2011 NFL Power Rankings - Preseason

Preseason power rankings. This is not like my predictions, this is my rankings of teams 1-32 right this moment.

I plan on having my NFL schedule as power rankings Tuesday or Wednesday with Mock Draft to follow shortly. And if I have time some other NFL features. With no NBA for the forseeable future, this will be all NFL all the time. Enjoy!


1. Green Bay Packers. Always put the defending champs first to start the next season. And the Packers would be my #1 team regardless. The talent in the passing game is just unreal.

2. New England Patriots. Best all around team in the AFC, and it is not really close to me.

3. New Orleans Saints. Offense is better then ever. The defense will have to more resemble the 2009 team then the 2010 version.

4. Philadelphia Eagles. Superstar squad, but I still have doubts that Michael Vick can stay healthy long enough to lead the Eagles to the Super Bowl. The offensive line struggled.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers. The defending AFC Champs didn't get worse...or better. Question marks along the offensive line and secondary remain.

6. Baltimore Ravens. Joe Flacco gets his chance to slay the Pittsburgh dragon the first week of the season. If not, he could feel the heat.

7. Atlanta Falcons. I am not buying into the Falcons hype. The offensive line is average and the defense is not great. They have to play in a brutal division and conference.

8. New York Jets. I think this top eight is clearly the top 8 teams on paper right now. I predicted the Jets to crash and burn but on paper they look like a contender.

9. Chicago Bears. Seems everyone has already forgotten the Bears, not the Packers, won the division. And if not for a Jay Cutler injury (he was injured you idiots), they could have went to the Super Bowl. Very disrespected team right now.

10. Houston Texans. The AFC North has parted like the Red Sea, ready for the Texans to march through to the playoffs. Gary Kubiak has to be on the hot seat.

11. Dallas Cowboys. The offense is full of fantasy stars, but the defense could struggle mightily.

12. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I think the Bucs, and Josh Freeman in particular, is going to take a big step back, but I will give them the benefit of the doubt right now.

13. San Diego Chargers. No way on Earth the Chargers should not win this division. But they are lead by Norv Turner...

14. New York Giants. Injuries have hit the Giants the hardest, as they have already lost several key contributors on defense.

15. St. Louis Rams. Lance Kendricks could be that offensive weapon Sam Bradford needs. They have the best all around talent in the division, but they are still pretty young.

16. Detroit Lions. The Lions had an amazing preseason, and if their offensive stars can stay healthy they could be the must watch team all year.

17. Indianapolis Colts. Uh oh. Peyton Manning is out for at least two months, maybe the whole year. Call me crazy, but I think the Colts can still win the division. Albeit with an 8-8 record.

18. Arizona Cardinals. It will take some time for Kevin Kolb to gel with the rest of the offense, but the division is just as winnable as last year.

19. Tennessee Titans. The addition of Matt Hasselbeck is huge. The Titans still have plenty of talent, especially at running back and offensive line, to perhaps win a suddenly wide open division.

20. Miami Dolphins. There is some talent here, especially along the defense. But Chad Henne, a suspect running game and bad offensive line will be their undoing.

21. Buffalo Bills. Ryan Fitzpatrick is not good enough to lead a team to the playoffs, but Bills management seems to enjoy having him in their fantasy leagues.

22. Kansas City Chiefs. Todd Haley is a certified moron. Way to completely mismanage the preseason and get key guys injured. Oh yeah, the loss of Charlie Weis is huge. Matt Cassell will go back to being worthless.

23. Cleveland Browns. The Browns always play better then their talent level, but where is the pass rush going to come from?

24. Washington Redskins. The Rex Grossman/John Beck combo is atrocious but the running game looks like it could be decent, and the defense is solid.

25. Minnesota Vikings. Donovan McNabb is finished but he is not the most worrisome thing. The offensive line is in shambles, and the defense has holes all over the place.

26. Denver Broncos. Props to the Broncos owner for realizing the Josh McDaniels mistake after only two years and moving on before Trollface traded away every single player of value and wasted every single draft pick.

27. Carolina Panthers. Great offensive line and running game. If Newton can not manage to screw up too much, the Panthers could be okay.

28. San Francisco 49ers. How in God's name is Alex Smith STILL the starter for the 49ers?

29. Oakland Raiders. Raiders lost their best offensive and defensive player.

30. Cincinnati Bengals. I actually think the Bengals have plenty of talent, but Andy Dalton looked like this year's version of Jimmy Clausen.

31. Seattle Seahawks. Tavaris Jackson? Really? Way to waste the enormous amounts of money you threw to Sidney Rice and Zach Miller.

32. Jacksonville Jaguars. I thought they were one of the five worst teams in the NFL even before they cut David Garrard.

Jonathan Carrano

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