooting almost 70%.

5. Utah Jazz (from New York Knicks) - PF Donatas Motiejunas, Lithuania.
The Jazz would be amazing if they lucked into Evan Turner, but if not, Motiejunas would be a good choice. They are going to lose a couple big men and they have success with foreign players.

6. Washington Wizards - SF/PF Al-Farouq Aminu, Wake Forest. If the Wizards end the year here they will have to tear apart the nucleus. And that starts with the oldest player, Antawn Jamison. Enter Aminu, who is off to a good start and showing he could play power forward if he had to.

7. Memphis Grizzlies - SF Wesley Johnson, Syracuse. Every year Syracuse seems to produce a lottery pick out of nowhere. This year it's Johnson, who has been a college basketball nomad. I think the Grizzlies will have a spot for him after they give away Rudy Gay.

8. Detroit Pistons - C Cole Aldrich, Kansas. The Pistons have nobody inside. Aldrich might just be servicable in the NBA, but that's more then Kwame Brown can do.

9. Golden St. Warriors - SF Devin Ebanks, West Virginia. The Warriors need to draft some taller wing players. Ebanks is a jack of all trades type that could start there in a couple years.

10. Sacramento Kings - C Solomon Alabi, Florida St. The Kings seem to not be that high on Spencer Hawes. Why else would they be considering trading for Samuel Dalembert? They can get the younger cheaper version here.

11. Los Angeles Clippers - SG/SF Xavier Henry, Kansas.
Xavier Henry is one of those rare tall strong wing players that seem to be few and far between these days. He is off to a great start, and could be gone by this point soon. Small forward is the weak spot on this Clippers roster.

12. New Orleans Hornets - SG Willie Warren, Oklahoma. Warren is very talented, but is short and is shooting a bad percentage right now. He's still young, but the Hornets really need another guy who can create his own shot. He'd be a steal here.

13. Indiana Pacers - PF/C Greg Monroe, Georgetown. I think Greg Monroe will be simply servicable at this point, a Udonis Haslem type who could top out at 11 points nad 8 rebounds per game.

14. San Antonio Spurs - PG/SG Malcolm Lee, UCLA.
The Bruins produce a first round guard every year, and Lee will be that guy this year. The Spurs won't be picking this low, but if so, they could really use a young athletic guard.

15. Chicago Bulls - PG/SG Avery Bradley, Texas. Bradley is a small scoring guard in the mold of Ben Gordon.

16. Toronto Raptors - SF Kyle Singler, Duke.
Singler is a great shooter and the Raptors love to shoot the ball. Makes sense to me.

17. Utah Jazz - SG/SF Jeff Taylor, Vanderbilt. The Jazz have a bit of a mess at the wing positions. They could use a talent upgrade here.

18. Oklahoma City Thunder - PF Patrick Patterson, Kentucky. Patterson is slow and undersized, but he's a productive tough double double machine.

19. Houston Rockets - PF Jan Vesely, Czech Republic. The Jazz need to add size anywhere they can.

20. Miami Heat - PF Craig Brackins, Iowa St. The Heat are short on talent, they need to just take best player available.

21. Milwaukee Bucks - PF/C DeMarcus Cousins, Kentucky. Cousins weight will always be an issue, but he could have a Kendrick Perkins like career.

22. Portland Trail Blazers - PF Jarvis Varnado, Mississippi St. Varnado was a shot blocking specialist last year. Now he's scoring and rebounding more...oh, and blocking 7 shots per game.

23. Cleveland Cavaliers - PG/SG Alexey Shved, Russia. Like last year, the Cavaliers are going to save every penny they can for LeBron.

24. New Jersey Nets (from Dallas Mavericks) - PG Tyshawn Taylor, Kansas.
The Nets might dump Devin Harris if they continue to lose games. Even if they don't, they could use a young point guard.

25. Minnesota Timberwolves (from Denver Nuggets) - PF Gani Lawal, Georgia Tech. The Wolves should use this pick on front court depth.

26. Boston Celtics - C Jerome Jordan, Tulsa. A 7 footer. Whatever.

27. Atlanta Hawks - SF/PF Trevor Booker, Clemson.
Trevor Booker has the body of a small forward but the game of a power forward. Late first round was made for guys like him.

28. Oklahoma City Thunder (from Phoenix Suns) - PG/SG Greivis Vasquez, Maryland. Vasquez has nice size and a good all around game. With Shaun Livingston continuing to be a disappointment, Vasquez could be the guy he was supposed to be.

29. Orlando Magic - SG Terrico White, Mississippi. Whoever they draft won't play a lick.

30. Memphis Grizzlies (from Los Angeles Lakers) - PG Sherron Collins, Kansas.
They have Marcus Williams and Jamaal Tinsley on the roster. Yikes.

Jonathan Carrano

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Anonymous said...

love this mock, the kings would be retarded to pass up on a young big like Solomon too. They would be playoff bound every year with a presence like that inside and not a one genre player like Hawes. Also Brockman and Thompson are good but are PF's, not Centers. It would be crazy if the Kings could land this guy along with the development of Evans, Kings would look like a young Lakers team.